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Inside Out – Lauren Dane (Book #3)


Ella Tipton is a survivor. In the wake of an attack that nearly left her dead, she has spent each day putting her life back together. Once vibrant and outgoing, she’s needed to reclaim the best parts of who she was while retaining the hard-won lessons. There hasn’t been room for any romantic entanglements, even if she were ready. Still, it doesn’t mean she has to stop sneaking looks at Mister Tall, Dark and Tattooed himself.

Security professional Andrew Copeland isn’t quite sure when his jones for the lovely and decidely skittish Ella developed. He’s known her for years, has watched her triumph over the pain she’s been dealt. Cope is no stranger to women, but he knows the nervous flush he gets every time he talks to Ella is different from any attraction he’s had in the past. Determined to get Ella to let him in, Cope does the one thing he can think of to get close: he offers her hands-on training in self-defense.

While Ella’s sure Cope is just being nice, the prospect of being able to touch him and and gain the tools to push away the last vestiges of her fear is more than she can resist. Soon enough, Cope shows Ella his feelings are far more than friendly, and he reignites something deep inside her. It isn’t long before desire and love turn them both inside out.


My Review

Inside Out is one of those books that completely shocked me to the core. As you can see, recently I have been reading a lot of erotica, where they have a little story adapted into the sex scenes. So when I read the synopsis to this book that is exactly what I thought it would be about.

The synopsis is pretty heavy going and I thought Lauren Dane would just quickly bypass the problems involved, getting straight to the sex. By God, I was so wrong, and I’m so glad!

The story has so much depth in it, with Ella being a survivor of a violent attack from her ex-boyfriend who wanted her dead. It’s taken her years to try and get her life back on track, and thanks to her friends and family, she is getting there. You follow the struggles that Ella faces every day, from needing control in her life to get her through the day, to being so wary of everything around her, from looking in the backseat of her car every time she gets in to placing a chair in her direct view in her apartment so she can see if anyone has broken in.

No one ever sees her legs either, which are tarnished with scars from the attack. She wears trousers every day and if she wears a dress, it needs to hide the scars. She doesn’t see how beautiful she is though, especially to Andrew Copeland, who has watched and crushed on her from afar for years, but he knew she had to spend time gaining back courage and time to get over the attack without him swooping in, much as he had to grow up and stop sleeping around with women.

Andrew, or Cope to his friends, flirts with everyone. But that’s just how he is, he’s a friendly guy. He’s wanted to be with Ella for years now, but after the attack, he knew she had to sort her life out, and so he was there for her, as a friend. But recently he’s changed and now he knows Ella has to, so it’s his chance to get to know her more and be with her.

Throughout the book you see her strength shine through with everything she does and achieves. And Cope is so proud to be with her, helping her through her fears but giving her one-to-one self-defence training so she can feel in control of her life again. Watching her fall for Cope was so cute to read. Although she has liked him for years, she had never thought he would want her, but yet he does.

Cope, to his friends, is the playboy, the one who has one night stands but to Ella, he shows his real side. He’s kind, shy, loves poetry, is artistic and loves Ella so much. He’s scared to show his true side to his friends in fear of being rejected but you can see how close this group is and Ella tells him they wouldn’t reject him – they are family.

They both have protective streaks in them, for each other and their friends, but they also bring out the best in one another. There are a few sex scenes in here, but they don’t go too graphic. They were a nice touch to their relationship, and to see Cope not care about the scarring on her legs, it made my heart skip because she was so afraid of anyone seeing her legs, but Cope loved her for her and wouldn’t have been turned off by them, which is what Ella was afraid of.

This book is part of the Brown Sibling series. It’s the 3rd book, and it’s also the first I have read. You could read it as a standalone, but, as I was for a part of the book, I was confused over the characters especially Erin, Ben and Todd’s relationship, so I’m going to download the others in the series and catch-up over what their stories involve. I’m so glad these stories have such depth in them, with some sex scenes wrapped into them. Stories like these really pull me in and I begin to feel attached to the characters. I felt connected to them all, feeling everything they were, and that doesn’t really happen too much to me. Sure I feel something for the characters in books, but they all pulled me into their own stories encased in the book.

