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BOOK TOUR: Fall from Love – Heather London

FallFromLoveTourBannerToday is The Book Lover’s stop on the Fall From Love book tour. I will be sharing my review with you.



Struggling to put her life back together after a tragic mountaineering accident kills her college sweetheart, twenty-one-year-old Holly Treadwell is trying to set aside her grief, forge ahead in school, and find herself again.

When Carter Hansen, a guy who brings back horrible memories from the night of the accident, finds his way back into her life, Holly’s unsure if she should let him in. He terrifies her in more ways than one and invokes feelings in her that she thought were buried forever. Regardless of her fears, she knows she must face him in order for her heart to heal.

Everyone tells Carter that what happened on the mountain that night was just a terrible accident, but even then, he can’t help but carry around the guilt and is unable to forgive himself. He’s drawn to Holly and being near her helps ease his conscience and gives him the release he needs.

As Holly and Carter’s relationship grows, they begin to realize that the more time they spend with one another, the more their wounds begin to heal—her grief and his guilt. But when Holly learns the details about the night of the accident—what everyone has been keeping from her—it will rip open old wounds and tear apart what they’ve both worked so hard to overcome…

4 /5 stars



My Review

If Holly could rewind that night, she would have never let college sweetheart walk out the door. That night changed everything and since her boyfriend died after a tragic mountaineering accident, she is struggling to put her life back together. With the help of her best friend Jenna, she is trying to put her grief aside and get on with her life. But it’s just hard.

Carter Hansen was with Holly’s boyfriend the night of his death. He brings back horrible memories from that night but he finds a way back into Holly’s life. He just wants to know shes okay and he wants her to know the truth about that night too. Although she doesn’t want anything to dowith him, the more time they have to spend together, the more they become friends. He evokes felings in her she thought she’d never feel, but shes scared.

Carter has seen more death in his life than he should have and even though everyone tells him that night wasn’t his fault, he can’t help but feel guilt and he can’t forgive himself. He needs to forgive himself but he needs Holly to understand the truth of that night first.

What happens when their relationship grows, their wounds begin to heal but Holly finds out about that night? That everyone knew apart from her? Will it tear Holly and Carter apart?

When I saw Fall From Love was having a tour, I literally signed up that very moment. I had read the synopsis and had wanted to read the book asap. As soon as it was gifted to me, that was it. I HAD to read it. I was pulled in from the very first page and from then on, I was sucked in and had to get to the end, to know what was going to happen and see the journey that Holly (and Carter) take, along and together.

Ms. London has a way in which she captivates you within the fiction world. She wrote characters in which you care for. You feel for them, whether it’s to smack them across the head, cry for them, want to give advice or want to be their friend, I felt this way with Holly. Wanting to help her through everything she was feeling, wanting to get her to open her eyes, but then I felt the same with Carter too.

You really do go through the motions. You cry, laugh, swoon, want to beat them around the head, want to shout, throw your kindle down, have your own heart aching, but I love these emotions. It made the book and the pain of what Holly and Carter had been through real.

Carter – I loved him. I can’t reiterate how much I loved reading about him. He’s broken, having known so much about death in his 22 years. He has guilt pouring through him, he has pain pouring through him and since that night of Adam’s death, all hes wanted to do was protect Holly. His caring side showing through. Wanting to make sure she was okay, wanting to save her really from the grief that overtook.

Although consumed with pain, feelings shone through Carter. Feelings that he didn’t really understand but feelings that he welcomed, even if he couldn’t share them. He was a great character, he was funny and sweet and vulnerable too.  You wanted to help take away the pain, be there for him, be his friend, be his girlfriend. Help him through the night of Adam’s death that he held onto so badly.

But he was a dipstick at times. He wanted Holly, he wanted her more than a friend but he was scared. Scared of losing her, of losing her if things didn’t work out and scared of telling her the truth. You just wanted to smack him across the head and tell him that Holly wanted him too and to just go for it. You could see the confliction go through him. He had lost so much and if he lost Holly too, it would kill him. The journey he takes, you see him forgive himself, fall in love and revert back to his old self, the person who is happy and loved up. It was a great sight to see.

