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ARC: Baiting the Maid of Honor (#2)- Tessa Bailey


He’ll own her from the very first touch.

Julie Piper and Reed Lawson have nothing in common. She’s a people-pleasing sorority girl hiding behind her perfect mask. He’s a take-no-prisoners SWAT commander who isolates himself from the world. But when they’re forced together at their friends’ posh destination wedding, one thing is clear—Reed wants Julie more than he wants his next breath. Which is why he’s not about to stand by when she’s dared to seduce another man.

Julie wants neat, tidy sex, so she could get back to what she does best—making everybody else happy. She never expected to slip into a dark bedroom and have her mind blown by rough, demanding hands, and a sinfully filthy mouth—neither of which belong to the best man.

One night should have been all Reed needed to get the blond temptress out of his system, but when one taste is nowhere near enough, he’ll be forced confront the effects of his hellish past. One that may push Julie away forever…just when he realizes he can’t live without her.

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5 out of 5 stars





My Review

Since that day I stumbled upon Tessa’s books, I have been hooked. I’ve demolished everything she has written and every time I see an email from her in my inbox, I do a little dance because it means I get to fall in love with new characters and add them to my book boyfriend and girlfriend list. And no joke, but all of her characters are on that list, and pretty damn high up too! So when I realised she was a part of The Wedding Dare continuity, I one-clicked all the books and then she asked me if I wanted an ARC and how the hell could I turn it down? I couldnt, thats the answer.

Tessa always outshines herself with each book. She sets the scene, she develops the characters and you can distinguish their voices perfectly. It helps that she writes freaking sexy-as alpha males who can turn you to goo and strong females who arent afriad to stand up for themselves. This is what I love about her books. That and the fact she knows how to get you hot and bothered as each sex scene is entirely different and gets under your collar. Grab a fan people, seriously.

Baiting The Maid of Honor is the second book in the continuity but really, you can read it as a standalone. It follows Reed, the best man’s childhood friend and Julie, the bride’s Maid of Honor (of course).

Julie and Reed are different on so many ways. Reed is the strong, silent type, keeping to himself and Julie is out-going, she is a people-pleaser and wants to make everyone happy, even if deep-down she isn’t. One dare to get with the best man has her walking to the wrong room. And she knows it.

One night, one mistaken identity in a dark room changes the whole dynamic of Julie and Reed. Reed wants one night to get her out of his system, but is one night enough? Julie wanted ‘boring’ sex but when her sexuality is unleashed, Reed figures out she is not so nice in the bedroom, really, she’s rather naughty. But when things go down, when things get mixed up, can Reed walk away from Julie? Or does he realise she is what he needed all along?

Oh Julie. My heart went out to her. She’s a people-pleaser, wanting everything to run smoothly, needing everything to go to plan. She’s fiery, shes witty and she seems to know what she wants. But underneath her façade is a vulnerable young woman. Someone who is trying to hard to please people that she is losing herself. Losing who she really is because of her past. She can’t see it, but others can.

She really is witty and sarcastic and will bite at Reed but you see another side of her, a side she wants to keep hidden and you do really feel for her when you see little snippets of doubt and her self-confidence slipping. She hides behind a mask and she hates it to slip off. Everything she does, she tries to be her late sister and its taking a toll on her, day by day. You can see it and everyone else can, especially Reed, but she cant. I just wanted to shake her and tell her to cool it down, let everyone else worry for once, but Julie is determined in what she does, which in a way is kind of endearing.

But when around Reed her fire burns, shes feisty but he brings out something in her, something that has been dormant. He brings out this naughty side, a side she wouldnt have ever seen if it was no for him. Shes sexy and experimental and holy shit the things she does, shes like a temptress, no joke. There was one scene that im sure when you read it you will understand by the river 😉 SAY WHAT! I was impressed by her boldness and im sure I fell in love with her like Reed did. I’ll be taking some notes from Julie.

My heart ached for her when she told Reed about her past, about not feeling worthy enough, about why she works herelf silly and when the day of her past came around, I wanted to cry for her. She was doing it all alone but then Reed came along, willing to help her through it and you knew, just knew that one night would never be enough for these two, that they were made for more than one night. Forever. I liked seeing a lighter Julie, one who calmed down, who owned her sexuality and one her loved Reed like no one else. The differences are what brought them together and their story was perfect.

Reed. Hello sexy tattooed dirty talker SWAT commander. That mouth should be made illegal or washed out with soap! Holy crap, he could turn your knickers dripping wet by just a look and you wouldn’t care as long as he did something about it. As mentioned, he is the strong, silent type. He observes and he can call you out on your bullshit. He also has his sights set on southern belle Julie, who really isnt his type but for some reason he wants her – really bad.

