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Top 3 posts of this week

Every Sunday I will be posting the top posts that you have all been clicking and viewing during the past week.

This weeks posts include:

1) My Top 13 books of 2013
You can check out my post HERE

2) Holly’s top 13 books of 2013You can check out the post HERE

3) Karli’s top 13 books of 2013
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Top 13 Books of 2013 by Abigail Brown

women-bookslllToday’s turn on telling us her Top 13 books of 2013 is the lovely Abigail!!

Are any of her choices yours?


Hi, my name is Abigail and I have loved books ever since I was a little girl. When I’m reading I’m in a zone and often don’t hear people when they talk to me, I’m not ignoring anyone, I’m just so caught up in the story I don’t notice what is going on around me. Haha, this often annoys my family members but oh well. My love of books is why I do book reviews on my own blog (, however, I have not done as many blog posts as I would like recently as I have so busy.

When Zoe first asked me to do this post and write about my favourite 13 books of 2013, I thought it was going to be a bit of an impossible mission. I have read so many books this year, but what did help it narrow it down was the date of publication being they had to be published this year, I still struggled. Without further due, here is my 13 favourite books of 2013.

  1. Into the Deep – Samantha Young

If I don’t believe I’m worth the effort, why the hell would you?” – Charley

It is one of my favourite books that I have read this year and I could not put it down once I started reading it. I was addicted and wanted to know how it ended, it does end on a “to be continued”, so you do have to wait for the second one is released but it I worth it. Charley and Jakes story was a heart breaking one, they first fell in love in High School then a tragic event made Jake leave town and break every promise he made to Charley. Four years later Charley still feels the pain of their break up and has not had a successful relationship since. On her year of studying abroad in Scotland she bumps into none other than Jake at a party. Soon all those old feelings and unresolved feeling come rushing back and so does the drama as Jake has a girlfriend Melissa. It is a love story not to be missed and you will be hooked the whole way through.

  1. Reckless – S.C Stephens

You want me to whatbook? And Tweet? Like a bird? Are you serious?” – Kellan

I love Kiera and Kellan’s story and was so happy there was a third book, I love to see how far they have come and their relationship as it evolves. It is interesting to see how the fame has affected their lives as the band hits big and Kiera goes on tour with them. I’m a little bit sad that this is the end of the road for Kiera and Kellan, I have re-read the book so many times and still love it. They are a cute couple and I love reading about of all of the characters, even Griffin. Kellan is my all-time favourite book boyfriend and if he were real that would be great, he loves Kiera so much and it is endearing to see them grow from strength to strength.

  1. Wide Awake – Shelly Crane

It doesn’t matter who you were or what you’ve done in the past. The only thing that matters is who you are right now” – Mason

Wide Awake has such a captivating storyline that keeps you hooked. You feel heartbroken for Emma when she wakes up from her coma and does not remember who she is. You feel sad when she struggles to fit back in with her friends and family. You feel happy and kind of excited when she and Mason grow closer. You feel her confusion when she struggles with her identity. It was like riding an emotional rollercoaster and when I was near the end of the book I kept wishing that more pages would appear.

  1. Ten Tiny Breaths – K.A Tucker

Just breathe. Ten tiny breaths … Seize them. Feel them. Love them.” – Kacey’s mum

I know I have quite a few emotional and sad books on my list, but what I admire about those stories and authors is how they show their characters overcoming their problems and dealing with them. Kacey lost her parents, boyfriend and best friend in a tragic car accident of which she was the only survivor and she has never dealt with it. Many people grieve in different way and Kacey’s way was ignoring it and shoving the memories and pain into a box and not thinking about it. All this changes when Trent comes along and breaks down her walls, she goes through the different stages of grief and begins to heal. Kacey and Trent’s relationship was not an easy one but they are perfect together, and I was rooting for them from the start.

  1. Out of Breath – Rebecca Donovan

Remember there is always a choice. I chose to live. I chose to love. I chose to breathe.”- Emma

This is the third and final instalment of the Breathing series by Rebecca Donovan and I was so excited to read it, especially with the way that the second book ended. I absolutely love the breathing series, I loved Emma and Evan and was hoping that they would find their way back to each other. Emma had been through so much pain and what was heart breaking, is that she walked away from Evan to protect him from herself but ended up hurting the both of them even more. Evan is perfect and has to be on the top of most people’s book boyfriend lists, he’s so sweet, caring, loveable and understanding.

