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Book tattoos?

imagesWhen I was 18 me and my friend decided we wanted to get a tattoo. We had just finished out A- level’s and were a week from our first girls holiday. The tattoo idea was mentioned a week before we went to get it.

They cost us £20.

She got a star (original :P) on her hip and I got a bow on the back of my neck. Yes, it killed, and yes, i nearly fainted.

My tattoo
My tattoo

When asked why I got a bow, my response? It reminds me of my girly side. When i was growing up I was the ultimate tomboy. Playing with all the boys in my street, climbing trees etc and even though my friends tel me i am definitely a girly girl now, it still symbolizes the girl inside me. Sounds stupid i know, but that’s my response.

People always say that you get the itch to get more once you have one, and the is definitely true.

I have many thoughts about my next tattoo. I want ‘LIFE’ tattooed on my wrist because that is what ‘Zoe’ means.

But now I want something to do with books as well.

I’ve thought whether I’d have a quote tattooed one me…but which one?
Or would I get an open book tattooed one me
Or a book cover? (probably not)
Or something symbolic from that book?

The list is endless.

My love of books will never dwindle. Whomever i end up with will have to deal with my kindle being my baby. Me being an emotional wreck when reading and my love of book boyfriends.

But i ask you this, do any of you have a book tattoo? Or would you consider getting a book tattoo?

Let me know 🙂