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Craig and Nic’s Valentine’s Special

So, I’ve missed writing these two, as they are my babies, so I decided to drop in and see what they were doing on Valentines Day, and as you know, Nic and  Craig can’t keep their hands off each other. Enjoy!! (It’s a little bit long, sorry not sorry!)


No sooner had I closed the door to our flat and dropped the keys in the bowl, I hear Craig shouting out my name.

“Babe, is that you?”  His voice vibrates throughout the flat, a hint of panic floating through it which in turn causes my heart to speed up. I dump my bags by the door and rush into the living room – the room in which he doesn’t move from. The room with the TV in.

“Craig? Babe, where are you?” I look in the kitchen and he’s not there, the only explanation would be the bedroom. Rushing to open the door, the sight before me causes me to stop dead in my tracks and bite my lip to hold back the laughter waiting to spill.

“Nic….” Was all Craig could mutter. Now, Craig isn’t one to get embarrassed easily, that is normally me, but the heat illuminating from him is enough to know that this was a step gone wrong and now he needs my help – no matter how hilarious he looks.

“What the hell were you thinking?” I ask, taking off my shoes and coat and letting Craig stew for a bit. He’s spread out on the bed in our pink, fluffy handcuffs. Hands tied together behind his hand, completely naked. I’m surprised he didn’t go the whole hog and squirt whipped cream on his dick.

“Please can you uncuff me? I thought it was a good idea at the time, to surprise you for Valentine’s Day, but I just fucked it all up and have been stuck here for about an hour or so.”

Craig looks so sad, so sullen that although I want to uncuff him, I have a much better idea. Maybe I could turn his little surprise around. Ever since the handcuffs became a fixture in our life, we both take it in turns to be the sub, me more than him, but I know, deep down, that Craig loves it when I dominate him. More so, it turns me the fuck on when I get to have all the power over him, and now that he’s already cuffed up, that makes my life a little bit easier. I walk over to Craig and by the smile that’s returned to his gorgeous face, he thinks I’m going to give him his wish. I smirk and lean down to give him a chaste kiss before pulling back and peeling my jumper off.

“Nic…what are you doing?” Craig rattles the cuffs on the headboard, a strained look on his face but I’m loving this feeling. Love that he’s bound to the bed, not able to do a damn thing, not able to touch me and, fuck me, this turns me on. This makes me wetter than the Niagara Falls and having this power over him is something else.

“Oh baby, what do you think I’m doing? I’m just changing.” I wink at him and continue to unbutton my jeans and wiggle myself out of them. My arse facing his way as I bend over to step out of them. I hear Craig moan and the thud of throwing his head onto the pillow and I chuckle, knowing this is getting to him.

“Fuck you, Nic. You know what your arse does to me. Baby, please.” I spin around and tilt my head. I decided this morning that I was going to wear my new underwear. Ones that Craig hasn’t ripped off my body or destroyed in the process, so my cute emerald matching set will be the first time he’s laid eyes on it. I flip my hair over my shoulder and move to the edge of the bed, giving Craig full view of every part of me. “I love you and hate you, you fucking tease. You look fucking edible”

And that growl goes through me that I let out a shaky breath and clench my legs together. I lean forward and place my hands on his legs. He has a clear view of my full breasts and I have a clear view of his hard dick. The dick that I want in my mouth.

“What do you want me to do, Craig?” I ask, climbing onto the edge of the bed and spreading his legs. “Do you want me to kiss you?” I run my hands up his legs, stopping on his thighs and running a finger in between his legs. Craig lets out groan tries to close his legs so my hand touches his dick. I swiftly stop that happening.

“I want you to suck my dick, Nic, then uncuff me so I can feast on your pussy.”

I look into Craig’s eyes and can see the hunger in them. The hunger for me. And to be honest, I want his dick inside me, filling me up, pushing me to orgasm, but I have to stay on track.

“You want my pussy, baby?” I crawl off the bed and unclip my bra, letting it fall to the floor before shimming out of my wet knickers. I watch Craig lick his lips and tug against the cuffs. His frustration at the binding evident, but his lust overrides that when his eyes are all over my body, no spot unseen.

