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My 2013


2013 has had its ups and down as does any year and at times I have felt so down that I didn’t know what to do, but you know what, I got back up and that is down to all my amazing friends – both in real life and online.

I have met some unbelievably awesome people thanks to Twitter. I have found my twinnie, besties, and close friends thanks to my love of books. I have read books that will always have a place in my heart (along with conjugating an enormous amount of book boyfriends to last me a lifetime!) and been encouraged to write my own book!

I’ve also been able to meet up with a few of my twitter friends in London for the London Author Event back in November and it was the best day I’ve had in a while…i got to meet some of my favourite authors and i got to meet my besties and my twinnie. Counting down the months was a killer but i was so excited and nervous when the day came that it went perfect and i miss them all so much! Here is to the Edinburgh Book Signing in July!! WOOP WOOP.

I got a new job, leaving retail behind and i am actually happy in this job. I moved out (albeit i am moving back home next year to save money) but i got my independence back, i got to live closer to my best friends and have the time of my life living away from home yet again. I’ve had more laughs, eventful nights out, made new friends and learned to embrace being single…WHO needs a guy?! 😉

Last NYE i was at my parents, watching the countdown in my room and this year i am going to my friends house to celebrate with all my amazing friends!

I have dyed my hair pink, i have lost weight, i have become more confident and it’s all down to YOU (and yano, a little of me too! hahah)

I hope everyone has/had an amazing NYE with lots of alcohol and music and friends and celebrates hailing in 2014 in style!


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Don’t You Forget About Me – Alexandra Potter


After a bad break up, doesn’t every girl want the same things?

* For her ex-boyfriend to stay single forever…
* Or maybe emigrate, to a remote, uninhabited island?
* Better still, that she’d never met him in the first place!

But what if one of those wishes came true?

Tess is heartbroken when Seb breaks up with her and can’t help blaming herself. If only she’d done things differently. If only she could make right all her regrets… But she can’t. It’s over. She has to forget about him. Drunk and upset on New Year’s Eve she wishes she’d never met him.

But when she wakes up to discover this dream has come true, she realises she has a chance. To do it all over again. And to get it right this time…


My Review

HEY, look guys! I’ve actually reviewed a ChickLit after books and books of smut. It’s actually felt good to get my mind off sex for a while and just delve into fluffy love with a happy ending!

Tess is left heartbroken when her boyfriend Seb dumps her. It’s been two months, one week and three days since they have been apart and she thinks and misses him every single day; asking herself What If’s.

Its New Years Eve and Tess, after deleting Seb off Facebook and feeling sorry for herself after reading all the happy Facebook status’ from her friends, she goes to a party with her flatmate and makes a wish that she had never met Seb, so she doesn’t have to deal with the pain of being so in love with him but not having him.

I really did sympathize with Tess at the beginning. Missing someone who you still love is definitely one of the worst emotions to overtake us. It’s true what she said – you can be fine one minute, not thinking about him to all of a sudden your thoughts are overtaken with thinking of him and your relationship with what ifs?

Tess wakes up the next morning with a dirty, tequila hangover and sets about making it right. Spotting Seb in the local starbucks and him looking straight through her catches her off guard and rushing home, she tells Fiona about who she just saw to have Fiona tell her she doesn’t know a Seb. This happens with her Mother and Grandfather too and Tess is confused over how they can forget him – they were together for a year!

But it all makes sense when she remembers what happened New Years Eve and now, she’s going on another ‘first date’ with Seb at the very same pub they went to the first time around. What on earth is going to happen? Is the relationship going to end the same way it did previous, or will Tess make changes along the way?

I have to say, Tess was such a character. I loved reading about her. I understood her reasoning for wanting to make sure everything was perfect the second time around – she loved Seb and wanted to be with him but to fake being herself just so she could have Seb wasn’t the best way to go about it. But to be fair, she did see what she was doing down the line and made it all right in the end. She spent so long wanting to be with Seb, that she completely missed what was right in front of her.

Many may disagree, but I wasn’t so fond of Seb. Although he sounds really hot; he’s American, exercises, has a great job and great teeth, I just wasn’t feeling him although we do share a love of Star Wars! Tess makes him out to be a saint; but I really didn’t warm to him at all. I was eagerly anticipating Fergus’s return every page because I REALLY LIKED HIM! He was a confident Irish man, but he did have a vulnerable side to him and he was so nice to Tess; they had a great friendship which you saw evolve throughout the book.

The other characters I really loved were her grandfather – he’s the type of grandparent you want – fun, loud, doesn’t seem to have grown up – just a fantastic addition to the book. Her boss Sir Richard – he really seemed to help Tess out, especially as bitchy Wendy was, well a bitch to her all the time and Fiona, her flatmate. Although she did annoy me at times, trying to be someone she wasn’t, she was always there for Tess and Tess was always there for her. A perfect  friendship.

The storyline was a great factor to the book. I have never read anything along these lines before.

So I pose, if you could redo your last relationship, would you? I don’t think I would at all. I go by the motto ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and someone out there, is the right guy for me, so why waste looking back on the past when you should be concentrating on the present.

Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The synopsis instantly drew me in and I loved reading Tess’s story. The ending was perfect too, and the one line I absolutely loved at the end was “Don’t we have a date? ‘Next New Years Eve, my sofa or yours?’”