He’s a cocky son-of-a-bitch, he runs his mouth and he knows exactly the right things to say – both to rile up Julie and to get her hot and bothered. Hes smarmy but loveable in his own way. And he wants to know Julie, wants in her knickers but he sees past her hard-working front and wants her to let loose, with him.

The more he gets to know her, the more he wants her more than once. This never happens and it has himself second guessing his feelings. He’s never had love in his life, his past isnt the greatest so its all foreign to him. But Julie awakens something inside him and he is certain she will end up in his bed one way or another…you could say he was determined and stalked him prey 😉

Julie was never far from his thoughts, and he was conflicted about his feelings. He didnt have the best childhood and thank god Colton and Brock ‘adopted’ him or who knows what would have happened. I think thats why he’s so closed in, so demanding, controlling, he needs all that due to his past, which is fair enough and the reason he doesnt last longer than a night with a woman. He doesnt want to commit, but there is something about Julie that has him stuck.

I really enjoyed their interactions. They had a push and pull, a ‘I hate you but I want to be near you’ sort of relationship. They bounced off one another and their chemistry was instant. Reed brought out so many emotions from Julie, and he always brought out her sexuality. Let her know that is was fine to be totally naughty and kinky in the bedroom, hell its the best form of sex in my eyes. The sex can most definitely happen to me in real life, and Tessa, as i’ve mentioned in past reviews, knows just how to make you feel hot and bothered, god she makes you want to jump inside the book and be the MC who is getting a right seeing too. The scenes only made their relationship intensify and along with the more emotional, heart tugging scenes, you can see that Julie and Reed are going to last, especially with that epilogue.

You all know my love for Tessa by now, and anything she writes I am there reading it, falling in love with her and her characters. She knows how to write freaking hot alpha males, strong females and a damn great story in between. In my eyes, she can do no wrong with her books and she will be an author who I will follow every single book. Now if only I can get all her books in paperback…..;) one day soon I hope! I need them signed and on my bookshelf!

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Unfixable – Tessa Bailey


He’s the last thing she wants…but the only thing she needs.

Willa Peet isn’t interested in love. She’s been there, done that, and has the shattered heart to prove it. Ready to shake the breakup,she heads to Dublin, Ireland. But there’s a problem. A dark-haired, blue-eyed problem with a bad attitude that rivals her own. And he’s not doling out friendly Irish welcomes.

Shane Claymore just wants to race. The death of his father forced him off the Formula One circuit, but he’s only staying in Dublin long enough to sell the Claymore Inn and get things in order for his mother and younger sister. He never expected the sarcastic American girl staying at the inn to make him question everything.

But even as Willa and Shane’s fiery natures draw them together, their pasts threaten to rip them apart. Can Shane give up racing to be with the woman he loves, or will Willa’s quest to resurrect the tough-talking, no-shit-taking girl she used to be destroy any hope of a future together?

5 out of 5 stars!



My Review

Tessa Bailey has delved into the New Adult genre with Unfixable and it is just as freaking amazing and sexy and sexual and filled with angst as her Line of Duty series, just with less sex scenes and more sexual tension. GOD is there anything this woman cannot do? I would seriously kidnap Tessa if it meant I could get all the info on upcoming books and the sexy men writes about.

Unfixable is about Willa, Ginger’s sister from Protecting What’s His and she has grown up since the dark, Gothic teenager we saw her as in book one. She’s nineteen now, and has split up with Evan – whom we meet in book one too. She thinks she is broken, unfixable and is much better alone, so she pushes people away.

When she wins a photography contest and goes to Dublin for a month, little does she know that one Shane Claymore is going to turn her life upside down, whether she wants him to or not. He will make her feel things and see things and despite trying to push him away, he can see her, all of her and that frightens and blitz her alive at the same time.

But what happens when both their pasts catch up with each other?

I definitely remember Willa as the unsocial teenager from Protecting What’s His and then Evan came along and took no shit from her, made her see things but we find out that she couldn’t put on an appearance any more and lost herself along the way. Dublin is a chance to get over the heartbreak and find herself once again.

She’s always felt she had to put on appearances for Evan and over time its dragged her down, being someone she is not. She doesnt let her feelings show, only to those whom she loves but somewhere along the line shes lost herself and she knows that Evan deserves better than her so she lets him go and heads to Dublin which starts the beginning of the rest of her life.

I really like Willa. He goes to heal herself in Dublin, to take pictures, divulge in the culture and she goes with the intention to not make any friends. You can help but hold your breath along with Willa when she spots the gorgeous Shane waiting to pick her up. You can understand her anger, her frustration, her revolving feelings for this angry Irishman, who harbours so much pain and guilt on top of looking out for his mother and sister and running the pub she is living in for the next month.

