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The Art of Keeping Faith (#2) – Anna Bloom


Lilah and Ben. They are meant to be a thing.

Well, they were. The best thing ever. That was until Lilah decided to teach herself a lesson and let go of Ben since she’s learned The Art of Letting Go. 

Now it’s a new academic year, and Lilah has it all to play for and it all to lose as she battles scary lecturers, evil PR girls, and her own inability to make the right decision at the right time.

Life has moved on for Lilah and her friends, and life off campus is more complicated than any of them would have guessed. As the reality of being second-year students sets in and the study starts to build up, cracks begin to appear in the very fabric of their friendships. There is a chance that none of them are going to complete Year Two in one piece.

Facing down her worst enemy, herself, Lilah has to try and change her own past mistakes when she realizes that the only way she is going to get the future she wants is if she manages to learn The Art of Keeping Faith in herself.

The Art of Keeping Faith is the second year in The Uni File Series and continues Lilah McCannon’s diary as she searches for love, tries to find and earn trust, and ultimately discovers who she is really meant to be.

Sometimes the only way to meet your future is to face your past.

5 out of 5 stars!

REVIEW: The Art Of Letting Go – Anna Bloom (+ DELETED SCENE)
EXCLUSIVE: Benjamin Chambers and Trafalgar Square – Anna Bloom




My Reviews

You know you have the best friend ever when she sends you ARCs, sends you teasers and will let you text her screaming in cap-locks when things happen whilst reading The Art of Keeping Faith. And this was basically me to Anna throughout the whole book. I would text her when things went right, when I wanted to rant about a certain character *COUGH*RICHARD*COUGH*, rant about Lilah and rant about Ben. Basically I just ranted and shouted and raved about The Art of Keeping Faith and I had a lot of feels.

My love for Anna and her books goes waaaaaay past the point of being acceptable. There is just something about the way Anna writes that draws you in, keeps you entranced and flipping page after page until you at the end, holding the book and wondering where the time has gone, why book three is not out yet and badgering Anna for it. (Although I told her not to tell me when she is writing it nor send me teasers because when she does eventually send it to me, it will be the best day ever!)

As I mentioned in my The Art of Letting Go review, the dairy entries are completely unique. You can hear Lilah’s voice throughout it, visualise her writing it all down after each event, and I adore that Lilah still documents her life. Not many people do and I really like that it seems to help Lilah, especially when she re-reads her entries and re-evaluates her life.

I’m going to say that The Art of Keeping Faith was definitely an emotional one. I was filled to the brim with all these different emotions. From joy, fear, heart ache; feeling sick to my stomach and an overpowering sense of anger, before going back to feeling on top of the world with love and grinning from ear to ear.

You feel every single emotion from all the characters, especially Lilah and Ben. Dear god these two! We all know what happens at the end, and have been on tenterhooks needing book two to know what happens. I want to shout from the rooftop about what happens but I shant, i’ll let you read it. I’ll let your emotions wiggle all around and make you lose yourself in the magic and pain of Ben and Lilah. You really do go from highs to low, feel exhausted but your heart races and your smile widened and you squeal at the end and it makes all the pain go away.

Lilah grows up in this book. She has to. With Ben off around the world with his band she has to learn to be alone, be wiithout the love of her life and she gets there. She delves into her work, she meets new people and gets on with her life. But she feels paranoid. She’s seeing and reading things about Ben that you know arent true. It’s hard being in a long distance relationship and it tests your trust and your faith in each other. As someone who has done the whole LDR, I could really sympathise with Lilah. I understood her emotions and everything she was feeling. She’s still her quirky and fun self, but you know she is missing Ben like no other, yet she has to get on with her life.

Those moments with Ben were special and you could see how they both just wanted to shut the world out and spend those few days together. Lilah goes through a lot during the second half of the book, and I could feel her frustration, her heartache and the pain she was feeling. She needed Ben, she needed to let him know something and the texts to him had my chest hurting, and tears in my eyes and I felt as sad and lonely as Lilah did, without Ben by her side. But you know as soon as she gets Ben back in her life, as soon as he is there everything will be right in the world because when its just those two? They are the only two people in the world.

My Benny boy, my Benjamin Chambers. I am so sorry I went though a small phase of doubting you, but those damn articles, those damn photos. I knew you werent like that, but with everything going on I couldnt help but think the worst. But you are the best guy I know, the one who loves so fiercely and would do whatever to have Lilah in your life. But when all that stuff went down and I had no idea where you were, you broke me apart. You broke my heart and I was shouting at Anna to tell me just what the hell was happening. I understood your pain, how you needed to just go away for a little while and sort your head out. You and Lilah had been through so much, you had wanted her, searched for her and you had her. You had her heart and in a way you broke it too. (I realise I am ‘talking’ to Ben, but it makes it easier hahah). But your heart was breaking as well. You and Lilah are made for one another. You bring out the best and you have been through a lot as well. Everything you both went through only made you stronger, made you love stronger and you knew, just knew that nothing and no one would ever come between you again. Benjamin, you redeemed yourself and I love you so much for that. I know music is your everything, but Lilah means so much more to you. It was your turn to evaluate your life and I am so proud of you.

I cannot wait to see how you turn out in book three, how doting you are going to be, how much more love you are going to give. I know you are never going to let Lilah down and you are going to go to great length to show her. You already do. I am so glad you found Lilah and she ended up loving you too. You are one of my favourite couples and your love and determination to be together is overwhelming.

Ps. My characters in my book love you. Please give them free tickets to see you play life. They will love you forever 😉

The Art Of Keeping Faith is truly that. About keeping faith in your love, your relationship, your friends and in the end faith prevails everything. Just look at everything Lilah and Ben had to go through to get to where they end up at the end. I had faith and although theirs faltered at points, their love never and that is what makes this series so special to me.

Anna, get writing book three now!!

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Love Show – Audrey Bell


Hadley Arrington is the career-driven editor-in-chief of her university’s prestigious newspaper. Jack Diamond is a laidback student whose good looks have made things even easier than they need to be. She’s the girl who came out of nowhere and kissed him in the rain. He’s the boy who made her do something crazy.

When the stakes seem too high, they have to decide if they’ll let their love show or if they’ll walk away for good

4.5 / 5 stars




My Review

I went into Love Show without knowing exactly what it was about. I thought I knew until I got few pages in and I actually had to look up the synopsis. No joke right now, but the more I got into this book, the more certain things were starting to cater to my own personal life and at parts I really felt close to Hadley, agreeing and disagreeing with her decisions, knowing full well what she was feeling at certain parts and especially the Journalism aspect. I studied that at university and always wanted to do what she does at the end of the book.