I loved Holly and her journey. You see her retreating, and rightly so when her boyfriend Adam dies. You see the pain, the grief, the longing for him to be there with her. She just can’t get over the fact that one night he was there, and the next he was gone. Ripped from her. Her pain eats her up.

Her journey is a tough one. She takes it day by day. Some days are good, some are bad, but she proceeds to try and get over her grief with the help of her best friend Jenna and Carter. You see her become stronger day by day, fall in love with Carter, but shes petrified of her feelings. Her feelings for Carter and scared about losing him, as he is too.

There is such a strong connection between them, that they try to ignore it, but they both feel it. With the help of loved ones, she finally breaks down the barrier she has up, she lets go of her pain and the grief she holds onto and although she will always love Adam, she loves Carter. When a certain situation happens, you see just how much she loves him, going to him, waiting for him and showing him that he won’t lose her.

I loved watching her grow, loved watching her become herself again, finding herself, finding love and becoming the strong girl she used to be.

There love was a slow build up. From friends, to best friends, to lovers. It was great to see their relationship move slowly, getting to know one another, falling in love over time. Nothing was rushed, it was taken at a steady pace and even though there were so hiccups along the way, everything turns out fine in the end. Everything is sorted out and they finally succumb to their feelings, after shying away and hiding them for so long. Afraid to change what they had together.

My favourite scene includes Carter and Holly. It involves a night when Carter is mountain rescuing and Holly is freaking out. I’m not going to say anything else about what happens, but it’s a pivotal point between these two and one that changes their whole relationship. For the better or for worse? That is something that you need to read to find out yourself 😉

Jenna and Josh (Carters bff) are amazing secondary characters…okay they aren’t so secondary as they are literally a foursome, they all do everything together. They are so cute and funny together, you can see the love they have for one another and for their respecitive best friend. Jenna is awesome, she is always there for Holly, through thick and thin and she will do whatever she can to make sure Holly can get through Adam’s death and slowly convert back into the old Holly, the one who was full of life. She’s there to help her heal. Josh is the same with Carter. Carter and Josh have been best buds since they were little and have been through so much together. Both friends just want to see their friends happy….with each other as its obvious that Holly and Carter want one another. They say the best things to push them together and I loved Josh and Jenna, together, in their relationship and as friends to the two.

Fall From Love is an emotional journey. A journey of grief, friendship, love and overcoming your past to focus on your present and future. It truly was a great book to read, and I would recommend it to all you lovely people to grab your copy and become engrossed within the story of Carter and Holly. It’s definitely real and heart-clenching and a book that should be read by everyone.

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ARC: Levitiating las Vegas – Jennifer Echols


Nothing up her sleeves…or so she’s been led to believe.

Showgirl Holly Starr is sick and tired of assisting her dad, a celebrity magician, in his Las Vegas casino magic show. As soon as he keeps his promise to her and shares the secrets to his tricks, she can break out on her own. But can she really make it? For years Holly has taken medication to stave off crazy hallucinations that she can levitate objects. Just when she thinks she’s ready to make a career and a life for herself, her medicine—and her luck—run out.

Elijah Brown suffers from a similar delusion—that he can read minds—and he’s out of medicine too. Determined to save himself and his old flame Holly, he kidnaps her and takes her straight to the source, a town high in the Rockies where their medicine is made. What they discover there leads them to suspect their powers are not imaginary after all…and neither is the intense attraction they feel for each other.

They make a pact to stick together as they return to Vegas to confront the people who kept them in the dark so long. But soon they’re pitting their powers against each other in a dangerous world where the nightlife is seductive, domination is addictive, the sex is beyond belief…and falling in love is murder.

2/5 stars
Release date:
7th May 2013add-to-goodreads-button3

My Review

*Thanks to Edelweiss and the publishers for approving me for a EArc copy of Levitating Las Vegas in return for an honest opinion*

What if you had been lied to for seven years? Told you had a mental illness, forced to take tablets everyday and told never to tell anyone? That is exactly what Molly and Elijah were told to do at just 14 years old.