  1. In this moment – Autumn Houghton

All we get are moments, Cole. One at a time, like heartbeats. Once all of them is gone, that’s it. No do-overs. No repeats. Every moment possesses its down kind of magic and what we do with it counts. It counts.” – Aimee

It is a very emotional book that pulls your heart strings and makes you thankful that your loved ones are safe. Aimee feels lost without her best friend and her death makes her feel guilty to be alive and wonder why she survived. Then comes in Cole, he slowly brakes down her walls and they are so cute together. Cole is swoon worthy and I love how he didn’t have a clue at dating, he made me laugh so much. I love this book and how they begin to heal from their pasts together.

  1. Frigid – J. Lynn

“I would’ve given her more if she had wanted that.
I would’ve given her everything if she had asked.” – Kyler

Sydney is in love with her best friend, Kyler and the only trouble is that he is a player. Sydney won’t risk not having Kyler in her life so she has kept her feelings to herself. What she doesn’t know is that Kyler feels the same way, he just hides it by being with other women as he believes he isn’t good enough for her. When they end up snowed in at a ski resort, the truth slowly comes out and I was on the edge of the seat anticipating them admitting their feelings. It’s sweet how Kyler thinks so much of Sydney and the storm makes him think he has a shot with her, as they grow even closer.

  1. Don’t hate the player… hate the game – Katie Ashley

Sometimes we just have two sides to us, Noah. One that we’re willing to let the world see, and then the other that we hide deep within ourselves.” – Maddie

I always find it interesting to read book from a male perspective and especially in this case a very emotional storyline. I cried so much that I struggled to read some of the book. Noah is on a mission to find out who was the girl that his best friend was in love with. You see Noah’s best friend, Jake tragically dies shortly before graduation and when sorting out his room finds an engagement ring. Jake was a player, so his mum begs him to find out who her son loved and it leads to Noah meeting Maddie. Maddie is the Valedictorian and very religious who was tutoring Jake. I love that Maddie shows Noah a different side that existed to Jake, the more Noah discovers about Jake on his mission. It is a sad story and a beautiful one.

  1. Four seconds to loose – K.A Tucker

I believe some people are inherently evil.
I believe guilt is a powerful motivator.
I believe redemption is something you can strive for but never fully achieve.
I believe second chances exist only in dreams, never in reality.
I believe you don’t have years, or months, or weeks to impact a person’s life.
You have seconds.
Seconds to win them over, And seconds to lose them.”

Oh my god I love Charlie and Cain, they are amazing together!! Cain is great and has been through so much, yet he has still managed to turn out to be a decent guy who cares about those around him. They both have such complicated pasts and especially Charlie, she is petrified that Cain will be disgusted by her if he ever finds out the truth about her. It’s meant to be that they meet and are exactly what one and the other needs. Cain’s protectiveness towards Charlie is so sweet and he truly does care for her.

  1. Wallbanger – Alice Clayton

The right woman for you wouldn’t want you to change anything about your life. She wouldn’t rock your boat, she’d jump right in and sail it with you.” – Caroline

This is hands down one of the funniest books I have ever read, I was in fits of laughter from the start to end. It is simply hilarious, so funny and entertaining. Caroline and Simon are quite a pair! Caroline moves into her new apartment and on the first night she has to endure listening to her next door neighbour having very loud sex, it’s the same the next night but with a different girl and the same the night after that. Caroline cracks one night and interrupts him, from then on begins a love/hate relationship that is beyond entertaining. They have lots of chemistry which results in a dynamic relationship.

  1. Rush Me – Alison Parr

You only get hurt that badly when you’re doing something that matters. Something impossible. Taking a risk. Investing yourself. And ball’s worth it, the rush you get, the exhilaration…”

When Rachael gate-crashes a party, she meets Ryan Carter, the NFL’s most beloved quarterback and she instantly dislikes him. He is everything she doesn’t want, he is arrogant and she believes him to be a stereotypical dumb jock. It’s hilarious that what they both assume about each other is wrong and when they really get to know each other, they see eye to eye. They are both so stubborn though and that is part of what makes the book so great and why it has to be on my list.

  1. The Love Game – Emma Hart

When life gets hard, ask Google. Google knows everything”- Braden

I love The Love Game, it is a fantastic book and Maddie and Braden are great characters. This is a must read book of 2013. Maddie and Braden are playing each other at their own games, they have both made bets but along the way they begin to fall for each other. Braden cracks me up, his approach to dating is one of the funniest things I have read, the whole Google solution is comical.

