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The Sweetest Tattoo – Cameron Dane


Tattoo artist Kelsie Cole cannot believe her brother would give his best friend use of his cabin the same week he promised it to her. She had been butting heads with straight-laced John McBride since they were kids.

John McBride only takes one week of vacation a year, and there isn’t any way he’s driving down a mountain back to Raleigh just because Kelsie Cole is already standing on the porch staking her claim when he arrives.

The cabin has two rooms, and they are adults. They can share a space for seven days. It’s not like they’re attracted to each other or anything, right? Kelsie grits her teeth, but assures herself she can handle it.

And then John kisses her…


My Review

Kelsie Cole is a well-inked tattoo parlour owner; she has pink hair and hasn’t worn a single-digit clothing size since her teenage years. Off for a week, she is holidaying at her brother’s lakeside cabin, but when she sees a familiar car pull up outside, she is not impressed at all. Stepping out of the car is her brother’s best friend and business partner John McBride. He’s the total opposite to Kelsie. He wears suits and ties and is everything she’s not in his appearance. She’s known him since she was nine and 20 years later they are still bickering at each other.

John doesn’t know why he and Kelsie bicker or why everything he says makes Kelsie snap at him. He’s been infatuated with her from a young age, but Kelsie interprets all the glances and questions he’s given her throughout the years as judgements on her lifestyle and her tattoos. But in reality he’s completely fascinated with her and just wants to be the type of man she wants to be with, so he can treat her like she’s supposed to be treated. This week is a chance to hopefully make Kelsie see that he wants her and he’s determined to change things between them.

Kelsie always calls John, McBride and it really wires him up. He tells her if she calls him that again, he will kiss her to make a point. Kelsie doesn’t understand why he would do that but one night she slips up and that’s it, she and John are kissing and that’s the beginning of everything that happens during the week.

The chapters are named after the days of the week, and different things happen during those chapters. There is a lot of character development and it jumps from both Kelsie’s side and John’s side so you can see what they are thinking about one another, especially when Kelsie thinks John is just using her for a fling, but you see that he isn’t when it’s his ‘voice’ speaking.

The sex scenes are crazy hot, with so much chemistry between the characters and there were a lot of sex throughout the book, mostly in every chapter. They varied positions and where they took place which thankfully, was great as it would have been monotonous if they just had sex in a bed every day. I did love the last sex scene outside; it was full of passion and lust and made me feel tingly over what they were talking about. The other scene I really liked wasn’t so much a sex scene, it was when Kelsie had a bad dream about her childhood and John pulled her on top of him to comfort her. It was so sweet as they developed throughout the book, from Kelsie hating him to her feelings being confused over what was happening between them to falling for him.

It was a great read with a lot of steamy scenes wrapped into. If you just want a quick, naughty novella, then this book if for you.



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