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Guest Book Reviewer slots


The Book Lovers are looking for guest book reviewers to be featured on the site.

You get free rein on whatever book (s) (If you fancy becoming a frequent reviewer) you want to read/review, all I ask is that it has a Happily Ever After and is YA, NA, Erotica or Romance. I don’t think my heart could take it if the characters didn’t get together in the end!

As you can see from my review page, I have read quite a lot on my own. If you wish to review one I have already reviewed, I really don’t mind. It would be nice to see two different reviews of that book on this site, so as I’ve said, free rein on whatever book you want to read.

If you have a website/twitter/facebook etc, then I most definitely will link your review(s) to your sites.

Also if you wish to write a bio, then please go ahead!!

As i’ve mentioned on my site, I’m changing up The Book Lovers to add more guest posts etc so The Book Lovers can be a site for everyone to enjoy, instead of just being me reviewing like it has done for a few months. I want more people to interact.

I already have three people interested and are awaiting their reviews, but I am also looking for more people.

If you’re interested, then you can find my contact information at my contact and review policy page.

I look forward to hearing from all you avid book lovers!

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The Book Lovers note.

As you can see I’ve changed around my site. Tried to make it feel more romantic with the Eiffel Tower picture which is meant to represent me – The Book Lovers as Paris the most romantic city in the world. The four people are meant to be The Lovers.

Yeah, I suppose that explanation for the romantic feel kind of sounded better in my head. But anyway, since I’ve changed/moved around/added things to the site, I’ve decided to start posting articles other than book reviews.

But before you say anything, The Book Lovers will not turn into a blog where alongside my reviews I’ll post about my life. Oh no. I’m going to add posts about new books I’ve found and bought. Book recommendations (books I haven’t read/reviewed just yet). I’ll add posts about book boyfriends and book to look out for.

There will be book tours. Hopefully author interviews, possibly character interviews, guest reviewers (That’s you) plus so much more.

The point in which I decided to change up The Book Lovers (For the best) has a few simple reasons:- I want all you lot to feel The Book Lovers is a great site to follow. I want to make a brand for myself. I want to be a place where you can tell your friends about me. But mostly, I want it to be a blog where you all can be involved.

I’m determined to make 2013 a great year for me but also a great year for The Book Lovers.

So, to kick start this change, I am looking for a guest book reviewer. Doesn’t matter if you have your own blog or not, just let me know your blog if you do, and I will post the link along with your review. It can be any book within the YA, NA, Romance or Erotica genre and it must have a HEA. I’m all for the HEA and my heart can’t take it if the characters don’t get together in the end. Other than that, you have full rein on the book.

If you’re interested, you can find my contact information under the ‘Contact’ page.b

So without further a-do, I welcome you to a new The Book Lovers.