I understood everything from Willa. It’s easy to think you are broken, unfixable, to not deserve true happiness because you think you cant give it anyone else, but shes wrong. She helped a ‘broken’ family and in doing so, they showed her love and friendship, something I think, she craved outside of Derek and Ginger – something she didnt know she was missing and in turn, she came out of her shell more. With the insults and sexual tension she and Shane gave off, you know deep down, that Shane can ‘fix her’, that he is just as ‘broken’ but together they can be fixed, together they can make each other so blissfully happy and you know that their hate-to-love relationship is the start of something beautiful – just like Ginger and Derek’s relationship.

AHHHH SHANE. I have no words at all. I cant function how much I adore this Irishman! He’s intense, frighteningly sexy and gorgeous. He’s famous on the Formula One circuit yet he’s harbouring guilt from his past – from his family which in turn makes him demanding and protective, not just with his sister Faith or his mother Kitty, but also with Willa.

He wants to stay away, yet there is this pull that he cant cut away from. He needs to be around her, to touch her and although their initials first meetings didn’t go well, he keeps on trying. Keeps on trying to see the real Willa, not the one who keeps pushing people away and changing subjects when things get too tough.

You watch him fall in love with Willa. You watch his emotion change, you watch the tension between them, know that Willa, unconsciously, is the girl who will change everything for Shane, and its a choice he had to make and once where the outcome will never change for him. You will see what I mean.

Shane is an angry soul. He harbours so much guilt from his past that he cant think of anything else, cant see past it but then beautiful Willa arrives and he;s in a tipple. Just for the few shorts weeks she has turned everything around in his life. She’s made friends with his sister, let her spread her wings from his protective nature, she’s helped with his mentally ill mother Kitty, getting her out of her shell and stepping outside the pub and she’s made him think of his future, of what he truly wants.

And I think we all know what, or who, he truly wants.

I loved the anger, the banter, the sexual tension between Willa and Shane and when it came down to having sex, their chemistry was steaming and you just knew, in that moment, it was just them. It was them and they were falling hard for each other. You knew that Willa found something just like Ginger and it scared her but when she finally admits it to herself, she knows she had to hunt down Shane and tell him. The ending made me cry, just the very last paragraph had me smiling so hard and clutching my chest.

I would love more of this couple, to see past that last page and see what else they have in store for them.

So Tessa, please can I have more Willa and Shane? Pretty please with a yummy man on top 😉

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Staking His Claim (#5) – Tessa Bailey


He wants her. All of her.

NYPD sniper Matt Donovan is in Hell. Instead of driving his best friend’s little sister home from college, he’s stuck with her roommate—a fresh-faced ray-of-sunshine with a body that makes grown men weep. There’s no way he’ll allow himself to taint the little vixen, no matter how hard she tries to tempt him, so he resigns himself to the longest—and hardest—drive of his life.

Matt’s obvious attraction suits grad student Lucy Mason just fine. She had no idea her brother’s best friend was so deliciously hot. Knowing he’d never have his wicked way with his buddy’s sister, she lies about her identity and seduces him. But Matt’s no fumbling college boy. His desires run deep—and dark—and he wants to teach Lucy what wicked really means.

Matt’s demanding appetites only make Lucy want more. But when her cover’s blown, he’s furious—even as his hunger for her becomes insatiable.

Matt can’t trust anyone, least of all himself. And he knows all too well that darkness always destroys the light…

5 out of 5 stars



My Review

I adore Tessa so much and although this review is coming a little late, I want to thank her for an ARC of Stalking His Claim. She knows how much I LOVE this series and is always kind enough to offer me an advance copy because I neeeeed my men in uniforms in my life 😉

I have read all the books in the Line of Duty series and each one gets better and better. I cannot tell you how excited I was for Matt’s because he is the quiet one, the one who doesnt talk but you know he will be there for his friends in a heartbeat and they will be there for him too – so it was great to get to see him have a happy ending and to delve into his mind and world – see exactly just why he was so withdrawn and so quiet.

Tessa is known for her smut and Jesus Christ, get me a fan because old Matty boy sure knows how to dominate and please a lady in the bedroom. Just excuse me one minute while I think back to his sexual prowess. I would like have all five of them please! The things these men can do but not only that, they way they love so deeply, is something that I love reading from Tessa. It also helps they are in uniform too 😉

We have been introduced to the quiet Matt throughout the series but he isn’t one to converse with the group, yet they love him to pieces. They know something big must have happened to him and for them to still push him to join in on their pub nights and nights out must be a huge deal to him.

But now he’s been roped into picking up Brent’s sister, Lucy and her roommate from college and he’s less than happy about it. He’s heard things about Lucy and when Lucy overhears him taking to the Barrister about her, about how she is supposedly a nuisance, she quickly decides to pretend to be her room-mate when she meets Matt.