At 21, Holly Starr is fed up of assisting her dad, a celebrity magician at his casino show. She wants to break free and be the stay of her own show, if only he would spill his tricks to her. For years she had taken medication to keep the crazy hallucinations away that she can levitate objects but what happens when she thinks shes ready to make a life and career for herself? And what happens when shes taken off her medication and finds out shes been lied to about her illness for seven years.

Elijah Brown is also on the same medication as Holly. Suffering from a similar delusion – he can read minds and when he runs out of medicine, he believes he’s going crazy. Finding out that his old flame Holly has MAD too, and shes about to run out of medicine, he believes the only way to save them both, is to kidnap her and take her to where they make the medicine. But on the way, what they find out and discover is that they may very well have powers that have been hidden from them for seven years…and that their feelings for one another had never gone away.

But having these powers leads them into dangerous territories and as they plan to stick together and confront everyone who kept them from their powers and each other for so long can only lead them into the hands of the people who want them; want to pit them against each other in a dangerous world where dominance, sex and falling in love can lead to disastrous consequences.

I was so excited when I got approved to read Levitating Las Vegas. Ever since I had read the synopsis, I added it to my TBR list and willed the days until it was released. When I found it on Edelwiess, I took a chance, requested it and got approved.

But, and this is a big but, because I LOVE Jennifer Echols books, I was disappointed in it. I loved the concept of two teenagers having powers, only to be told they didn’t and had to take this tablet every day and tell no one about their illness, until they are taken off it and realize everything they had been told was a lie and they did have powers.

I just felt that it dragged all the way up until the last 20% where my attention spiked because there was a ‘battle’ and secrets came out from some of the characters, where I was uhming and ahhing about them. I willed myself to want to like it, I wanted to, desperately and I powered through. But books normally take me 1-2 days to read, this took me nearly a week. (add in the fact I was ill too, but I still read a couple of pages) – I just suppose it wasn’t the book for me in the end.

I had a love/hate relationship with Holly and Elijah. You can pretty much tell they are the done deal for one another, even in their teens as the book begins seven years in the past when they are 14. But once their parents find out they are going on a date to their school prom, they stop them immediately and tell them to never see each other again. That is where everything starts for them and that is when they ‘discover’ their power, only to have their parents tell them they have MAD.

Fast forward seven years and they haven’t seen each other, even though they both work at the casino. As ive mentioned, Eljiah finds out Holly has MAD too and after running out of pills, he asks Holly for one. This starts the back and forth relationship these two didn’t have in high school, thus starting it now. To me, there wasn’t really any romance linked with these two, although to them, they are the real deal. They are just dangerous to one another as they could and most probably at some point manipulate each other with their powers, but they don’t want to. They want to just be normal, as they can be, together, but of course, it’s going to be hard, as Elijah can hear her thoughts and she can strangle, push him away, and move him etc with her mind.

The two of them really did have a turbulent relationship and the powers did not help that at all. One minute they were fine together, the next they were fighting and storming off (well, Holly was). They were all over the place and i suppose can you really blame them? They really liked each other in school but were forced to stay away, then they get together 7 years later, only for her parents to want her to stay away again, add in their powers and you do get a messed up relationship, where their love is powerful but their powers are dangerous. Its a lot to handle I’d expect for both of them, seeing as neither had been in a relationship, nor less, intimate with anyone else in that time span. But one thing that I do know about these two, was that they would go to hell and earth to save one another.

The Rez is mentioned throughout the book, but its not until the last 20% that you finally get to see exactly what it is. You do get brief outlines as to what goes on there and why you should never want to be a part of that ‘crowd’ as they use your powers against you and your loved one, as you get to see in the final parts of the book. It’s not a good or nice place to end up.

I did enjoy all the powers, that being said. The mind readers, the mind changers and the levitators. I liked how all the characters involved at something different and how they used them, even if some used it for the wrong reasons, Holly and Elijah wanted to use theirs for the good, not to be sucked in by the danger of the Rez, who will do anything to have they both and pit their powers against one another. They know they have to stand strong but what happens when one of them is taken?

Although I wasn’t a big fan of Elijah (Or Holly), the one thing is did do near the end proved just how much he loved Holly that he was willing to sacrifice something so big for her, so she would be let go and they couldn’t manipulate his mind-reading power and hers. Although it wasn’t her fault she was acting that way, she was being controlled, I really did feel for him doing what he did, just to save her.

