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Yes you are seeing right and I am so excited to present her to you because as you all know, I realllly need someone to help me out with my blog.

Her name is Laura and she has her own blog over at Blame It On The Rain Reviews   (Which is awesome by the way and you should totally check her blog out). We’ve been chatting for a few weeks now after she got in contact with me and seriously, she is wicked and I hope all you avid fan and followers will be nice to her because we have been throwing some pretty cool ideas around and I think together we can do awesome things with both our blogs 🙂Blame It On The Rain

Our first venture together we will be working on a join ‘conversational review’ for UNTIL I BREAK by M. Leighton. This will be a little different from the normal reviews you expect as the review will be in a conversation format, as we discuss what we thought of the book! I’m excited to do this as I LOVE discussing books, as you all know, but now I can actually post it as a review haha.

But yes, stay turned for more things from both of us, we just need to hash out the schedules and we are more than good to go!

Anyway before i babble on even more, Laura and myself sent questions to one another, so both our followers can get to know the other.

So now, I present Laura (On the left) and her answers to you!!


1. Firstly, introduce yourself to my (and now our) lovely blog and twitter followers

Heeeyyyy lovelies! I’m Laura, I’m 20 years old, and a full time student studying Social Sciences ~ history, politics, criminology, sociology and psychology (I don’t think your stupid, but when I tell them that’s my course, 9/10 people ask what it is).

I live in Scotland, and no I have never met anyone even close to how I would imagine Braden Charmichael…unfortunately! Serious, however you imagine Sottish guys, turn it around and think the opposite!

  I have a serious addiction to American TV and could quite easily sit for days watching Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, or Supernatural box sets! *sigh* Dean ❤

 It’s not just the TV either, I have a serious fascination with America, and would love to visit New York, or somewhere in the South!

 Along with having a book, and American TV addiction, I am also obsessed with make-up and skincare and can guarantee, if I have money it’s being spent on that. I’ve been thinking of starting up a beauty blog for a while now, but think it would be pretty difficult to keep up with two…we’ll see!

2. What made you create Blame It on the Rain?

 Last summer I got in to the Fifty Shades series (like everyone else) which made me go looking for more books like it. I ended up getting obsessed with indie new adult/adult romance, I could not shut up about it, anyone who would listen would hear about the book I was reading! I think my mum was getting sick of me so she told me to create a blog to get all my thoughts out (rather than bore her with them), so one night I couldn’t sleep and it was raining (hence the blog name) and I kinda did it on a whim, and boredom…and sleep deprivation… 🙂

 I’ve always loved recommending books to others, and I was so excited that having a blog gives me the chance to do that!

3. Favourite book?

 This is such a difficult one! I really can’t choose just one, especially since I started my blog, I have read some amazing books that I might not have otherwise….It would have to be a toss up between Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire (obviously), the Slammed series by Colleen Hoover, The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan (Evan *swoon*), or The Too Far Series by Abbi Glines (Rush Crush)…like I said, I really can’t choose, and ask me tomorrow, and I’m sure it will be different!

4. Favourite author?

 Although I haven’t read all her books, it would probably be Abbi Glines….maybe…right now at least. Her style of writing completely draws me in to a book so that before I know it, I’ve finished the book, and my whole day is gone because I’ve spent all day reading. I love angst, and female characters who don’t take crap or forgive easily, plus I love angst, and drama, and her books always provide!

5. Twitter or Facebook?

 Facebook as its easy to keep up with, (what are you waiting for Zoe… :-p) but I like that Twitter has a community kind of feel to it, and love the way friendships are made so easily on it!

6. If you were stranded on a desert island, which three book boyfriends would you bring along?

 Awww only 3! In my fantasies its more like an orgy…think me, Travis Maddox, Kellan Kyle, Jack Carter, Rush Finlay, Chase Grayson, and Andrew Parrish, and then your more on my wave length… 😉

7. If you could be a character in any book you’ve read, who would you be?

 I think I would be Cassie from The Perfect Game by J. Sterling. She is so smart, and witty always having a comeback, and most importantly she has Jack Carter, who I think is my ultimate book boyfriend, the bits in that book when he gives her quarters is adorable, quarters are the way to my heart! :-p

8. What would your book be called if you wrote one?

 This is actually the hardest question I have EVER been asked! I seriously have no idea! I would love to write a book, and I think there are always moment when you’re reading one and you think, I could write better than this…or maybe thats just me being big headed…anyway, I think if I was to I would probably name it after a song or something like that, it would all depend on what I wrote about.