The thing that made me download this book was the cover. I am a sucker for kissing in the rain designs and will more than likely download before even reading the synopsis. But one mention of ‘editor in chief’ and ‘kissing in the rain’ and I was a goner. I knew I had to read this book!

This is the first book I have read by Audrey, but after reading Love Show, I need to download more by her. Her writing style sucked me in, I was turning page after page wanting to know more about Jack and Hadley and more importantly too, Hadley’s best friend who plays a big part in the book too!

You know the premise of Love Game from the synopsis, but there is so much more to this book. As you know, Hadley is a Journalism student, and she is completely career driven. She doesnt really have a social life outside of the paper and studying but one night she is dragged to a party, gets drunk and kisses a guy in the rain. That someone is Jack Diamond.

When one of her colleagues gets verbally attacked by members of a Frat house, Hadley goes to confront the president and finds that Jack is the deputy. She tries not to act surprised seeing him again and keeps her feelings to herself, but after a lot of pressure from Jack, she decides to act upon these and thus starts the horrible and confusing and awful fuck buddy relationship. (We’ve all done this!)

Over time, things and lines get blurred and it ends in disaster for both parties. But can they just walk away from each other or will they find their way back eventually? Even more so when Hadley needs him the most.

Hadley is such a strong heroine. She knows what she wants out of her life – she wants to be Middle Eastern reporter and studying and being editor in chief for the university’s newspaper is what is important. She had no time for a love life. She’s a little too focused but that is what you love about her. Then one night she lets her inhibitions down and after a dare to kiss a guy, she picks Jack – whom she has never met before. You cheer for her, because you want her to have fun. She’s young, in college and its what you do – go out, get drunk and kiss pretty boys!

When her and Jack start their ‘relationship’ you see her happier, and although she is still the studious girl, she is out having fun, being young, making her own rules and having fun with Jack, especially if she gets to sleep with this hunk of a man!!

But when secrets come out and feelings get blurred, Hadley is left devastated. You see her vulnerable and scared and frighten and god-damn right, you would be too. Because I wanted to be a foreign correspondent, I felt everything Hadley was – and you know you will and would too! From everything she sees, what she witnesses, its bloody terrifying and that is what I wanted to do. Hadley is one brave woman and although it effects her so much, you are glad she has done this, its what she wanted to do and shes done it now.

Jack. OH MY JACK! I adored this specimen. He isn’t what a normal frat boy is and although I have never been to college in the US, I am stereotyping from books and movies. Jack is the cool kid, the one who has been looking for Hadley since that kiss in the rain at the tailgate and now she appears in front of him. This is fate. Jack doesnt hide the fact he wants Hadley and a Fuck Buddy relationship is more than enough. You can see how much he adores Hadley, he will protect her, be there for her throughout everything with her roommate, who is in a bad relationship and will stand up for her. He will fuck her beyond belief but he had no motivation to get a job nor apply himself in university, which, although is really none of Hadley’s business, it doesnt sit well that he has no idea what he wants to do.

But he does harbour a massive secret about his family and my heart broke into a million pieces when you find out what it is. Dear god, I was crying at the pain and horror of what he must and still is going through, especially with Hadley going away. Tiny little pricks to the heart!

When shits hits the fan, you will be willing Hadley and Jack to get back together. It was inevitable that one would fall for the other. But a few months later, Hadley is in a bad way and calls Jack. You can see how much he still loves her, how is will always love her and be there for her at a drop of a hat. Despite the time, and the months apart a lot has changed in both their lives, but one thing stayed the same – their love for each other.

I LOVE Love Show. Its funny, cheeky, sexy and deals with serious issues too – which were written exceedingly well! You will feel for these characters, root and cheer for them, cry for them. It’s not straightforward and I like that. I like that Hadley was career driven and Jack wasn’t. I liked that they had an unconventional relationship, I liked that in the end they seemed to have swapped paths, but that is what made this book great and you should definitely take a chance on Love Show. It’s worth it!

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COVER REVEAL: The Art of Keeping Faith (#2) – Anna Bloom

cover_pink_fade_no_spTITLE: The Art of Keeping Faith (Uni Files #2)
AUTHOR: Anna Bloom
RELEASE DATE: April 9th 2014
GENRE: New Adult, Romance
COVER DESIGN: Shirer Burkett
HOSTED BY: Xpresso Tours



Lilah and Ben. They are meant to be a thing.

Well, they were. The best thing ever. That was until Lilah decided to teach herself a lesson and let go of Ben since she’s learned The Art of Letting Go.

Now it’s a new academic year, and Lilah has it all to play for and it all to lose as she battles scary lecturers, evil PR girls, and her own inability to make the right decision at the right time.

Life has moved on for Lilah and her friends, and life off campus is more complicated than any of them would have guessed. As the reality of being second-year students sets in and the study starts to build up, cracks begin to appear in the very fabric of their friendships. There is a chance that none of them are going to complete Year Two in one piece.

Facing down her worst enemy, herself, Lilah has to try and change her own past mistakes when she realizes that the only way she is going to get the future she wants is if she manages to learn The Art of Keeping Faith in herself.

The Art of Keeping Faith is the second year in The Uni File Series and continues Lilah McCannon’s diary as she searches for love, tries to find and earn trust, and ultimately discovers who she is really meant to be.

Sometimes the only way to meet your future is to face your past.


AnnaAbout Anna

Anna Bloom is a contemporary romance writer who writes about life as it happens. Combining a busy schedule of looking after two small children whilst working in a local school and completing The Uni Files series. Anna’s main aim in life is to create the perfect book which makes a reader laugh and cry at the same time, hopefully causing a convulsive (impossible to ignore) donkey noise. It’s a work in progress!  Anna also spends a lot of time imagining kissing hot guys – all in the name of her art.


Author links:

Website || Goodreads || Twitter || Facebook


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Purchase Links

The Art of Letting Go (#1)

Amazon US || Amazon UK

The Saving of Benjamin Chambers (0.5)

Amazon US || Amazon UK


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Curve – Nicola Hudson


** A debut novel from a British writer**

A New Adult novel suitable for readers aged 15+, due to strong language, sensitive themes and sexual content.

Cass is seventeen and never been kissed, let alone touched, when two boys become interested in her. Flynn is the older brother of her best friend, yet Cass has never considered him as anything other than that. Rob is the school sports star and becomes obsessed with Cass when he loses a bet because of her. As the relationship between Cass and Flynn develops, Rob’s interest becomes increasingly malevolent. One night changes Cass’s life and threatens to destroy her relationship with Flynn, as well as her future.

