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Favourite soundtrack: Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift – The Hunger Games

Okay, so over the weekend I went to watch Catching Fire and I am absolutely besotted with this series, with the books and the films (so far) (Despite the face the first film sucked ass). Book two – Catching Fire obvs – is my favourite of the series. To see it on screen, oh god, although knowing what was coming, it was still so stressful to watch and seeing the fog and the monkeys and that ending…holy crap, i was crying. SERIOUSLY though, get your ass to a cinema and watch it now!!

I love the soundtrack to both films, but I think this song is the one for me. The one that I had on repeat for weeks and now the second film is out, I have become obsessed with it yet again.

What is your favourite movie soundtrack?

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Books to Movies: Catching Fire Trailer!

THIS is what I have been waiting for for months and THIS was revealed last night. AAAHHHH! How much do you wish it was November now that you have seen this trailer? YAY! More Peeta ❤ This is my favourite book out of the series and from this trailer, it looks like its going to be a bloody good one!