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Hello from a stranger

Hi guys *waves*

How has everyone been these past couple of months?

I realise the last time I posted was back in May. That’s pretty rubbish and I apologise to you all – well those who have missed me 😉 – but as my usual excuse goes, life has been busy and amazing and jam-packed and writing has taken a backburner for the moment. Back in May I told you all I got a new job, and I’ve been there nearly eight months now so that’s been a stressful few months as I work in events. Secondly, I’ve been with the boy, no denying that I don’t want to sit on a computer writing when I’m with him and thirdly, I sit at a computer all day and when I get home, I don’t want to sit at my laptop and write. So those are my excuses.

Now maybe the good news. I’ll have a week off during Xmas (I’m spending a few days in Copenhagen for NY) so I will have time on my hands to spend a few days with Matt and Mal and hopefully get a big chunk of their story down. I’d love to get it out sometime next year seeing as The Deal has now been out a year and I don;t want too much time  apart from them being released. So we’ll see. We’ll see what happens in a few weeks time.

I just hope you’ll stick  with me and when the time comes, love Matt and Mal like I do.

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Guest Post – Zoe Pope and The Deal

Check out a sneak peek of The Deal 🙂


Hey Everyone (or Hey Y’all – I’ve been watching way too much Nashville!)

I’ve got a special guest post for you today from Zoe Pope, book blogger, turned aspiring writer.

When Zoe and I met about a year ago, it took some badgering and nagging form my part but I soon found out that not only was Zoe an avid reader but she also enjoyed writing as well. After weeks of persuasion I convinced Zoe to send me some of her work and that’s effectively when we became not just author/blogging mates but also Awesome Writing Buddies.

I very rarely write anything without winging it over to Zoe for her input  – sometimes it’s just scenes I’ve written that day but it’s so great to bounce ideas with someone and it has been invaluable to me.  

I’ve been reading The Deal since it’s conception (I was even lucky enough…

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Guest Post from Super Awesome Zoe Pope


Hi everyone *Waves*

So Anna asked me to write a guest post for her bloggy blog blog because you know we are like BFFs right? Oh sorry, I’m Zoe, you can find me over at – yes I am The Book Lovers, the one who is completely obsessed with Anna here (and she is a stalker of mine – she will opening admit to it, just ask her).

Anyway she asked me to guest post and of course I told her I would, so now you are stuck with my ramblings for a while at least. Good luck with that because this girl can ramble on and on and on….

I’m just kidding and I will totally get on with what I am going to spew crap about for you 😉

So as you can tell from my blog, I am a book blogger. A HUGE book lover –…

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