So yeah, I’m going to say that what Elijah did was my favourite part of the book. Although I cant tell you what he did, as it will be a big spoiler, but if you want to find out, read the book when it comes out on May 7th.

I’m giving it a 2. I winced as I wrote that. A two because the last 20% I liked and because the concept of the story was a good one, but it just needed more for me. I’m sure other people may very well love this book, but it took every inch to try and keep my attention, plus, I’m not sure if there is a second book, but there needs to be because there are a few things that were left unsaid and need to be rectified, such as WHAT was going to happen right at the end. It seemed to just be left hanging.

I DO love Jennifer Echols books, Just a Rush is one of my favourites, but Levitating Las Vegas, I’m sorry, but it’s not for me. I’m not saying this to put you off, because this is my opinion of the book, and as we all know, we all have very different tastes, so if you are looking forward to this book, don’t beat it down and never read it because of me, because you may very well love it.

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Twelve Days of Christmas – Trisha Ashley


Christmas has always been a sad time for young widow Holly Brown, so when she’s asked to look after a remote house on the Lancashire moors, the opportunity to hide herself away is irresistible – the perfect excuse to forget about the festivities.

Sculptor, Jude Martland, is determined that this year there will be no Christmas after his brother runs off with his fiancée and he is keen to avoid the family home. However, he will have to return by Twelfth Night, when the hamlet of Little Mumming hold their historic festivities and all of his family are required to attend.

Meanwhile, Holly is finding that if she wants to avoid Christmas, she has come to the wrong place. When Jude unexpectedly returns on Christmas Eve he is far from delighted to discover that Holly seems to be holding the very family party he had hoped to avoid.

Suddenly, the blizzards come out of nowhere and the whole village is snowed in. With no escape, Holly and Jude get much more than they bargained for – it looks like the twelve days of Christmas are going to be very interesting indeed!


My Review

Amazon always recommends me really great books to read so when it recommended Twelve Days Of Christmas and seeing as the book had a sort of The Holiday-esque feel to it, I knew I had to download it and give it a read. The Holiday, is after all, my favourite Christmas film, so if a book channels that film into it, then I thought it must be a great read.

Twelve Days of Christmas is about Holly. She’s a widower who doesn’t celebrate Christmas due to her Grandma’s Strange Baptist upbringing and the death of her husband. During the summer she is a chef and during the winter months she house-sits, so when her agency calls her up last minute about a house sitting job in the remote Lancashire moors, she takes the opportunity. All she wants is to hide away in the isolated countryside of this house and it’s the perfect excuse to forget about all the festivities of Christmas.

Thing is, she’s come to the wrong house if she wants to avoid Christmas. This family of the guy’s house she is watching over live down the road and they absolutely love Christmas. They go out of their way to celebrate it, with all the trimmings and food. Being snowed in with the whole family, Holly has no choice but to celebrate with them, seeing as they think of her as ‘part of the family’ even though they hardly know her. But maybe, just being surrounded by people she is starting to care for, can bring her out in the Christmas spirit? Especially when the guy, Jude comes back home…

I have to say, that it took me quite a while to get into the book. I’m not sure why, as many books I have read I am instantly attached to them and read them in a night, but with this book, it took me days. I really didn’t want to give up on reading it, mainly because of The Holiday feel to it, so I trudged on until FINALLY it became hard to put it down. I think it was because it involved way too much detail on everything that is written. To be honest, I skimmed those parts as I really didn’t care for the carpets or the rooms etc. Being so heavily committed to explaining things like that stopped me into wanting to read those parts, hence the skipping.

I did eventually become drawn into the story. I liked the phone calls with Jude and Holly. They made me laugh at how infuriating they both made each other; even though they had never met and ‘never would’ because Holly would be gone before he’d arrive home. The whole family were very welcoming of Holly, treating her as one of their own, which I adored as Christmas isn’t something that Holly celebrates, but they bring it out in her and she actually feels content celebrating and being around these people when she had hid away for years during the holiday.

