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MANCANDY MONDAY! The place where the hot guys go!


Every Monday, Blame It On The Book Lovers will be discussing their favourite book boyfriend of that week in a meme called MANCANDY MONDAY!

We all love book boyfriends, so Man Candy Monday is all about sharing the love…and the hot guys around by letting everyone know the book boyfriend you have been swooning over this last week, and why!

Once you’ve posted your mancandy on your own blog, come back and post the link. We all want to know WHO your mancandy is this week and swoon right along with you.

This week The Book Lovers is featuring Brent Mason from Asking For Trouble – Tessa Bailey

7137513Okay, so THIS guy (I have no idea who he is….Google doesnt either) is my Brent.

IF you know me, you will know that i am obsessed with Tessa Bailey and her series. Daniel from Officer Off Limits was a firm favouite of mine…but Brent has slowly knocked him off the top spot…only by a smidge though. I wouldnt mind a Daniel, me and Brent sandwich 😉

Brent is a cocky asshole. He says what he wants, he doesn’t really give a shit either because, well, he’s the shit and he has the dirtiest mouth ever! Oh the things that come out of that mouth….. He submits to Hayden’s demands for control and to be fair, he was bloody turned on by this little minx and this game they were ultimately playing at first.

You see Brent shine through, you see how much his family mean to him, how much he supports them, so much so, he’s a blooming gorgeous grease monkey too! You start to see a different side to Brent too. One that Hayden doesn’t want to see as she just wants to see Brent for what she’s used to, but little by little, both walls are falling and they both begin to feel more than hate for each other the more they get to know one another. But with Brent and Hayden, they don’t tell each other their feelings and just fight and argue all the time, despite secret intense feelings for one another.

I loved watching his journey with Hayden, loved how he calls her ‘Ice Princess’ due to her upbringing, but also how he has always found her attractive just has never done anything about it, until she begins to play a game. He’s a protective teddy bear who submits but can also dish out the dom side. We watch his feelings change and grow for Hayden, watch him do anything to have her, and that ending. OH GOD, i was hoping to god he would get there in time and stop it and never let her go!

This is why Brent is my mancandy monday this week. Give him to me any day of the week!!



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