  1. The Game Changer – J. Sterling

Love is life. If you miss out on love, you miss out on life” –Gramps

Cassie and Jack are one of my favourite book couples, they are so cute. Jack made a mistake in the first book, that almost ruined Cassie and his relationship for good, but she somehow found it in her heart to forgive him. They both struggle when their pasts keep catching up with them and threaten their future. What I love is it isn’t an easy love story, it shows you have to work to maintain your relationship and true love is worth fighting for.


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Top 13 books of 2013 by Michelle Congdon


Today telling us her Top 13 books is Author and friend Michelle Congdon.

Are any of her books your top book of 2013?


Hello!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas/New Year holidays! I love this time of the year; it’s full of love, giving, and don’t forget about the food and the partying. Another thing I like to do during this time is reflect on my year gone by. What I did, where I traveled, what I achieved, what movies I enjoyed, the books I read and fell in love with… Which brings me to the next part. When Zoe first asked me if I’d like to share my 13 Best Books with you all I was like WTH?! How on earth am I ever going to choose just 13 books??

Well, somehow I managed (after sadly apologizing to the others before crossing them off the list). So here it is guys, my 13 top reads of 2013. Enjoy!! Xx (Mind you, they are in no particular order as it was hard enough choosing 13!)

  1. Ten Tiny Breaths- KA Tucker
    I fell in love with the cover, and then I fell in love with the story. Ten Tiny Breaths was a very emotional, but beautiful story about a young woman’s struggle to overcome tragedy. My heart ached for poor Kacey and then cheered when she was finally able to have her happy ending.
  1. If You Stay- Courtney Cole
    I LOVED Pax. Sure, he was a huge A-hole, but who would honestly be stable after going through what he did? Mila was a little on the goody-two-shoes end for me, but she was just the perfect girl for our dear Pax to fall for.
  1. Salvation (The Captive #4)- Erica Stevens
    I first saw book one (Captured) on Smashwords and randomly checked it out. I was halfway through it by the time I bought the next book and then I pretty much internet stalked Erica to keep up to date with the follow up books. Salvation is the last book and oh lordy it ended just perfect.
  1. Down To You (The Bad Boys #1)- M. Leighton
    One word. Twins. DELICIOUS Twins… Okay, that’s actually two words. This was a funny, steamy read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have actually forgotten to add Cash to my list of book husbands. Oh man…
  1. Hopeless- Colleen Hoover
    Here is another book that had me reaching for tissues. This one had me going through so many emotions and left me wondering how I would feel if I were in Sky’s position. That is one difference between a book I like and a book I love.
  1. While it Lasts- Abbi Glines
    This is by far my favorite book from Ms. Abbi (followed very closely by the Vincent Boys). It was the book I chose when she came to visit Sydney and I lined up to get her autograph. Fan girl moment!!! Is there a real Cage York somewhere in this world???
  1. Falling into You- Jasinda Wilder
    I’m beginning to think I have a serious issue and love books that rip my heart to pieces. This was a beautiful story. I shed some tears and then tried to cover them up with a smile, and then forced myself not to write a long letter to the fabulous Jasinda asking how do I stop the emotional void inside of me now that I’d finished the book.
  1. Don’t Breathe a Word- Jennifer McMahon
    This one is a tough one. I’m still not sure how I feel about books that leave the reader guessing at the end. They don’t always have to have a happy ending but I do like all my questions answered. With that being said, I have this book on my best reads list because it left a big impression (more like scared the bejeezus out of me!) I read it with the light on and made sure my housemate was home, just incase those evil fairies decided to come looking. It was dark, horrifying and unexpected, earning it a spot on my list.
  1. The Clockwork Princess- Cassandra Clare
    Loved, loved, LOVED this series! (Much more than the Mortal Instruments) And this book was the perfect closing chapter. I also have Will Herondale on my list of book husbands, so of course this book was going to make the cut. I found myself crying at the end. I didn’t want it to end and especially the way that it did. My friend had to console me and explain that everyone got a happy ending in a way. But… I think I need tissues writing this.
  1. Wait For You- J. Lynn
    Oh, Cam… Do I need to go into details? I laughed so much through this book but also felt so much for the characters as the issues in this story were very real. Jennifer Armentrout is a brilliant author. I love her work.
  1. Charades- Nyrae Dawn
    Funny, I actually thought to myself while reading this book: I would probably do something similar to what Cheyenne asks Colt to do in this book. Except, knowing my luck, I wouldn’t get a happy ending, haha. The book was cute and even though I may not do mushy- mushy in real life, reading about it is another thing 😀
  1. One Week Girlfriend- Monica Murphy
    Similar to Charades, but the roles are reversed. It was refreshing to see a guy admitting that he needs a girls help. Drew, poor Drew. One Week Girlfriend deals with some sensitive issues that had me feeling a whole heap of different emotions. When I get that involved in a book, it deserves to be on my best reads.
  1. Entwined with you- Sylvia Day
    Ms. Day is, to this day, one of my favorite authors. She writes some amazing stuff! I’ve read many of her books. I want Gideon and love his and Evie’s relationship. As messed up as it is, I’m glad they have each other. I wasn’t sure how I felt finding out that it ended as a cliffhanger. But then I got over it because at the end of the day there is going to be MORE Gideon Cross. Woo hoo!!!