3 out of 5 stars



My Review

So I picked up this book after seeing a review on GR by a friend and as it’s set in Britain and by a British author I had to download it. So many books are American and it’s always awesome to see a British NA appear from time to time. From the synopsis, it sounded really good and with a little twist in the middle, I wanted to read it right away….

Now this is where is gets tricky….I liked it, but I couldnt get into it either. I don’t want to go on a bashing review because that is not me at all. I really enjoyed the premise of the story, falling for the best friends brother, having a relationship with him, I LOVE books like that. I also love books that have a twist in them, something you aren’t expecting and this twist I kind of knew what might go down but nothing like that! Holy hell, I read that shock.

I love books that include social media and texting, and this book included a lot of texts, from the main character, Cass and her best friend Neve and Cass and Neve’s brother/love interest Flynn. As this world is something I have grown up with, I associate more when books include the social sides to them. I also enjoyed how Cass and Flynn ended the night with their texts, it was continuous and gave my heart a little flutter every time I read it because although its simple, it is every night and you know they are thinking of each other.

The book begins with Cass at her Christmas Winter Ball for her sixth form. She’s not the girl who guys like; She’s on the curvy side (big boobs, big bum and a tummy), she’s never kissed anyone let alone had a boyfriend so when the popular guy Rob, asks her to dance, well who is she to turn him down. Shes cute and seems interested in her…yeah, he’s not. It’s for a dare and when Flynn arrives, shes pissed he stepped in between them, but when she knows the real reason, she is glad he interrupted.

But someone isn’t happy, and Rob is definitely out to get what he wants from Cass.

Flynn has always liked Cass, but after the night in appeared like Prince Charming, Cass starts to see him as more. We watch them in a relationship together, watch Cass and Flynn interact, and when shit hits the fan, you see Flynn be there for her, even if she doesnt want him to be.

Cass is 17, at school and is a curvy girl. She works in her mum and step-dad’s shop and Neve is her best friend. They are inseparable. And when the incident happens at the ball, Neve is there for but so is Flynn. I was and still am undecided on Cass. She is a nice girl, in a horrible situation and yes, I would have acted the same as her if this happened to me, god it probably would have killed me to go through what she did. I understood why she hid it away from everyone really, hid away the severity of the situation because she thought she could handle it until it was too late.

My heart really did go out to her and I was reading in shock over what had just happened to her! The way she retreated, how she was scared, how she was insecure, you can totally understand this from her…it is probably how you would feel and act too if it happened to you. But unless you have been through Cass’ situation or any situation like this, you will never really know how you will react or retreat.

Despite Cass and Flynn being adorable I do think they rushed into their relationship super fast. I would have liked to have seen them progress, go out on dates, take their time together, enjoy each others company. As Flynn is Cass’ first boyfriend, I thought she would want to take it slow, make sure she really loved him before wanting to jump his bones. I thought maybe she would have wanted to wait to have sex but then maybe that is just me and today’s teenagers want sex asap (I know I didn’t…it scared me shitless).

Flynn is 19 and at university but he’s back for the Christmas holidays. I do like the fact that Flynn was really protective over her, tried to make her see she is beautiful to him, that he has liked her for years and can remember everything about her and the first time he properly knew he liked her more than Neve’s best friend. He was sweet and caring and I felt for him badly when ‘THAT’ happened to Cass because he was trying to get in but she wasn’t letting him, instead pushing him away but he never stopped trying. I really adored him for that because although she didn’t want to admit it, she needed that from him, needed that comfort.

I enjoyed the law side of the book. As someone who took a media law module in university and learned all about the reporting on sexual assaults, I liked the research that Nicola did into this part. I was sat nodding at the points the police officer was telling Cass and her mother. I would have liked to have seen a part of the case, perhaps Cass having the courage to go along, but I suppose that Cass wouldn’t have wanted to go and how that ended may have been best. (As a journalism graduate, I think I wanted to know more due to my nosiness and interested into court reporting and the news.)

I gave this book 3 stars because there were just little things that I couldn’t connect with or I wanted more of but this is just me. Everyone reads and loves books differently and that is not to say you wont love this book because yes, there are parts I thoroughly enjoyed and parts I wish there were more of.

Give this book a go and let me know what you think 🙂

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COVER RE-REVEAL: The Love Game – Emma Hart

TITLE: The Love Game (#1)
AUTHOR: Emma Hart
GENRE: New Adult
HOSTED BY: The Book Lovers



A New York Times and USA Today bestseller!

His challenge? Make her fall in love with him.
Her challenge? Play the player.
Until life changes the rules of the game.

Maddie Stevens hated Braden Carter on sight. Arrogant, egotistical, and the playboy of the University of California, Berkeley, he’s everything her brother Pearce has taught her to despise. So why, when the girls challenge her to play the player, doesn’t she say no? She doesn’t know either.

Braden wanted fiery little Maddie the second he laid eyes on her – and he’d do anything to have her, hence why he’s agreed to make her fall in love with him. After all, it’s the only way he’ll get what he wants. Sex.

But, as Braden discovers, there’s more to the girl from Brooklyn than he ever imagined – and he can’t help but care about the broken girl behind those pretty green eyes.

Maddie finds Braden isn’t just a walking erection – he actually has feelings. He can be sweet, funny and his good looks don’t exactly hurt. That means trouble – but when her brother Pearce turns up in Berkeley begging for her help, she realises Braden and Pearce aren’t so alike anymore.

And maybe, just maybe, they’re exactly what each other needs.


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6451162About Emma Hart

By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to two beautiful little monsters. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of whatever she fancies – usually wine – and writes books.

Emma is working on Top Secret projects she will share with her followers and fans at every available opportunity. Naturally, all Top Secret projects involve a dashingly hot guy who likes to forget to wear a shirt, a sprinkling (or several) of hold-onto-your-panties hot scenes, and a whole lotta love.

She likes to be busy – unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to be when all the ideas come to life.


Connect with Emma

Twitter || Facebook || Website || Goodreads


Buy Links

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The Art of Forgiving (#1.5) – Anna Bloom


Benjamin Chambers found the girl, won the girl, and then lost the girl all in two months. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t that girl. The one that had already got away once.

Left to his own devices, wallowing in self-pity, drinking whiskey and killing ballads on his guitar Ben is looking forward to the worst Christmas in history. That is until an unexpected offer of help arrives.

Given the best Christmas gift he could ever wish for, the chance to spend one more day with the girl that got away. Ben knows he just has one day to convince Lilah that they are meant to be together, before he has to make some big decisions about his own future. Just one day to set right the mistakes that he has made, but will it be enough?

Ben may end up finding out that The Art of Forgiving isn’t something you can teach, it is something that you have to earn.



