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Top 13 books of 2013 by Zili Robins

women-bookslllToday telling us her Top 13 books of 2013 is the awesome Zili!

Are any of her books on your 2013 list?


The lovely Miss Zoe asked me to write a guest post about my favourite books of 2013 and how can you say no to the gal who gave us ManCandy Monday?!

I may have slightly cheated in places, as I’m sure a couple of my entries were published earlier and one isn’t technically out yet BUT I read all of these in 2013!

 Walking Disaster – Jamie McGuire
I’m not sure this one needs much explanation BUT…I couldn’t resist the opportunity to experience more Travis. I liked Beautiful Disaster but Abby annoyed me a lot and I enjoyed getting Travis’s POV in Walking Disaster.

Obsession – Jennifer L. Armentrout
I love paranormal and fantasy books and had to sneak one on the list. Obsession is a one-time adult spin-off novella set in the same world as JLA’s YA Lux series. It focuses on aliens secretly living amongst us on Earth. Hunter is an Arum (a bad alien) but he’s also hot, fierce and an arse! Thankfully human gal Serena totally holds her own and teaches him a thing or two. It’s also one of the few books I gave 5 stars this year!

Only For You – Genna Rulon
This is without a doubt one of my fav books of the year (even though I ugly cried reading it). On the surface it’s your average NA college story; Everleigh meets Hunter and they build a relationship, but underneath it’s SO much more. The secondary characters are fab (Sam is getting her own book). It’s such a devastating story with some really traumatic issues.

Wait For You – Jennifer L. Armentrout as her naughty alter ego J. Lynn
I tried hard to limit the amount of Jennifer’s books I included in my list because I’m a huge JLA fan girl. Wait For You is beautifully written and sensitively handled. Avery is a great female MC and Cam Hamilton is currently sitting in poll position on my book boyfriend list! JLA writes snark so well and creates some great sexy scenes!

A Little too Far – Lisa Desrochers
Think about a breakup, alcohol, a hot stepbrother, oh and a nearly-priest. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing!! This book is awesome and don’t let the quasi-incest or trainee priest put you off. This is the first book in the series but I also enjoyed #2 (book 3 is out next year)!

Recklessly (Documentary #3) A.J. Sands
I still haven’t read the first two books but you don’t need to. I think I enjoyed Recklessly so much because it switches with the norm! The common plot of the clingy girl and playa guy is turned on its head. Don’t worry there’s way more to the story though and it’s actually really sad (I nearly threw my kindle out the window at one point)!

Wallbanger – Alice Clayton
I laughed from start to finish with this one!! The idea behind Wallbanger was brilliant. Think of the ultimate neighbour from hell where instead of loud parties, it’s late night bedroom antics keeping Caroline awake (an not her own). Her neighbour’s bedroom is only a very thin wall away from hers. My fav part is when Caroline comes up with nicknames for Simon the wallbanger’s ‘visitors’ depending on the noises they make.

Call Me Crazy – Quinn Loftis
Call Me Crazy focuses on teenage mental health and the stigma surrounding it. It’s a fab mixture of lighthearted and funny, yet manages to cover some really serious and upsetting issues without ever sensationalizing anything.

Jet (Marked Men #2) – Jay Crownover
I read Jet purely because I loved Rule (the first book in the series) but I’m glad I did. Jet’s a hot tattooed rocker with a huge (get your minds outta the gutter) heart! Jet and Ayden’s story is sweet, dramatic and all kinds of hot!

Mine (Real #2) – Katy Evans
I liked Real but wasn’t convinced by Remy and Brooke’s relationship. I found them hot but kinda toxic together. Mine totally changed my mind!! I now love them together. Brooke also massively redeemed herself. Don’t get me started on the epic hotness of this book!

Bully – Penelope Douglas
Think childhood friendship gone wrong, then throw in some extreme bullying and a female MC finally having enough and you’ve found Bully! I expected and sorta wanted to hate Bully (who could want a guy who made your life hell for years?) but I really didn’t. I ended up giving Jared a chance and getting sucked in by him.

Losing It – Cora Carmack
I was late to the party with Losing It as I read it months after release, but I like to think I more than made up for it with enthusiasm! Bliss and Garrick’s story is sweet, dramatic and downright hilarious! Who wouldn’t want a hot teacher with a sexy accent?

Rome – Jay Crownover
I’m sort of cheating with this one because I read an ARC (it’s not out until next year) but as I read it this year and loved it Rome made my list. I’m not allowed to post my review yet so can’t really explain why I loved Rome but if you’ve read Rule or Jet you’ll know how great the Marked Men series is.

Which books made your top 13 books you read in 2013?


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