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MANCANDY MONDAY!! The place where the hot guys go.


Every Monday, Blame It On The Book Lovers will be discussing their favourite book boyfriend of that week in a new meme called MANCANDY MONDAY!

We all love book boyfriends, so Man Candy Monday is all about sharing the love…and the hot guys around by letting everyone know the book boyfriend you have been swooning over this last week, and why!

Once you’ve posted your mancandy on your own blog, come back and post the link. We all want to know WHO your mancandy is this week and swoon right along with you.

This week The Book Lovers is featuring Dean Holder from the AMAZING Hopeless/Losing Hope books by Colleen Hoover

600full-dean-geyerMy Holder is the beautiful Mr Dean Geyer.

When I first read Hopeless, it instantly moved onto my Favorites list and then I read Losing Hope and that shot up the list too.

Holder is my mancandy this monday and i could talk about him all day long, why he’s just amazing, why i love him, why hes a top book boyfriend but if i babble on then this will just become a shrine to him and although that would totally be awesome, you would get bored. So instead, I’ll TRY to keep it short, but I can;t exactly promise anything to you.

So Holder *sigh*. I loved him the instant he appeared in Hopeless and my love for him just kept growing throughout the book. His life hasnt been the greatest. He blames himself for losing Hope when they were younger and he’s been holding onto finding her since then. When he spots Sky, he’s drawn to her, thinking she is Hope and then he just cant stay away from her.

He’s intense, he blows hot and cold but he’s also perfect in a broken way. He’s not afraid to express his feelings and the instant chemistry between he and Sky, well he could never have imagined to fall for a girl so fast but he was captivated.

He seemed to know what to say in the darkest of moments and also in the lightest. He’s not like any boy I’ve ever known and it was such a relief to read about a guy who felt so many emotions and had me hanging on his every word. He just knew what to do and say to make Sky and himself try to forget everything that was going on and he would do anything for her.

“I live you Sky…I live you so much”

Holder, as I’ve mentioned has gone through so many thing in his life. He’s lost Les and Hope, he feels guilty because of it, that he cant forgive himself. But with Sky, they both learn to fall in love, Holder slowly learn to forgive himself and his sister, learn that he can breathe again and that Sky is the end game for him. She’s everything to him and he can’t and will never lose her again. It would kill him.

You really will not know Holder until you read losing Hope. There is so much more to him so PLEASE read both Hopeless and Losing Hope and find out yourself why Holder should be on you BBF list.

Dean-dean-geyer-31843183-369-355Because we all love a bit of shirtless Geyer.


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Guys who read books are hot.

Got to love Ryan Gosling
Got to love Ryan Gosling

So I follow this blog called ‘Thought Catalog’ on wordpress. Some articles I enjoy, others…well not so much.

But strolling down on my Facebook page (Yes, I follow them on FB too), I came across an article they linked up from their site called ‘Reading Is Sexy which is about women who love men who read.

To me, I find it highly attractive if I spot of guy on the bus, on the train (Which is basically my second home) or just anywhere where I can see a book or a kindle in their hands, them engrossed in what they are reading. Reading is something I have loved to do since I was younger, and I am still completely hooked on reading; hence why I set up this blog.

Reading is important to me and going into publishing is something I want to pursue as a career, so if my partner loves reading as much as me, then it would definitely be a match made in heaven.

I agree with this part of the article: If I find a guy who doesn’t particularly likes reading, then it’s going to be hard. I like to talk about books, I spend a lot of time curled up in bed, kindle in hand, tissues at my side, completely engrossed in my books, getting attached to the plot and characters. I feel their emotions; I cry, I laugh, I smile and I’d love to share that with my other half. (I’m single atm.)

Sure we’d read different books, but it would be great to talk to one another about our books. About the plot, the characters, what we think is going to happen. We can journey through the books together.

Guys who read books are sexy. They are hot. And I would love to find one who shares my passion among other things too.

So what about you fellow readers, are you attracted to guys who read or are you not too bothered, rather having the time alone to get read your book? Let me know.

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The Night Before Christmas – Scarlett Bailey


All Lydia’s ever wanted is a perfect Christmas…

So when her oldest friends invite her to spend the holidays with them, it seems like a dream come true. She’s been promised log fires, roasted chestnuts, her own weight in mince pies – all in a setting that looks like something out of a Christmas card.

But her winter wonderland is ruined when she finds herself snowed in with her current boyfriend, her old flame and a hunky stranger. Well, three (wise) men is traditional at this time of year..


My Review

I received this as a Christmas present from my grandparents last year and as I was going through my final year of university, the only time I had to read it was during my half hour breaks from my part-time work – which was one day a week.

It took me a while to get into the book, but when I did, I loved the storyline and the fact it revolved around Christmas, even though i was reading it in February.

The book mainly centres on Lydia with different stories interlinking with hers. Lydia and her boyfriend Stephen are off to spend Xmas with her friends at Katy and Jim’s new house, which they have converted into a B&B and hoping that after Xmas, they will be ready to open the doors to the B&B.

With all her friends under one roof, including her current boyfriend and her old flame, Jack (who never met her friends) who is now going out with her friend, but seems to still have feeling for Lydia.

Caught in a dilemma, she’s even more stuck with the boiler blinks out after they are snowed in and the local handyman, Will, treks through the snow to try and fix it. She now has to figure out who and what she wants and quickly because Stephan is going to propose soon.

I never liked Stephen and thought Lydia was actually too good for him. I loved her fling with Jack but when he left and she was left distraught, to not get in touch to tell her why he went – now that’s not on and to then want her after all those years. Tut tut. And then there is Will who I took an instant liking to.

There are fights between lovers and friends, playtime in the snow with the kids, drunken times and friendships, all with Christmas as a background. It was a great read and I loved who Lydia got together with, especially as the ending took place a year later and what happened was so romantic that it’s such a nice, fluffy, Christmas read. And since its coming up to Christmas – I know, two months away – it’s time to get your hands on this book and get into the Christmas spirit.