My Review

So you should have all read The Art of Letting Go AND The Saving of Benjamin Chambers by now…yes? No? GET TO IT!
The Art of Forgiving is a scene from Christmas in The Art OF Letting Go, in Ben’s POV. (We ALL love Ben…so YAY more Ben’s POV)
If you have read TAoLG then you will know exactly what happens before, during and after the Christmas entry…all from Lilah’s POV of course. Lilah is attempting to cook Xmas dinner and we all know how much she cant cook! So it’s the gang to the rescue.

The Art of Forgiving sees Ben cooped up in his room back at his mothers and he’s depressed and moping about. He’s lost Lilah and he really needs and wants her back – god, he loves her for crying out loud! When Tristan the arse calls him up, he jumps at the chance to see and spend time with Lilah, even if she doesnt want him around. We see Ben wanting just one more day, one day to prove to Lilah that they are right together, that they should be together and are meant to be – and this is his only chance to make right.

Ben is still the sweet guy we all know and love – he’s determined to make Lilah see that he is the one for her, that they should be together but he had big decisions to make about his own future and the band. He gets to spend a night with Lilah, hopefully making her forgive him and come back to him….

Will she though? Well, those who have read TAOLG know the answer, but if you dont, go and grab all three books and devour them like i always do!

The Art of Letting Go (#1) Links

Amazon UK || Amazon US

The Saving of Benjamin Chambers (#0.5) Links

Amazon UK || Amazon US

The Art of Forgiving (#1.5) Links

Amazon UK || Amazon US

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The Saving of Benjamin Chambers – Anna Bloom

ben_cover_no_spine - The Saving of Benj,im ChabersSynopsis

Benjamin Chambers needs saving, he just does not know it yet. Bored of his life of repetitive gigs with a band going nowhere fast and one night stands with girls who are only interested in his role as a lead singer, something has got to change. It’s just what do you do when the only life you know involves messing around with guitars and attempting to run away from any female attention that comes your way.

Ben has a New Year’s resolution and one that he is determined to keep, quit the band and get a life of his own. Little does Ben realise that on his last night with his band Sound Box he is going to meet a girl who will turn everything he knows upside down.
As Ben sets himself the challenge to find ‘The Girl’ again, he may be about to learn that in an effort to rescue her, he himself will be the one to be saved.

5 out of 5 stars!!!

My review of The Art Of Letting Go



My review

“She can thank me tomorrow or the day after that, or even the day after that because one thing is for sure, I am never letting that girl escape again.”

You should all know by now how much I love my bestie Anna, and how much i am infatuated with Mr Benjamin Chambers. Like it’s obsessive and damn right scary…if he was real, I’d be stalking his ass and telling him he should be mine and not Lilah’s. But damn, we cant download fictional characters no matter how hard we want to, and that is something i will have to live with!

But yes, The Saving of Benjamin Chambers is just that. Ben is bored with his life. He’s bored of not going anywhere, he doesnt want to be in the band anymore, he’s awkward around girls, hence never having a girlfriend and when he does sleep with them, the morning after he wants out asap! Yupp, that is our beautiful Benjamin, he hates attention. The Saving of Benjamin Chambers comes before The Art of Letting Go. We get a glimpse into Ben’s life before meeting Lilah and of course, the 9 months of searching for her after that brief meeting at her work’s Christmas do.

We know that Ben met Lilah at her Christmas do, but we dont know the specifics of how it happened, but let’s say he was infatuated from the beginning, knowing that he needed to save her from something, as well as being saved himself – despite not knowing it. When he plays at her Do, he cant stop watching her and then he loses her at the end of the night. Although he was going to quit the band before the gig, he decides to spend the next year looking for her and one night, one freshers balls fate seems to step in and he sees her. HE ACTUALLY FOUND HER! and by god, he is not going to let her go now, nope, he is going to make her his, so he can save her and she can save him. Thank god for being roommates and of course, on the same course 😉 So much time to spend together!

If you have yet to read The Art of Letting Go and have the utmost pleasure of falling in love with my sexy and cute guitar player, then get your butt to amazon, download it, read it then read The Saving of Benjamin Chambers. Anna has a unique style of writing, she combines sarcasm, humor and britishness all into one, along with laugh out loud moments, tender moments, crying moments and everything in between!

READ IT please 🙂


The Art of Letting Go Links

Amazon UK || Amazon US

The Saving of Benjamin Chambers Links

Amazon UK || Amazon US

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BOOK TOUR: The Art Of Letting Go – Anna Bloom (+ DELETED SCENE)

TheArtofLettingGo Tour Banner

Today is The Book Lovers stop on the amazingly awesome book tour of The Art of Letting Go. Because Anna loves me, she has also given me a deleted scene, which i was contemplating adding in…well, because, i wanted to be greedy and keep Ben for myself, but because i am soooo nice, I have decided to share the goodiness of it!

You can thank me after 😉



One year. One woman. One Diary. One question: can you ever stop history from repeating itself and if you could what would you do to stop it?

When Lilah McCannon realises at the age of twenty-five that history is going to repeat itself and she is going to become her mother—bored, drunk and wearing a twinset—there is only one thing to do: take drastic action.

Turning her back on her old life, Lilah’s plan is to enrol at university, get a degree and prove she is a grown-up.

As plans go, it is a good one. There are rules to follow: no alcohol, no cigarettes, no boys and no going home. But when Lilah meets the lead singer of a local band and finds herself unexpectedly falling in love, she realises her rules are not going to be the only things hard to keep.

With the academic year slipping by too quickly, Lilah faces a barrage of new challenges: will she ever make it up the Library stairs without having a heart attack? Can she handle a day on campus without drinking vodka? Will she ever manage to read a history book without falling asleep? And most importantly, can she become the grown-up that she desperately wants to be.
With her head and her heart pulling her in different directions can Lilah learn the hardest lesson that her first year of university has to teach her: The Art of Letting Go?




My Review

I would firstly like to thank Anna for sending me an advanced copy – well in advance (with my name written over it – woop woop) – of her book The Art Of Letting Go. You cannot understand my excitement when she sent it to me and my little acknowledgement! I have been wanting to read this book for months now, and when it arrived in my mailbox, I quickly finished my last book and got into the story of Ben and Lilah pretty much from the get go. (As all my followers should know…this book was all I could talk about for days…okay it still is…)

The Art Of Letting Go is definitely a book that deserves a place on your kindle and deserves your utmost time to devour everything inside of it. Anna has put blood, sweat and tears into this book to make it what it is – and it’s a book that is just so refreshing to read, so different from other books that I have read. Firstly it is set in diary entries, dated and timed too. This gives the book a sense of realism and Anna’s writing style is spot on for a dairy and that you feel that you shouldn’t be reading it, but you can’t stop yourself. It’s invasive, but you couldn’t give two hoots, you just have to keep on reading about Lilah’s life. She develops all the characters and you feel towards all of them, want to be a part of their little gang and wish you were back at university, experiencing everything all over again.