The only thing that was a tad confusing was that all the girls had names beginning with E. Ella, Erin and Elise. But other than that, this book really did touch me and I will definitely download the first two and the books after this one to see how their lives evolve.

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The Secret of Ella and Micha (book #1) – Jessica Sorensen


Ella and Micha have been best friends since they were kids. But one tragic night shatters their friendship and their lives forever.

Ella used to be a rule-breaker with fiery attitude who wore her heart on her sleeve. But she left everything behind when she went to college and transformed into someone that follows the rules, keeps everything together, and hides all her problems. But now it’s summer break and she has nowhere else to go but home.

Ella fears everything she worked so hard to bury might resurface, especially with Micha living right next door. If Micha tries to tempt the old her back, she knows that it will be hard to resist.

Micha is sexy, smart, confident, and can get under Ella’s skin like no one else can. He knows everything about her, including her darkest secrets. And he’s determined to bring his best friend, and the girl he loves back, no matter what it takes.

(New Adult Contemporary)
*Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language.


My Review

I’d only heard of this book a few days ago, and after reading the synopsis, it sounded like a book I needed to read. It has romance, secrets and a whole lot of pain wrapped into this book.

I have to say that I completely in love with this book and the characters and since there is a sequel coming out and another book in this series about the supporting characters, I shall be downloading those as soon as they come out.

Best friends since they were kids, Micha and Ella have always been there for each other. Through family dramas, through their pain and through the nights that haunt them both. But after one night that changes everything between them, Ella runs away to college in Vegas, leaving her old life behind and begins over, not telling anyone apart from her dad – although like he’d even remember – where she is.

Trying to forget the guilt and regret that is eating her up from the night that still haunts her, Ella changes everything about herself to try to be ‘normal’ and not let emotions rule her life, like the ‘old’ Ella who loved going drag racing, who always spoke her mind and took risks – more than likely getting her in trouble. But whilst shes trying to re-invent herself, back at home, she’s left the only person she loved most in her life and the one person who knows all her secrets and still loves her – Micha.

Micha has spent the last 8 months trying to track down Ella, ringing every Ella Daniels in the USA to see if it’s his Ella. Micha is the bad boy to Ella’s bad girl – hes a road racer, a musician, has tattoos and a god-almighty hot lip ring, but underneath the appearance, he has a kind soul. He’s a loyal friend, a loving son and just wants to find Ella because he loves her so much.

Finally returning home after 8 months, with her friend Lila in tow, everything turns upside down and it was like she never left – well at least for Micha. As a ‘new’ Ella, instead of blowing a gas fuse when people say things to her, she tries to remain calm which winds Micha up because he just wants the old her back.

This story is about friends who become lovers. Micha point blank expresses and shows his love for Ella, but she is more afraid to admit to herself that she loves him too, which poses for some great scenes between them both. Even 8 months away from each other, it was like they were never apart, and bit by bit Micha breaks down Ella into bits of her old personality, but wavering between both old and new Ella, there’s nothing either of them won’t do for one another.

Throughout the book, Jessica Sorensen gives us alternative views between both Micha and Ella, which was great as you really got to know and understand everything going on with these characters. They both had family problems happening, and by letting us into their own thoughts, you kind of bonded with them and loved them that little bit more.

Lila and Ethan, Micha’s friends as the supporting characters added to the story that little bit extra. Lila doesn’t really know anything from Ella’s ‘past’ life because Ella wouldn’t let her in, but seeing her laid bare back in her home town makes Lila realize that there are people there for Ella – as Lila’s parents don’t really bother with her – as you will see when you read the book. Her and Ethan get on like charm – although their story wasn’t told  as it will be when their book comes out next month – Ethan works in a garage fixing and restoring cars, with the help of Micha sometimes and he has a loyalty to Micha, which I loved reading, especially when Micha went away for a few days and although in the end he told Ella where he was, he kept it to himself for a few days before she pestered him.

I was drawn to this book from the first page and all their secrets don’t become clear until you get right into the book and it’s in bits and pieces so it keeps you guessing and wanting to read on. You really do end up feeling for the characters – they capture your heart – and I cannot wait to see how their love and life’s develop in the sequel.

By the way – you will completely fall in love with Micha – lip piercings, tattoos and drag racing? Yes please. I’ll have one of those!