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Miss stresshead is taking a break.

Hey guys!

I seem to be writing these more frequently recently, but this time i am going to stick by this.

2014 so far has been awesome. My NY resolution is “Put myself out there more” and “Make more of an effort” and for both, I have stuck my ground and done this – in many different ways. I’ve been ‘promoted’ in work too and that is one of the reasons, okay, THE reason I am writing this.

I feel like i actually have three full-time jobs – the upkeeping of The Book Lovers, being a publicist to Emma (which i love) and my actual full-time job. Now with my promotion, i am going to be taking on so much more work than i have been and my stress levels are flying through the roof so far. So much so, i dont want to go online when i get home from work, i dont want to read and all i want to do is sleep and drink wine and i need to focus on me and get myself out of this slump i am in. It’s happen before and i can most definitely get out of it sooner or later.

So i am going to take a few weeks off to just concentrate on my job. The work i am going to be doing is new to me and if i dont fully concentrate on it then the mistakes i make for clients is entirely down to me. Of course, i have two tours coming up, so i will have reviews for them, i have things for Emma Hart, Laura Beege and Anna Bloom planned so i will stick to them but other than that, i am taking time from blogging and probably wont be online as much as I’d like either – as you can already tell.

I’ll still be around if you want to tweet or facebook or even email me but i wont be on it 24/7 like i used to be.

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Day 05 – A book that makes you happy

10060196It Started with a Kiss – Miranda Dickinson

I’m an utter romantic. Ask anyone of my friends and they’ll agree with me.

I love thinking that my soul mate is out there somewhere, looking for me too.
I love to be romanced.
I love to be loved.

I think that’s why this story makes me happy.

It about having that brief moment’s kiss a stranger who turns your world upside down. Makes you feel things. But then he has to run off before you get his name, or learn anything about him. But he’s all you can think about because you knew, in that moment, you both felt the same way, despite it only being a kiss.

I loved the journey and focus that Romilly had for trying to find her knight in shining armor and the guy who blew her away with just one kiss. She gives herself a year to find him and if she doesn’t find him, she’ll get over her quest and get on with her life. She has support all over te place, from her friends, to her aunt and uncle, even a massive follow on her blog for her search of him.

I loved how much determination she had because the guy changed up her feelings.

It’s such a perfect and beautiful fairytale of a book and when i think about it, it makes me smile how she finally ended up with the guy who felt exactly the same way as she did.

She yes, this is the book that makes me happy and makes me think that (although its fiction) if that happened to me, that i;d have the  support and determination Romilly had to find her perfect guy despite not knowing a single thing about him, but wanting to find out who he was and if he felt the sparks she did too.