We have all had a diary once in our life and this helps Lilah deal with everything happening in her life – from leaving her job, going to university, falling in love and going through all the things that happen in the book. It’s a great way to learn about everyone in the book. Secondly, Anna is spot on with her writing style. She uses sarcasm and humour perfectly, she knows how to make you swoon in Ben and Tristan scenes, you will cry, you will laugh, you will get annoyed and it’s a journey of overcoming obstacles and things put in Lilah and all the characters ways. How they overcome their first year of university. And that ending. Dear god Anna, give me Year Two now please!

Anna writes real life. Its not all rainbows and fairy dust, oh no. You will have distractions and roadblocks in the way, you have characters with insecurities and trials and tribulations but one of many real things in the book? The friendship. Yes. I am so close to my university friends despite leaving last year and I can see how real their bond is. How real their love is for each other.

The Art of Letting Go is just that. Lilah is fed up of working for her father and after a cigarette break, she decides to just not return to work and instead, go to university. Lilah is bonkers, like I pure, bloody love her! At 25, she doesn’t want to end up like her mother, so on a whim, she walks away from her job and signs up to university. She makes rules that, of course, are broken within the first couple of hours but you can’t help but love this girl. Crazy as she is, you gobble up all of her diary entries, wanting to know more about her days at university, more of her crazy ass lifestyle and more about the swoon-worthy Ben Chambers. Oh yessss.

At points I wanted to smack her around the head and shout at her to tell Ben her feeling for him. You can see from her entries that she does care for him, throughout all the dilemmas in her way, but its hard for Lilah to let go, to admit her feelings for him until, really, its kind of too late and time is running out. You do root for Lilah and Ben, you see how perfectly they fit together and how Lilah, as the book title says, is in the art of letting go, and at the end of the book, it’s a tiny cliff-hanger but one where you want to know it’s going where you want it to. Know that Lilah has manned the fuck up and realized she’s about to let someone SO important to her go. She lives by Taylor Swift songs and even if you don’t know all of them, you can guess why they are important to that certain scene and why Lilah thinks that song sums up that entry. She really is a brilliant character and one that you must read about!

I do have to say, Anna warned me I would either start drinking or smoking throughout reading the book…I have to say, a lot of wine was consumed throughout the duration of this book (seeing as I don’t smoke). I am warning you now hahah.

Ben. Ben, Ben, Ben. MY darling Ben. He plays guitar and sings…in a band people! UHH weakness. He has dark hair, amazing blue eyes and freckles. How sexy is that?! He’s gorgeous, but hates the attention, he can be cocky and his smirk *sigh* and he is instantly drawn to Lilah. Well, he had been searching for her for the past nine months, after spotting her one Christmas at a Do he was playing at. Ben is sweet and lovely and really wants to be with Lilah, despite the roadblock, shall we say, in the way of the actual getting together – but he’d wait a life time for her. He will do absolutely anything to be with her, be around her and just have Lilah in his life. You can see how much he likes her, fancies her. Everything that Lilah is writing down, you can see that although she doesn’t see it, we, as the reader can see the way Ben acts with Lilah.

So something happens that makes you think “Oh Benjamin” But you trust him, because of how much he loves Lilah, even if she can’t see it and won’t let him explain. Even through her entries, you know he’s telling the truth about that night. Why would he be saying all these things to Lilah and wanting to spend all his time with her, if he was lying about that night? Nope, I believe my Ben!

Your heart breaks for him too. Lilah can’t trust him and doesn’t really want anything to do with him and he tries his damn hardest to get through to her, to see her, to make it right. He literally spends his time trying to get her to open her door. He will sit and wait, he will do whatever he can to make it up to her, to get back to how they were. But Lilah is stubborn and doesn’t let him.

Uhh and then his band has the chance to go to America to record an album, and you can actually see Ben, although he probably wants to go, he doesn’t want to leave Lilah. Those two just hotfooted around that and I wanted to shake them both and tell each other their feelings (Okay, so Ben is more open about his) and Lilah to say no, but then I was proud of her for not saying anything too because this is a big deal for Ben and his band. I was torn. I wanted Ben to stay, but I wanted him to chase his dream and make it big.

There are sooooo many amazing scenes…okay, the whole book is just amazing but there is one scene that I go on and on about to Anna – on text and twitter – but I can’t tell you want it is…my god, I want to shout it from the rooftop but I cant. BUT it proves just how freaking sweet and perfect my Benjamin is and my heart hurt and burst for him and Lilah. Dear god, that scene.

Can I also swoon over Ben singing ‘Hey There Delilah’ (That song was on repeat a hell of a lot) and Taylor Swift.  PLEASE be real Ben, I need you in my life.

I adored the secondary characters – Meredith and of course, Tristan the arse. Meredith, despite being a few years younger than Lilah, is such a brilliant friend. Her and Lilah are just so great together and cause mischief but there are some tender and heart-breaking moments between the two and you just know that cements it for them – they have a bond that can’t be broken now. And Tristan. He’s Lilah’s twin brother and an arse, yet he really isn’t. He’s a beauty, and I really enjoyed the scenes with him. He too, is there for Lilah, he becomes close with Ben and he falls for the lovely Meredith. Their relationship is the cutest and despite the age gap, they are so right for each other.

I cannot tell you enough times to get your arse to Amazon, 1-click and open that book file asap. You want British humour and sarcasm? You want a wacky but fun heroine, you want a guitar-playing, sexy and loveable BRITISH hero and a hell of a lot in-between? Did you say yes? Well what the hell are you waiting for, The Art Of Letting Go is for you and its available at your becking call. GET READING right now and fall in love along the way with the characters and with Anna – she is one author to look out for! FOR SURE!

Once you start it, you won’t be able to put it down….I sure as hell couldn’t!


Deleted Scene

Stomping on the Grave of Rules 1, 2 and 3

Drunk is not so good.

Five pints of beer later we are stumbling out of the Student Union bar, Meredith is drunk—really drunk—and is making rude gestures at Ben who is walking a few paces in front.

We must have been in the bar longer than I thought; I am surprised to find that it is getting dark outside. The last couple of hours have been strange to say the least. We have been sitting at a table whilst Meredith holds court with a vast number of suitors who wander over. She does not seem interested, just accepting free drinks when bestowed. This explains why she is so royally smashed. Ben and I have been talking, talking and talking. I don’t even know what about, just general chit chat that seems to flow easily between us. Feeding each other little bits of information about ourselves. For instance, he knows Trev the barman because he played a few gigs here during his band’s early days. And that’s why he chose this university. I told him about the bank and working for my dad and what it is like to stare at a computer all day; something he knows nothing about.