And there you have it guys, my top 13 reads of 2013 (in no particular order). If you want to chat about this or anything else, you can catch me on my Facebook page and Twitter. Thank you Zoe for having me!!! M Xx


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Top 13 Books of 2013 by Cecily Bonney


Today, Cecily will be telling us her Top 13 books of 2013.

Are any of them yours?


My name is Cecily Bonney and I am a total book nerd. I started reading reading books Memorial 2013 and I have read 132 book and here is my top 13 books. I also started a book blog(, yes I was and stil am scared when I write reviews. I have to say that is was so very hard for me, because I have read a lot of books this year. There are more that are just as good as these 13, but they didn’t leave a mark on my heart like these lucky 13 did. So with that being said I will use the words from lucky 13(Touchstone for Play) “Cheers to Memorable Days and Unforgettable Nights”

1.       Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow by: Mary E. Palmerin

This book is very near and dear to my heart. Lyla(the main character) is so beautiful, strong, loving, and many other things. This book helped me grow as a person.(sounds crazy, maybe…but very true) I cried like a baby while reading this story and I loved every page. I am looking forward to book 2.

2.    Going Under by: S. Walden

As soon as you get to page 1 it says “To strong girls everywhere”, WOW. This book is a lot to swallow. I can relate to this story in one for or another. I can tell you that this is such a raw, emotional, nail biting, wanting to beat someone up story. My heart broke for Brooke….for all the Brooke’s of the world.

3.    The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

All I can say is Andrew and Camryn………This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I cried, like sobbing tears. I will forever remember this amazing love story. This book was very inspiring to me. I mean come on…page 1 says “ To lovers and dreamers and anyone who hasn’t truly experienced either”.

4.    The Edge of Always by J.A. Redmerski

J.A. Redmerski I bow down to you 100%!!!!!! This is the best book to end the perfect story. My heart broke for Andrew and Camryn over and over again even in book 1, but I mean come on. I have zero unanswered questions on how their life continues. AND that my friends is why I LOVE this book. Unbelievable writing, right here.

5.    Painted Faces by L.H. Cosway

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to read this story, but I am so glad that I did. Nicholas and Freda are so beautiful, strong, broken, and magnetic. This story to me is all about passion and a rare love/friendship that comes once in a lifetime.

6.    Whatever it Takes by L. Maretta

This book was so well written, it was as if my friend was telling me this story. Emma and Gavin had me on an emotional merry-go-round. I was angry, sad, happy, laughing, and feeling a little violent while reading this story. BUT this book will have you fighting for love and doing whatever it takes…

7.    Remy (Real #3) by Katy Evans

I love me some Remmington Tate aka Riptide. This book to me is more that just a pretty sexy guy. This is about a beautiful broken soul. My heart broke in this book and Remy has me swooning for him for real. I want to go out and save all the Remy’s of the world.

8.    Falling into You by Jasinda Wilder

This book was a total shock to me, would of never guessed the outcome. Nell and Kyle have on of those beautiful first love stories and those are the ones you never forget. But then life happens. I am in love with Colton.(sorry had to say that) The playlist…..fits so perfectly with this story.

9.    Sometimes Never by: Cheryl McIntyre

Hope and Mason help each other discover that sometimes never can become forever…..I have to say that I am so crushing on Mason and I am jealous of Hope. Mason is so the sweetest book boyfriend I have ever had.

