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RELEASE DAY: The Gift – Karli Perrin


It was the weekend before Christmas and the whole world was on countdown.
Except for me.
Last Christmas, I met a boy.
Last Christmas, we made a pact.
Christmas would never be the same.
Life would never be the same…

Please note that this is a short story, not a full length novel. It is a standalone and is intended to be a quick, fun and flirty read.

5 / 5 stars


My review

You know how much I love my twinnie right? So when she told me she was writing a secret project, i wanted to know desperately what it was but she kept quiet. Then one day, so told me and helllllllo The Gift file in my inbox. I had finished worked, read it waiting for my train, then the bus home and just as i was getting to my stop i had finished it.

It’s not very long, but Karli certainly knows how to hone you in, how to give her characters personality and life in a short amount of words and pages. Karli gets straight to the point with Blake and Imogen, she makes them flirty, funny, sarcastic and damn right brilliant characters and along with the christmas setting, you want what they have instantly. They click instantly, they gel and seem to understand the other straight away when they first meet – both playing along with the game in the night club. Their chemistry is instantaneous too, and that is something that was a given with these two.

Karli adds in an extra UMFFPPHHH that i was NOT expecting to happen at all and i was praying at that scene that nothing would happened to my beloved Blake and Imogen. I don’t think i could have handled it but thank the god, Karli seemed to understand my freaking out and everything ends up perfectly 😉

The first date – hence the book cover, is the sweetest, most damn romantic day / night that Blake takes Imogen on. Jeeeeze, where is my Blake and why is he not my boyfriend? I want to be taken on that date and held and make googley eyes at him so much!!

The Gift is the perfect short story for all those who adore christmas and being jealous of couples who have an amazing Christmas whilst you are single and eating copious amounts of chocolate HA.


photo (5)About Karli

Karli Perrin is a 25 year old English Language & Linguistics graduate from Manchester, England. She has always been a big lover of books and was inspired to write her own – April Showers.
She is a big believer of fate and is a sucker for a happy ending. She truly believes that there is a reason why you are reading this right now (apart from the fact that you are awesome!)
Her ultimate goal in life is to live in a house made entirely out of books with her best friend, who also happens to be her fiancé.

…Hogwarts is plan B.



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