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I can’t think of a title.

Over Christmas I had some inspiration for Matt and Mal’s book – Number two in ‘The Deal’ series. But recently, I’ve been drawing blanks, they aren’t talking to me and it’s been frustrating to say the least. So the other week, it was nearing my bed time and suddenly these two new characters popped into my head. I went a bit late to bed that night as I was writing the opening chapter, researching the opening chapter and crying my eyes out whilst writing it. I woke up exhausted but quite excited that I had newbies knocking at my door.

I actually don’t have a plan for these two. No idea where they are heading but I’ll go wherever they take me.

I’m not putting a deadline on myself, I’m just taking it easy. I work full time and my boyfriend is coming to live with me for a few weeks tomorrow, but once he’s moved out at the end of July and goes back to uni for the year in September, I’ll have nine months without really seeing him, so this can be my distraction. Nathan and Demi.

Let’s see where these two take me!

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The Deal update!

It’s been just over a month since I’ve posted anything, that is pretty bad in my standards!

The past month has been pretty good to me. I’ve got a new job as a Digital Marketing Manager but it’s 9 – half 5pm and I’ve never worked that extra half hour before, and let me tell you, that extra half hour makes all the difference. So I normally crash when I get home.

You probably noticed I haven’t been on Facebook/Twitter as much either. Thing is, I just haven’t wanted to. There’s been so much drama that I don’t want to see over my timeline so I’ve been drifting in and out but I’m hoping to be back on soon, especially now THE DEAL is out in two weeks! Plus I haven’t really had anything worth saying/sharing, so that’s another thing.

I’ve also just got into a new relationship in the past month, and after a few years of being single, it’s really lush to be with someone you really get alone with and want to see and spend time with. It’s fresh and new and we’re still getting to know one another but it’s going really good. We don’t get to see each other a lot but when we do, I don’t want to be constantly on my phone as I want to spend the time with him.


I’m still editing it, so ARCS may be a bit late, but the lovely Anna Bloom is trudging her way through my little book for me to make it the best book I can give you. I’m more excited than scared. It’s not even about the money, this is more for me. For me to say “HOLY SHIT! I have a book out on kindle and paperback!” To tick it off my bucket list. I’m proud of myself for seeing this through and I hope you will want to read The Deal.

If you would like to be a part of the RELEASE DAY BLITZ on DEC 1st, please sign up. I will love you forever. The fab girls at Between The Sheets Promo are organising it 🙂

I’ll also have a sign-up doc for MY TOUR which will run in January, also arranged by BTS. When I get the link, I’ll spam it across FB and Twitter 🙂

Thank you so much for all your support!