10.  Ruin by: Rachel Van Dyken

Wes…Wes…Wes is ummm wow. This book was so intense and I loved every part of it. Just please have tissues with you. That is all I can say.

11.  Beautiful Bastard by: Christina Lauren

Bennett Ryan I heart you. He is all kinds of things I don’t know where to start. And yes while reading this book I was so tweeting the authors about this man. This book had be flushed and wanting lots more.

12.  Chasing Stars by: L.Duarte

This book is so not like all the other books that I have read, trust me. Portia and Will’s story is so beautiful and very inspiring. This story truly made me want to re-evalute my life. When you know your in love you know and there is nothing you can do about it. When you find that special someone, you never let go. OMG I could go on and on…but I wont….read it for yourself J

13.  Touchstone for Play by Sydney Jamesson

This story and all the characters will pull you into their world. You will scream at them, cuddle them, slap them, and love them. Mr. Ayden Stone is my #1 book boyfriend!! I can not get enough of this story him and Elizabeth……are what can I say…….perfect….I need book 3 like NOW!


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Top 13 books of 2013 by Jassie Dela Cruz

women-bookslllToday telling us her Top 13 books of 2013 is my babycakes, Jassie.

Are any of her books on your list?


Top 13 Books for 2013
Without a doubt,
I must read,
all the books
I’ve read about.
See the artworks
hung on hooks,
that I have only,
seen in books.

Love & Misadventure, Lang Leav
This was absolutely the toughest thing one could ask me. Honestly, this was torture, Babycakes!
I’ve weighed this books on how much I could think about it immediately and how it
created an impact to me, sweet! Here you go:
1.      Making Faces – Amy Harmon
HANDS DOWN! Whenever someone asks me what is my favorite read for 2013, it has become a knee-jerk reaction to say: Making Faces. This book was the total grandslam for me – I shed every ugly cry I could have managed. The story was so captivating, the plot was well-thought and honestly, the characters were so real and inspiring. Every emotions and feelings were ineffable and most definitely the book that MUST be read!
2.      Falling: Falling Into You / Falling Into Us – Jasinda Wilder
add-to-goodreads-button3  add-to-goodreads-button3

To this I’m torn. I loved these two books. SUPER! Both were so heartfelt but really dealt on the  acceptance and of romance. Falling Into You was about forgiving one’s self and being able to love again. Then in Falling Into Us, it dealt on family problems – strict parents and broken family but then it also
portrayed the romantic ‘one true love’. So really, I could not just pick one, they were both a different side of moving on, independence and of course, love.

3.      The Edge of Always – J.A. Redmerski

The Edge of Never was my BEST READ for 2012 and the book wherein I met Zoe (Hi
Babycakes!). One thing that enticed me about this book? Roadtrip. I am a sucker for those types of stories and would meet the love of your life alongside of it. The discovery of places without worrying what your destination would be.
Those were not lost at The Edge of Always, now, Andrew and Cam were very much together and they would encounter several bumps along the way. It still managed to capture what it had at the previous book and made me seat back, relax and just travel.

4.      One to Hold – Tia Louise

That was the first thing that popped my head. I was consumed by this book and I
read it at one-sitting. It was short yet it was jammed-pack with details and
its story. I loved the protagonist, Melissa, as she fought what was her right,
the depiction of vulnerability and of strength that was awesome. But that aside, the romance aspect was just steamy and the sexual tension was so  powerful, it was about to combust right there and then. And the writing, it was crisp, clear and real – it was written to be felt.

5.      Tangled – Emma Chase

What can I say about this one? The POV won me and I was able to delve into the Wicked mind of a man. Then the humor was totally there. I had my fair share of laughter, swear words and of course, the jerk-ness of a guy who needed to feel superior, strong and non-caring. It was a story about a guy who fell in love and he just did not know what to do. This was such a breath of fresh air and for ladies who wanted to read what was in a guy’s mind.

6.      Cinderella Screwed Me Over – Cindi Madsen

I just love this story! It had humor and detailed story about it. What literally
won me over: The Case Studies. Oh don’t get me wrong these case studies were
about Darby’s exes whom she compared with the Princes on the fairytales we grew up with. She had two-thumbs up proofs! But then she met this one guy whom she almost lost because she kept on finding a fault about him that she was not able to see the real him. It was a fun read and for those hopeless romantic; or for anyone looking for an  enjoyable read.

