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Sex: Fictional Men Vs. Real-life men.


Answer me this one question.

Do real life men live up to the expectations we know of fictional characters?

As a singleton, with many, many fictional ‘boyfriends’, one of my friends recently told me that men aren’t going to live up to the expectations that fictional characters portray. He was on about sex in books.

Ive read a hell of a lot of book which include sex. All different kinds of sex. Sex I’d like to do. Sex I’ve done and sex that no way in hell would i ever do. But isn’t that all part of the fun of reading? You can delve into another world, think it’s us that is being ravished by the male character and then back in the real world, ask our partner to try that position or whatever it is you liked from that sex scene(s).

Has anyone done that? (I need to find a man first)

Now to me, i KNOW real men aren’t going to be the sexual beasts I read about. (Okay some might, but I certainly haven’t been introduced to them!) And I really don’t have high expectations of real-life men to give me the greatest pleasure known to mankind like fictional characters seem to give one another, and you know what? I’m okay with that…to some extent.

But what about you lot?

I know I’m generalizing, but I haven’t found a guy that rocked my world in bed, and fictional characters all seem to have amazing sex. I don’t expect real-life men to live up to the expectations of fictional characters, because, well, they are fictional, but deep down, a tiny bit of me just wants to be alpha-male-lized (i know, not a word, i made it up) by a dominant, hot, tattooed guy with a motorbike who definitely knows his way around a woman’s body but isn’t all he seems. No, hes sweet and caring but is a tough nut and will protect me at any costs.

See, too many books 😉