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Laura’s Review: Scandal In Seattle (Great Exploitations #2) – Nicole Williams

Revenge isn’t what the Eves are about. Justice is.

But when Sienna Stevens leaves Miami for her Errand in Seattle as Ally Andrews, revenge is the only thing on her mind. A woman scorned is one thing, but Ally is something else altogether. She will not rest until the man who upended her world is brought to his personal and financial knees. She won’t settle for just upending his world in return. She’s going for full-blown annihilation.

Ally’s barely in Seattle a day before complications arise. She begins making slips. She’s one error away from being pulled from the biggest Errand of her career when she comes face to face with Henry Callahan. Former lover. Current Target.

Things just went from complicated to catastrophic.


There is just something about this series that is crazy addictive and smart that I can never get enough!

Just like the first one, this book was incredibly well written, with an amazing ability to completely suck you in to the story making it feel longer than it actually was. I could feel the story and main character opening up so much more in this book than in the first one, really getting in to the coming story.

In this book we finally learn that the main character’s real name is in fact Eve (a little ironic considering her job description). Picking up where MISCHIEF IN MIAMI left off, she is on her way to catch the big fish, the 10 that will make her enough money to finally stop being an Eve. However, things don’t go exactly as planned as Eve finds out that the 10 is in fact her cheating ex-fiance Henry and she’s not the only one hired to catch him.

Life is change. Or is it, change is life?

For me it’s the latter. Change is the essence of my life. It is the origin of my present and the promise of my immediate future.

One day, that’s going to change.

As Eve starts to work on getting revenge on Henry through her work, we begin to see a different side to her. Never letting anything get to her before, working with him proves harder than she first thought as although the hatred and pain over what he did pushes her, past memories keep popping up, which made me question how this part of the story will progress and if the pair will end up back together… which would just lead to even more questions!

Henry is completely charming in this book and with that, and through flashbacks you can totally see why Eve was with him in the first place. I can’t help but think that because of this she is going to get sucked back in. She is so far off the spectrum that she can’t see that she won’t be able to pull it off, and even if she did, he knows who she is and could hold her responsible IF things actually do go as planned.

He’d always been good with words. However, that wasn’t my first rodeo with Henry Callahan, and I knew all of his tricks. Neither his words nor the way he said them would make my breath catch ever again.

I find the whole concept of this series amazing and only wish the books were longer so I didn’t have to keep waiting for the rest of the story. Nicole Williams’ writing style completely sinks you in so that before you know it, you’ve finished the book and your desperate for the next one. I cannot recommend these books enough, they are short, light reads, with a killer story that stays with you!

5 stars!

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Great Exploitations – Nicole Williams

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]Synopsis

Seduction. Infidelity. Blackmail. Scandal. It can all be bought for the right price and for Sienna Stevens, business is good.

Because she’s in the business of Great Exploitations.

She’s an Eve, a member of a secret society of women contracted by the wives of wealthy, powerful men for one reason and one reason only: to seduce their husbands. To ensure their pre-nuptial agreement will be null and void thanks to a little loophole known as the Infidelity Clause. To ensure that those wives don’t find themselves on the other side of a divorce without a penny to their name.

When it comes to the Eves, Sienna’s one of the best because she follows the number one rule of the Eves to the letter: don’t let it get personal.

When the job file of her wealthiest client yet falls into her lap, Sienna realizes that this case could be the one that’s impossible to detach herself from. The payout would lead to her independence, but will the cost be too high in the end?


My Review

I absolutely love that cover. It’s stunning and really reminds me of Eve, from Adam and Eve – which I suspect is exactly what it is. The rosy red of the apple has never looked so tempting and taking a bite? Ohh honey, such the wrong thing to do, but staying away, you just can’t. You have to take a bite. It’s too tempting.

That is exactly what Great Exploitations is about. Tempting the married man to have a one-night stand to ensure that the pre-nup they made their wives have, is now null due to the Infidelity clause. Not only do the wives get a share of the money, so does the Eve and the business.

Great Exploitations is the first in a novella series. The main character goes by Sienna in this book. She is a Eve – a member of a secret elite of beautiful woman hired by unhappy wives of cheating, rich men to seduce and sleep with the husbands who have made them sign a prenup. If they divorced them, they would get nothing, but catching them in the act? Well, they will get half of their husbands money due to a little thing in the prenup called The Infidelity Clause.

The agency is owned by ‘G’, who scouts for her Eves and transforms them into the seductive women they are today. G scouted Sienna five years ago, and turned her into the temptress she is today. ‘Sienna’ or whomever she is, is one of the top Eves. She puts a lot of effort into her job; from nitpicking every little detail about the Target, to transforming herself into his perfect woman, to making sure she has his complete and undivided attention on her so she can get the job done.

She’s good at her job and that’s how she wants to keep it. Sienna seems to have no emotions attached to her. She treats sex as sex. No feelings before or after. It’s like shes a robot. Programmed to do the steps to hook line and sink the Target. To make sure they are caught and the wives get the money that they deserve when they are shown the pictures the P.I’s take of her and the target.

The men are tagged by how much money they are worth by the number of zeros in their bank account. Eights and Nines are pretty great but a Ten? That is rare but if one does come around, it’s a complete goldmine. A Ten for Sienna would give her the freedom she is looking for and it would set her up for life having all that money in her account.

It’s a short book, at only 90 pages but there is so much information packed into it. Nicole Williams takes you through a journey about who the Eves are, what they do and how hard they work to make sure their job is done and dusted to perfection. There is a lot of hard work put into being an Eve.

It is a quick read, but one I thoroughly enjoyed. It was brilliantly written, and the concept was such an interesting one to read. You won’t want to put it down and from that ending? The rare Ten? Oh I cannot wait to read the next novel in the series. It really leaves you wanting more and wanting to know all about Sienna’s past and her ever-growing closeness to her freedom…whatever her freedom really is.

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