7.      The Blackstone Affair: Eyes Wide Open – Raine Miller

ETHAN BLACKSTONE. Would that be enough? It should be. He was like this ultimate megalomaniac ever but at Eyes Wide Open, I saw the real Ethan and how he was under Brynne’s spell. That was why I could not wait for their baby (2014. 2014. 2014. Last book)! Refer back to the quote I used, it made me feel that here.
Brynne was like this art – precious and treasured. I was completely fixated with
the drama, bad guys and all intense romance. And art also have its special place in me, the feeling to appreciate it even with the perplexing thought of what the piece of art was.

8.      The Bad Boys Series: Everything for Us – M. Leighton

CASH AND NASH. Oh my heart, I love Cash. And Nash. Both. Okay, Cash. Okay, first things first: they were twins. In the first book we knew there were two but
during the whole Book it was only one person; in the second, the twin showed
up. I love Cash, he was this perfect man – flexible, powerful, intelligent and
strategic. I loved a Lawyer in a book (I am bias with my background). But I
should not be side-tracked. The last book, about Nash (yes, I loved Cash but Nash has some things on his sleeve) was just like a constant bomb-dropping moment. Marissa was a great lawyer but it was just not how she was. She did that to prove herself to her father, please him and all that. But with Nash, she was able to let go and their happily-ever after was the perfect conclusion to the series. With the fire of their passion and love never wavering from the very start ‘til the end.

9.      Breathe Series: Breathless – Rachel Brookes

I love Rachel’s writing style – detailed and entrancing. That was why I loved Breathless more; it showed Tate’s character without it being less of a man. It showed a strong, confused yet fragile man who loves unconditionally. Actually, Unconditionally by Katy Perry kept on messing with my head whenever I remember Breathless. I loved Just Breathe, it was just that, Breathless was thoroughly focused on Tate and his emotions and I was greedy for every moment in it. I felt the character, the story; with the feeling of being dazed (in a good way, like hypnotized to read it all) while reading.

10.  Losing It Series: Finding It – Cora Carmack

I did mention I was a sucker for roadtrips, right? Well, traveling in particular.
I love different destinations and in this book, I was given the chance to country-hop. As much as I loved the awkwardness at Losing It and the somehow
seriousness at Faking it; Finding It showed me a book where I could totally
relate. I just finished college and I do am taking a year off though I am a bum
and not as productive as Kelsey in the story, I felt her as a character. Lost and waiting for that path where I could be passionate about. The whole travelling really was enthralling and the love that brewed with connection and time. Worth a read, I swear.

11.  Cancer-themed books: What’s Left of
Me – Amanda Maxlyn / No Attachments – Tiffany King

I think I am a masochist of sorts, cancer-themed novel, really? Yet these books were inspiring and luminous. Did I just write that? Luminous? Yeah, I did. It really was. Both the heroines on the books had cancer and they were seeking normalcy in their life. Even for just a bit. I loved how What’s Left of Me showed all the procedures and effects of the intakes a cancer patient feels but also depicted a true and blissful romance (constant swoon over Parker). Then at No Attachments, the bucketlist of Ash and how she had fallen for Nathan. As much as both craved for normality, the romance it had was downright real, raw and genuine (both guys did not know about the girls’s cancer).

12.  YA reads: Eleanor & Park – Rainbow
Rowell / How to Love – Katie Cotugno
Again, with the torn feeling. Both dealt on first love. Eleanor & Park was just in nostalgia side and of course, in its high school setting; though I liked how it worked on friendship and to falling in love. Then at How to Love, it was much deeper – faced with issues of teen pregnancy, family (and sort of community – since they lived in a small community) with the look of disappointment and humiliation towards you, then the father of your unborn child left – no goodbyes (or that was what she thought). How to Love also had that nostalgia but there was alternate past and present happenings but all in all it showed how a person could accept, forgive, learn to be independent but mostly, to love again. Still, both were a standalone and had the feeling of wonder: “What happens next?” without the cliffhanger.
13.  Love & Misadventure – Lang Leav
I thought it was obvious by the way I used the quote above. I did save the best
for last. Sometimes I write poetry and sometimes you just don’t know what it
meant because you wrote it when you were overwhelmed by an emotion of some
sorts. But in this book, it was a collection of poetry one could relate; it was
sort of a journey in its way and very enjoyable. Short, indirect or direct, emotions on the go.

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