All I know is that we have been gravitating towards each other like magnets; first knees turning to find other knees, then torsos turning, then hands sliding forward. Eventually, one of us would have to break the tension and get up to get a round of drinks. I can’t drink anymore though, so I think it better to lock myself in the safety of my room where I cannot keep trying to touch him, like a demented stalker.

The blue coloured twilight sets his form into a contrast of shadows and makes his hair hard to make out as we stumble across campus. Drunk as she is, Meredith still perceives the change between Ben and me and she is not so discretely pushing me over to him.

What is she? Like twelve or something?

I glare at her, but of course, that’s not something she seems to notice.

“Yous need to shtalks toose him,” she slurs.

“And tell him what?”

I am just being difficult. I know exactly what she means. And she is right: I have to tell him the truth. I have to be brave and honest, and tell him all about myself, just so if he is truly interested, then he knows everything. But I can’t tell if he is just playing me or really interested in me.

It’s scary how out of practice at this stuff I am.

Meredith falls further behind—on purpose—and then steps away in a different direction, instantly lost in the shadows.

“Ben!” I call, my hand reaching out to slow him down. Of its own accord it slides down his arm and his fingers link with mine. He turns his face, now pale in the half light, and leans in close to me.

Please don’t kiss me and make this harder! Please just kiss me anyway!

“Yes, Lilah.”

His voice is low and the sound of my name whispered off his lips makes my stomach dip in an alarming manner. My body will not listen to reason and steps into him. We are just standing there breathing; it feels completely electric.

I am feeling very inebriated. Again. Everything is starting to whirl around the edges, like I am caught in the eye of a storm. His fingers are easing along the edge of my jeans, tracing a cool pattern along my midriff and over the exposed top of my hips. I try to suppress a gasp, but fail as he slowly pulls me in close and I tilt my head up to look at him. His eyes are as black as midnight in the darkness, but they still show their intent as clear as day. It feels like I am experiencing the whole moment in slow motion as he lowers his cool lips to my own. He is not tentative like the other night, like he is not quite sure if he is going to get clocked around the head. This time there is a determination in his lips, and the hands that are locked around my hips pull me closer—as close as is physically possible under the circumstances.

My resolve weakens in a flash and I meld myself into him; my lips on his, hands in his hair, then along his back clutching at his t-shirt as if I don’t ever want to let go. Which I don’t. He backs me up against a tree and we stand under the turning leaves, lost in an oblivion I have never experienced before. I am greedy for it and want more. I tug his head down to mine and kiss him with as much enthusiasm as I can muster. Which is a lot.

Why I am doing this? Ben Chambers makes me want to punch him every time he opens his mouth, but at the moment all I want to do is kiss said mouth like there is no tomorrow. It makes no sense.

His hands lift me up off the ground and I wrap my legs around him, something I have never done before. Ever. My back is snagging on the bark of the tree but I don’t care in the least. The more pain the better. If it hurts, then it will somehow make it better. Make what I am doing better.

What Am I Doing?


The thought hits me like a slap in the face.

I am cheating.

The worse bit is not the fact that I am cheating on John, it is the fact I am cheating myself. Three days ago I came here to get away from my nightmare life, but as far as I can tell, I am just bringing the nightmare along for the ride.

I push against his chest, disengaging my lips and limbs from his. He does not let me get far. He just loosens his hold fractionally so I can slide down the length of his body until I am in a more suitable position. He is leaning down into me; his forehead is still pressed against mine, eyes closed.

“I broke my promise,” he says. His voice is thick and low.

At first, I do not know what he means.

“If anyone is breaking promises it is me,” I say.

Then I recall his words to me in the kitchen yesterday and I allow myself a smile. He smiles too. I can feel it: his nose skims along my jaw line and I take a deep breath. This is far harder than I thought it would be.

“I forgive you,” I say as I kiss his lips.

So shoot me. I can’t help it.

He presses against me and I know I need to speak now or I never will. And have to tell him the truth.

Please don’t like me. I don’t deserve it. I am a bitch who makes promises she does not intend to keep.

“Ben, wait.”

I pull away again, although not far enough, and his nose is still trailing up and down my neck. His lips follow leaving a pattern of their own, burnt into my skin. This is not working. I push away and he opens his eyes in surprise.

“I can’t do this Ben, I’m sorry.”

Then I run away like the big fat girl that I am. I don’t tell him anything apart from the embarrassing fact—one even I didn’t know—that I quite like to be groped whilst being pushed up against a tree.


ea979-annabloomblogpicture28229Author Bio

Anna Bloom is a contemporary romance writer who writes about life as it happens. Combining a busy schedule of looking after two small children whilst working in a local school and completing The Uni Files series she also spends a lot of time imagining kissing hot guys – all in the name of her art.

Find the author: Website/Blog | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads


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Today I have a very truthful interview with the lovely Anna Bloom!

If you have yet to know of her and her awesome book (Which i am currently reading. Sorry guys, Ben is mine and has been for a few months now ;)) then maybe this will get you interested and click that button on 25th September 😉



One year. One woman. One Diary. One question: can you ever stop history from repeating itself and if you could what would you do to stop it?
When Lilah McCannon realises at the age of twenty-five that history is going to repeat itself and she is going to become her mother—bored, drunk and wearing a twinset—there is only one thing to do: take drastic action.
Turning her back on her old life, Lilah’s plan is to enrol at university, get a degree and prove she is a grown-up.
As plans go, it is a good one. There are rules to follow: no alcohol, no cigarettes, no boys and no going home. But when Lilah meets the lead singer of a local band and finds herself unexpectedly falling in love, she realises her rules are not going to be the only things hard to keep.
With the academic year slipping by too quickly, Lilah faces a barrage of new challenges: will she ever make it up the Library stairs without having a heart attack? Can she handle a day on campus without drinking vodka? Will she ever manage to read a history book without falling asleep? And most importantly, can she become the grown-up that she desperately wants to be.
With her head and her heart pulling her in different directions can Lilah learn the hardest lesson that her first year of university has to teach her: The Art of Letting Go?





1)     Firstly, where did the inspiration for The Art of Letting Go come from?
So this is the honest answer…When I was at Uni I wrote a diary…no I promise you I am not taking the p*ss, I actually did. A long long time after I graduated I found the diary and gave it a quick re-read. I was shocked and horrified by just what a pile of drivel I had written. So I threw it away. Another few years passed and I started thinking about the diary again, I guess I no longer felt so sensitive about the stuff that was in there. I kind of regretted throwing it away and I felt bad that I had thrown away a bit of my past just because I felt it in that moment. The more I thought about it the more the idea grew that it would be so much fun to just re-write my Uni diary and make it much more exciting than anything that actually happened to me! Much much more exciting…. No one would want to read a book about my antics at Uni but hopefully everyone will want to read about my characters.