“Fucking hell yes I want your pussy. Please, Nic, please sit on my face.” And with those puppy dog eyes, who was I to say no to my husband tongue fucking me. “That’s it, baby, climb on the bed and give me that delicious pussy.” And so that’s what I do. I give in to the man handcuffed to our bed and lower myself onto his waiting tongue. The first swipe of his tongue through my folds and I’m clutching at his legs, moaning at the touch of his tongue. I’ve said that Harry Potter couldn’t do the things that Craig can with his tongue, and I stand firmly by it. He does fucking magic to my pussy, makes me shiver and moan and lose my mind but I need to keep a clear-ish head, which is so hard right now as he’s focusing on my clit. But I lean down, slightly moving to make myself comfortable, and wrap my hand around his dick. I feel Craig falter slightly, before going back to making me feel like I’m on a fucking cloud. I bow my head down and lick the tip of his dick, basking in the tangy taste that I’ve now grown to love. I wrap my lips around his dick, my hand wrapped around his base and I give Craig the utmost pleasure that he’s currently giving me. Letting him experience what he’s giving me. Every touch of my clit, every spark inside of me, I’m giving it back to Craig. I’m sucking his dick, using my hand and mouth to draw the pleasure from him and with my mouth around his dick, his tongue on me, the mix of moans and groans coming from us both and taste of Craig’s pre-cum, I’m about the explode on his tongue. I suck him harder and faster, and in the background I can hear the rattling of the cuffs, but I don’t give a shit. I can feel Craig getting closer but I want him to cum inside of me so I stop, swivel around and hold onto the headboard as I ride Craig’s face.

“Fuck, fuck Craig. I’m so close.” I buckle above him and in a split second decide to uncuff him so he can touch me. One hand instantly grabs my hip to hold me in place and the other finds my clit and begins to rub at the bud.

“Right there, right there, oh holy fuck, don’t stop.” I murmur over and over until one more swipe of his tongue and a press on my clit and I’m pushed over the edge. I’m shaking, I’m gripping the headboard and trying to ride the orgasm out as Craig has me pinned down on his face, licking me up and bringing me closer to another one.

“Baby, stop, stop. I need you inside me, please.” I whimper, tugging at his hair and attempting to climb off him. Craig throws me down onto the bed and pins my hands behind my head. He leans down and kisses me, pushing his tongue into my mouth so I can taste myself. I moan at the taste, wanting more, needing more and my breath is ripped from me when he plunges himself deep inside me without any warning. I break free from the kiss and Craig grabs my legs, pushing them up to rest on his shoulders. I can’t breathe at this position, it’s intense, it’s deep, he fills me up and all I can do is squirm underneath him, grab his arms, his legs and scratch while he fucks me hard and fast.

“You’re so goddamn beautiful, Nic. Two years together and I still can’t get enough of you.” He grunts, one hand lightly circling my clit. I can’t focus, the pleasure, the intensity is too much to handle and all I want to do is sob.

“I can’t baby, it’s too much.” I cry out, my nails digging into Craig’s arms, my face contorted. Craig slows down and releases my legs in which I loosely wrap them around his back. He kisses me whilst slowly fucking me and I focus all my attention on his lips. After a few moments, Craig begins to thrust more deeply, his face buried in my neck, kissing the spot behind my ear that makes me go crazy.

“Yes, baby, yes.” I whisper, holding onto my husband tighter, as my orgasm is rolling around and I can feel Craig filling me up and grunting and breathing heavier.

“I’m close, baby, so close. Come with me.” Craig demands, one hand finding my clit and rubbing hard. I buckle to meet his thrusts and in a matter of seconds I scream Craig’s name, grab the sheets and shake whilst Craig grabs my hair, pushes inside me and my name leaves his lips as his seed fills me up. We both ride the aftershocks, holding onto each other tightly, lips bruising one another’s until Craig slows down and stops. Our breaths mingle, and Craig slides out of me, both of us moaning at the loss of fulfilment but he wraps his arms around me, legs entwined and kisses are scatter over our faces.

“God, I love you so much, Nic.” Craig breaks the silence, and I gleam up at him. This beautiful man is mine. He’s mine forever. I run my hand through his hair and peck his lips.

“I love you too, baby. Happy Valentine’s Day.” I grab his hands and put them on my stomach. It takes him a moment to understand but once he does, he looks at me in shock and wonder and bewilderment.

“We’re having a baby? We’re having a baby!” Craig shouts, laughter spilling in the air.

“We’re having a baby!” I confirm, giggling from the excitement of Craig’s reaction. He   couldn’t be any more like a child in a candy shop right now.

“Ohhhh Nic, you’re the best thing to ever happen to me. This is the best Valentine’s Day ever. I’m so so lucky to have you and now our little gummy bear.”

And with that, he pushes me onto my back. The kisses travel down my stomach where he says hi to little gummy bear and lead down to yet another heavenly orgasm.










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