9. Tell us a random fact about yourself

 Milk and hot drinks really gross me out. Milk has a funny smell and is so thick and blegh! I have to eat dry cereal, and drain my weetabix cos I hate it so much! As for hot drinks, I can’t understand why anyone would drink something thats not going to quench their thirst, why walk down the street on a hot day with a coffee when you could have something cold!

10. And lastly, what are you most looking forward to joining forces with The Book Lovers?

 I’m most looking forward to having someone to discuss books with, and throw ideas around with! I hope to become great friends Zoe, and we seem to have quite a bit in common already, a mutual love for A Walk to Remember for one, and I have no doubt that we will work great together! I am just so excited to get started as this is something completely different for both of us, and it will be interesting to see what ideas we come up with! 😀 We have been throwing some ideas around already, and I’m particularly looking forward to the conversational reviews that we will be doing, especially since, although we love the same genre, where she likes HEA, I like drama and cliffhangers, so the conversations could get interesting… 🙂

Here are Laura’s link so you can go and talk to her. She’s really nice 🙂

Blame It On The Rain Reviews – Facebook

Blame It On The Rain website

Blame It On The Rain Twitter

I hope you are all as excited as I am. You know how long I have been searching for a co-blogger and i know a few of you sent me emails telling me that you hoped i found someone who would love this blog like i do. And I have 🙂

So please welcome Laura to The Book Lovers 😀

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Looking for a co-blogger.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you will see that on Friday I got a new job. A new full time job.

Since I started this blog back in October last year, it’s only been me running this blog. But that was because I had the time to read a book nearly every day, write reviews, interact with people on here and on Twitter etc due to only working two days a week.

But in two weeks I will be starting my new job. I will be out of my house at 7am and won’t be back until around 6pm. That’s a long ass day, which includes traveling to my work which will be 40 mins there and back. So really, I will have to schedule posts every weekend, make sure there is something for every day because that will really be the only time I will get.

This blog is like my baby.
I have nourished it, its grown over the months and I do have some awesome avid followers which i absolutely love you all for!
Never once did i think my blog would amount to anything – the truth now – because there are so many amazing book blogs out there, but I’m so happy that you all subscribe/follow me and my posts, it makes me super happy.

This post so far is like I’m leaving this blog, but thank god you can see the title haha, because no way in hell am i leaving this blog. As I’ve said its my baby and because of it I’ve met some awesome people who I can call my friends!

No, what I want to do is search for a CO-BLOGGER. Someone to help me out during the week and maybe someone who can perhaps tweet during the day (I’m not sure whether i can yet..but the company seem pretty relaxed so I’ll have to see) /add content on here, build it up even more than I have.

The Book Lovers is my brand. It;s what I’m known for online and in real life – yes, by my friends. My old lecturer always told us to make a brand, and this is mine. I WANT to be known as The Book Lovers. I want my name out there and i WANT someone who is passionate enough to join my brand and help me along with it.

I don’t want just anyone. I don’t want anyone who will ruin what i have spent months building up (sorry). I don’t want anyone who will give half a rats ass on this blog and forget about it after a matter of weeks so i’m back to square one.

What I do want is someone who knows how to manage a WordPress blog. I do want someone who loves books. I do want someone who can write reviews and has posted some somewhere.

(If you don’t write reviews and they haven’t been posted on a site then please don’t get in contact.)

I NEED a co-blogger who has experience.

If you’re interested, please send me an email at with samples of your reviews, why you would like to be a co-blogger of The Book Lovers and links to your site/a site where your reviews have been posted.

I know this may seem a bit obsessive but this blog really is everything. It’s been like a full time job and i don’t want it run to the ground after all the hard work i have put in. If you want this blog to be your baby too, then please contact me.