2)     How long did it take you to write it?
Well the overall writing with all the different versions took about two years, but when I first started writing I was not doing it seriously, I was just messing around. In fact I wrote a large percentage of the first version in long hand.

When I eventually started in earnest it was quite quick. My epithany for this version actually happened on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend I then wrote like a crazy person for two-three months solid and had pretty much finished the version I was going to keep by August when I handed it over to me editor. I am very spontaneous – if I hear it in my head then I just have to keep going until it is all down and I won’t stop until it is complete!


3)     From your guest post, you said there were many things that changed, how did you know that this was the final version?
This was just the version that I knew worked. It was everything that I wanted, funny, sarcastic, romantic and a little on the edge. I did not want to just write a straight forward romance I wanted to push the reader a little, I wanted to challenge them into liking my characters. There is one bit that my editor, was like, no seriously there are going to be a lot of women that complain about that, but I held firm. A book should challenge you. It should be fun and enjoyable but the reader should want to invest in you and your characters and I really hope I have achieved that. I want everyone to believe in the world I have created and I knew I had the version I wanted to keep when I knew I believed in it – I was no longer trying to hit a word count the words were just flying from my fingers.


4)     You’re book is unique, you use diary entries to mark the days/time of the events, what made you choose to do it this way?
I’ve touched on this above but I only really started the Diary idea after my Jubilee weekend epiphany. It just suddenly made sense – there I was trying to write a book based on this idea of an old diary of mine (remember not my actual diary) but I was not writing it as a Journal. The moment I started breaking it all up and looking at the academic year as a diary it all started to flow pretty fast. I love the fact that on some days Lilah has nothing at all to say but on another she has the one of the best days of her life. That’s what real life is actually like – it is not all drama every day! Well not for most people.


5)     Is Lilah based on you or traits of you? Come on, no lying now 😉
Um…this is a tricky one. Truth be known Lilah does have a few of my traits, mainly a deep love of wine. But I don’t rely on Vodka to see my way through emotional trauma and I can cook!

I think most people want to know if this book is based on what happened to me at Uni but sadly it’s not. However, I do take note of pretty much everything that goes on around me and I am known to slide the odd thing in.

The fountain pen gaff in the opening pages is something that I once said to someone (thirteen years later it’s still one of the more embarrassing things I have said) and I did have a friend at Uni who puked on a pub carpet after a trip to the Imperial War Museum. In the second book there are a few of the crazier things that my sister and I have done over the years but I will reveal them when the time is right!


6)     Ben is unique in the way he looks, black hair, blue eyes and freckles. Did you imagine anyone to look like him when you were writing him? It had taken us forever to find him.
The reason we can’t find a suitable picture of Ben, although I am rather pleased with the one we have found this week! Is basically because he only exists in my head. There is no Ben Chambers and he is not based look wise on anyone. The only thing I was determined to have were the cornflower blue eyes, that was very important to me but the rest just grew as I wrote him. I think that’s why his eyes are the first bit that Lilah see’s because that is the first bit I saw as well. I think his mannerisms are a culmination of many influences… but I can admit that I do love a man who can play guitar.


7)     Taylor Swift songs are a big part of the book. What was it about her songs that made Lilah think about which ones she followed that day/week?
I listened to A LOT of Taylor Swift when writing this book, and I truly love her writing. She can get down in a three minute song what it takes me a 100k word book to say.

I added the songs on my first read through. So I listened to it a lot when writing but not any song in particular but then when I went back through from the beginning every time I had a little giggle or something obvious jumped out at me I added it in. I used to sit there and think – what would Taylor sing about that?

There is one Taylor Swift song that started off my whole writing process and I do mention it in the book but it is not one of the songs she is living her life too. I will tell you the day the book comes out and it goes back to my first answer regarding the diary….haha cryptic!


8)     are Taylor’s songs a guilty pleasure on karaoke? 😉
I am far too old for Karaoke and I think the last thing I sang at Karaoke was an Abba song (I say no more) but I do have a feeling that one day…and maybe you will be there to sing it with me I will belt out All Too Well at the top of my lungs. I love that song and it is the sort of song that needs to be shouted…but I will need to be hideously drunk to do it!


9)     how many bottles of wine did you get through when writing The Art Of Letting Go?
Too many too remember!! In fact I hate to think….


10) what is your fav wine?
Depends what mood I am in. Either a perfect crisp Pinot Grigio, or a deep heavy Shiraz guaranteed to give you a cracking headache.


11)if I were to come visit you, what would the night consist of? This is a plan!
Well we would have to go to Putney…obviously… We would start at the top of the high street at the Wetherspoons with all the old men (cheap booze) and then work our way down the high street until hopefully ending up at the Half Moon where if our luck is in there will be a hottie singing live music. Or we could go to The Fez…but I am probably too old to get in these days!  


12)do you have more books in the line up? Like the second and third years? Spin-offs? Wink wink.
Yes, Year Two – The Art of keeping Faith is in editing right now. It is a bit of a shocker and even I cannot believe that I have taken the characters to those places, but it does have a good ending and that is all I am going to say!

Year Three – The Art of Growing Up is going to be my hardest one to write which is why I am putting it off for a moment until it is completely right in my head. The story line is going to go full circle but I already know how it is going to end, and believe me I cannot wait to write that scene.

Ben has his novella which I just love. There is this one line that makes me give a little squeal every time I read it. I love Ben maybe a little too much at times.

Alongside Year Two I am going to have another Novella based on a character called Zoe….a publishing assistant who helps Lilah out of a trick situation – twice (ha! You only know about the once). She is going to be around for the rest of the series and you never know may get a full novel of her own at some point when I have finished at Uni. Maybe a publishing house will be my next port of call! Actually I am going to finish a novel based in Cornwall first with a hot artist called Jude in it first but then maybe after that will head back to the big smoke and visit a publishing house.


13)You are an avid reader of my blog, and you always send me cute emails that make my day. I have to ask, what is it about my blog that keeps you reading?
I love your infectious love of books and your enthusiasm for supporting everyone. I like the fact that I think I can now read in between the lines of your reviews and know when you like a book and when you really love a book…I probably can’t but I like to think I can.

And I like the fact there is always an element of fun to the posts. It is not just a blog where you review books because that is what you say you are going to do. It is a blog you run because you love reading and you also love the art of writing and respect it.