All the characters were great to read. I loved Jess – the teenager – she was so much fun to read and Noel, he was a great character. So caring and welcoming towards Holly. I actually did really like Jude from the start – I could see he was a bit anxious about a new person looking after his house when the couple who were meant to have looked after it for years, but when he does make an appearance, he stole my heart and the bickering still continued between Holly and him, but it all just added to the story and their chemistry – which everyone could see apart from Holly.

The one person who stole the book for me was Merlin, the dog. He was such a cutie, so loyal towards Holly and Jude, even though Jude is his owner, he loved being around Holly too and felt conflicted over whom to go to when they weren’t both in the same room. I don’t have a dog myself, but if I did, I would want it to be Merlin, because he’s a sweetie!

At the start of each chapter is an extract from Holly’s Nan’s diary, which slips in well with the storyline and the family she is hosting for. It made sense and it was a nice addition to the book that you got to kind of see both sides to both families.

I know parts of this review seem a bit critical and I have to admit, it is my first review where I have criticised the book. I never normally do because I become attached to the book instantly, but I had to say that it didn’t come until over 100 pages. I could have easily put the book down and placed it in my ‘Did Not finish’ shelve, but albeit, as much as it took a while, I did eventually get to become attached to the story in the end. I know it focuses on food a bit too much, and it did get tedious, but I would have loved to try everything Holly made as it sounded delicious.

If you’re looking for a Christmas book including food and family, then this book is for you. Just because it took me a while to get into it, doesn’t mean you want become engrossed immediately. But I did enjoy it when I read more pages and it truly is a splendid book to read.

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Lawful Escort – Tina Folsom


A take on a Pretty Woman romance.

Daniel works too hard and rarely plays. But when he has to travel to San Francisco and needs an escort for a social event, the beautiful Sabrina shows up on his doorstep. Suddenly work is forgotten.

Little does he know that Sabrina isn’t an escort, but is substituting for her roommate.

Their encounter quickly turns steamy until lies threaten to destroy their passionate affair.


My Review

Daniel has just broken up with his cheating girlfriend and sacked his attorney just before he was due to fly out to San Francisco to buy out a company in one of the biggest deals of his company. He has to attend a dinner and he knows that without Audrey – the cheating ex, he will be hounded by gold-diggers, so in turn, he makes his friend Tim hire an escort for the evening to ward off all the unwelcome women. But when faced with Sabrina, the ‘escort’ his mesmerized by her and all his plans change throughout the night.

Holly is an escort, and as she’s on the verge of being sacked, it’s unfortunate for her to fall sick at a time where she’s needed for a job. She talks her best friend and roommate Sabrina into pretending to be her for the night. Sabrina reluctantly agrees to play ‘Holly’ for the night, as she will never see the guy again anyway and she hasn’t been on a date or had sex for 3 years, after an embarrassing stint with a guy and Youtube.

Daniel was a strong character. He wasn’t even that fazed when he caught his girlfriend cheating as he is a total workaholic, having not taken even a day off for years. He chose work over sex every time and knew Audrey wasn’t the right girl for him; she just wanted to hang off his arm and be in the papers.  In the book he said ‘maybe the right girl just isn’t born yet?” or maybe he just hadn’t found the right one yet?

Sabrina is a successful attorney and is being harassed by her boss. As much as she wants to report him, she knows it will end up with her being sacked and not him, so she keeps her mouth shut, even though it’s getting worse. As someone who is afraid to get close and trust a man, it took a lot of convincing for her to pretend to be Holly for the night, but by god, she decided right.

Just the meeting you know that they had the chemistry and even though Daniel thought she was an escort, he wanted her regardless and would do anything to keep her. The affair turns into love in about two days, but it was totally believable because they were so in sync and attracted to each other, every little touch sparked fire inside them and you knew they were made for each other.

But as books go and the characters fall for each other, things go wrong and it’s up to Daniel to try and make things better. The things he did were so sweet and that massage, seriously? He can give me one anytime because that was sexual tension on a biiiiig plate!

The big surprise between Tim and Holly had me gasping because I was not expecting that at all. And although they tried to do well, I could see why Sabina was extremely upset with Holly by it. But all good that ends well. Was a nice, little, sexed-filled and story-filled book.