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I can’t think of a title.

Over Christmas I had some inspiration for Matt and Mal’s book – Number two in ‘The Deal’ series. But recently, I’ve been drawing blanks, they aren’t talking to me and it’s been frustrating to say the least. So the other week, it was nearing my bed time and suddenly these two new characters popped into my head. I went a bit late to bed that night as I was writing the opening chapter, researching the opening chapter and crying my eyes out whilst writing it. I woke up exhausted but quite excited that I had newbies knocking at my door.

I actually don’t have a plan for these two. No idea where they are heading but I’ll go wherever they take me.

I’m not putting a deadline on myself, I’m just taking it easy. I work full time and my boyfriend is coming to live with me for a few weeks tomorrow, but once he’s moved out at the end of July and goes back to uni for the year in September, I’ll have nine months without really seeing him, so this can be my distraction. Nathan and Demi.

Let’s see where these two take me!


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