14) if you were to pick one guy, other than your husband (don’t tell him I asked you this) to marry, who would it be?
Brandon Flowers. No hesitation whatsoever at all.


15) finally what scene are you most looking forward to people reading?
Oh that’s quite a tricky one. I think I like all the quiet moments between Lilah and Ben the best. I love it when they have conversations in the middle of the night. But if I had to narrow it down to one scene it would be Trafalgar Square or maybe the Leaver’s Ball. Or maybe Trafalgar Square, or maybe The Leavers Ball or maybe…

Follow Anna on Twitter @annabloombooks
Her Website:

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BOOK BLITZ: Playing for Keeps (#2) – Emma Hart

PlayingforKeepsblitzbannerToday is The Book Lovers stop on the Playing For  Keeps Book Blitz and I shall be giving you my review of this awesome book!



She’s in love with him.
He’s trying not to love her.
One night changes everything.

Aston Banks never meant to get close to Megan Harper – not even for that one night. Haunted by a childhood he refuses to face, he knew she could break through every wall he’d ever built and tear them down without even realizing she was doing it.

Betraying Braden by starting a relationship with Aston wasn’t on Megan’s to-do list, but the second she sees a glimpse of someone other than the arrogant ass she’s come to know, she can’t walk away.

Aston’s childhood is worse than Megan ever guessed, but as he tries and fails to push her away, it’s clear her love is stronger than the demons that cling to him every day. And now, because of it, he finally has to deal with what he’s buried deep down.

What he doesn’t want to face. What he’s fought against for so long.

And they have to do it all without Braden finding out.

Keeping a relationship secret has never been harder.

5 / 5 stars



My Review

There is only so many times I can tell you I love Emma Hart – I’m sure she loves hearing it though. She is the best, no joke and if you don’t know of her, don’t speak to her, you are missing out big time. And I mean BIG time.

I want to thank her again for the acknowledgment in Playing for Keeps (my second from her YAY). Oh I have tears in my eyes. Emma is the sweetest person ever!! So thank you for the Beta and the Blogger acknowledgments, you won’t understand how much it means to me ❤

I got to Beta read this book and then I reread it again because seriously? I cannot get enough of Megan and Aston. I was SUPER excited to know they were getting their own book as I loved Megan in The Love Game and I love Astons mouth – the things he says, although I wouldn’t mind his mouth on mine 😉

Emma’s books are like a drug to me. I get hooked onto each and every one of them. I love how she seems to release one every month…it keeps my fix at bay. As I’ve mentioned in every other review of her books, she exudes every emotion in her books. The banter banter between characters, the sexual tension, the tears, laughter, anger, heartbreak…..she conveys it all brilliantly, and by gosh, Playing For Keeps has it all…and your heart will just break for Aston and your heart will then fit back together when you see Megan help him through everything.

As I’ve said so much love for Miss Emma Hart!!

We first meet Aston and Megan in the first book. Megan is Braden’s best friend. They have grown up together and have gone to the same school together. Braden is highly protective of Megan and knows no guy is ever going to be good enough for her, especially his frat house. They are all man-whores and Aston is no exception.

But Megan is harbouring feelings for Aston, and although Aston only wants her for the night, he knows that he won’t be able to let her go after. She is the only girl who he wants to be with but he can’t. He can’t because of his past and because of Braden, but Megan isn’t going anywhere. She can’t walk away now and so thus begins a secret relationship.

Banter the same way they always have around the others but when alone, it’s just them. Them together and they can show their true feelings for one another.

Learning all about Aston’s past, he tries to push Megan away but shes not going anywhere. Keeping their relationship a secret is harder when all Megan wants to do it help Aston through his past and that in turn proves how much she loves him and he her, for letting her in. But when they aren’t so careful and the secret is spilled, how does everyone especially Braden react?

Firstly Aston is not the guy you think he is. Although hes the playboy of the house, seemingly taking a girl back after every weekend party, there is a side to him that no one has ever seen. He keeps it hidden and locked away and he has a front, the front that he shows the guys. He has a potty mouth and I absolutely loved the banter he gives everyone, especially with Megan. But it’s just not him. He has demons that no one apart from his Grampa knows about. His frat house don’t even know his major!! That proves how much he keeps to himself and puts on this playboy front to hide from himself.

Aston has been through so much pain during his life, especially in his younger years. My heart was breaking for him, it was breaking for him and the pain he faced at such a young age had me crying when he would think about what was said to him and when he told Megan about it. It killed me to think how much he went through but he got out and although he still carries his past with him, he has people around him whom love him, even if he doesn’t think hes worthy of it so he tries to laugh it off or push them away.

You really will fall in love with Aston; there is no doubt about it. The potty mouthed playboy shows such a different side. You see him falling in love with Megan, become protective and possessive and jealous over her, but at the same time he tries to push her away, even though he doesn’t want to. It’s hard for him to let someone in, let them know about his past but Megan is there for him, helping him through everything, trying to make him see that it’s over now, that hes loved, hes safe and he has everyone around him who cares for him.

You know how much I loved Megan in The Love Game and my love for her only grew throughout the book. She’s an awesome character. She can banter, shoot sarcastic comments your way and generally keep up with you, but shes always caring and sweet and protective and is completely in love with Aston. She just wants him but is scared about what Braden will think of their relationship, so much so they hide it. But when Aston’s past comes back to haunt him and she finds out about it, she wants to do whatever she can to help and support Aston through his past demons.

She’s loving and I just want her to be my best friend. She is always there for you and the way she was with Aston’s Grampa was so touching. She helped to bring them together even more, to talk about their pasts with the one person they loved/hated. She brought their family dynamic closer, and eventually helped them both with Aston’s demons. No matter how much Aston tried to push her away, she couldn’t and wouldn’t walk away or let him go, she was in too deep with him. He was and is what Braden and Maddie are…the end game.

YES, for those of you who have read the first chapter of Playing For Keeps (The link is below) you will see that sex starts in the first chapter! Yessss, what a way to open the book. Aston and Megans chemistry is instant and they are drawn to each other like magnets no matter how much they shouldn’t be. That first encounter was it. Aston was hooked, as was Megan.

Playing For Keeps really is a book about fighting your past and looking to your future, finding love even when you weren’t looking for it and showing your true self – not hiding behind a persona. Emma has extracted this story with grace and it’s a beautiful book to read, so go and read it!

If you haven’t read The Love Game yet, go and get your Braden and Maddie fix, fall in love with them then come back and get your Megan and Aston fix in Playing for Keeps. You will definitely have a masssssive crush on Braden, Aston and Megan by the end of the books 😉

Here’s to hope that book three is about Kyle or Kay! They are an utter babes and deserve all the happiest that everyone else has 😀



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