But when her cover is blown as Brent’s sister, Matt is furious. But he still cannot stay away from Lucy, and thus this begins the start of something neither of them thought they wanted. But when insecurities get in the way, will it break them apart or make them stronger?

Matt is withdrawn, we all know that, but what we didn’t know was how bloody kinky he was and in a way, that is why he is so quiet. A past relationship fucked him over and now he’s scared to be himself – it kind of holds onto him and he thinks he’s a freak because of what he likes. SERIOUSLY. Give Matt here and let him run riot on my body. I’ll be freaky with him. When he sleeps with ‘Sasha’ he feels that he’s found someone who doesnt think this, who likes this kind of sex and its refreshing.

You know that is attracted to Lucy, that he’s found someone who will grace his mind and when he finds out that she lied, well that doesnt lie well with him because he’s been lied to in the past and it wrecked him. He doesnt like it but he cant stay away. You can see why he cant, Lucy, despite lying to him, is someone who can bring him from the dark, make him feel alive again, let him love again especially with her. She could be his everything.

It takes him a while to figure out what he wants, but its always going to be Lucy and dear god, that ending, it got to me. It was the damn cutest ending I have read in a loooong while and I just hope that Tessa plans to write more on this couple and the others in their own shorter novellas. I’d love to see where they all are!

I felt for Lucy in the beginning. She felt like a huge nuisance to everyone, especially Brent and when she overhears Matt say this to the cashier in the coffee shop, well that pushes her down and that is why she lies and says she is her roommate. Despite not agreeing with her for this, I understood her reasoning for it. Why would you want to tell Matt you were Lucy after he’s just told you a nuisance?

I liked the fact that Lucy wasn’t a pushover, none of the heroines are and I loved the fact she had a list of things to do – to get out there and be carefree – for the week she was staying with Brent. Shes a tough cookies, although she does have insecurities and there is one part that had my heart clenching before i felt so sorry for Lucy – it was the more important part of her list and something happens. It tore me up because i would love to show and share that with someone i loved and it all went to pot 😦

Their chemistry sizzled, the sexual tension burnt the pages and the sex, uhh hell yes. You know that all that angry sex too will be amazing especially when Matt finds out who Lucy really is, he still cant stay away from her. She’s enticing and he feels alive when he’s with her. She helps burn out the darkness and lets light back into his life.

I don’t think I will ever get bored of reading a Tessa Bailey novel. She fills her novels up to the brim with drama, sexy times, personality and you just want to devour her books when you get your hands on them. I cannot recommend this author and this series any harder. PLEASE pick them up if you haven’t already because you will become obsessed with Ms. Bailey (Much like I am) and be on your wits end waiting for the next book from her.

DO IT DO IT! Buy the Line of Duty series, read it and tell me just how much you love them! You wont be able to pick just one of the guys, you will want them all, just like me. #Greedygirl.

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BOOK TOUR: Asking For Trouble – Tessa Bailey


Today on The Book Lovers is my 5 STAR review of Asking for Trouble – Tessa Bailey!



Brent Mason and Hayden Winstead can’t stand each other. She plans exclusive parties for her rich familys charities. He’s a rough and tumble cop who rigs explosives for a living. Could two people be any less suited for conversation? They think not and prefer to keep it that way.

Unfortunately, their two best friends are deeply, disgustingly in love. Forced together, the mutual attraction simmering beneath the surface of Brent and Hayden’s non-relationship grows with every argument until it explodes into a scintillating night of mind-blowing sex. And it wont be the last, as far as Brent’s concerned.

Hayden has a secret, though. Her father’s company is relying on a merger to save them from financial ruin, and only Hayden’s marriage to the CEOs wealthy son can secure the deal. If she’s to protect her family, she’ll have to forget Brent. And he has no intention of being forgotten.

5 out of 5  STARS!



My Review

*I’d like to thank Tessa Bailey for an ARC in return for an honest opinion*

I don’t even know where to start. Since reading Tessa’s first three books, I became besotted with the series. When I found out she was writing a book about Brent, I think I told her how excited I was, because he’s got such a cocky and dirty mouth (just how I like them) and since Daniel (my favourite) and Troy already found love, it’s surely Brent’s turn (and then Matt’s turn).

Tessa definitely has a way with hooking you into her books. The way she writes, the way she can come up with all these scenarios and sex scenes is beyond me. I love how you know the characters, you like them, you hate them (only the bad ones 😉 ) and you just keep reading and reading, until you are at the end and begging for more. For more sex, more of Brent and Hayden (and Daniel and Story) and more of their story. Tessa’s books are always steamy and hot but a beautiful story and journey is wrapped between them – a journey for both characters, from hating each other to wanting each other to falling in love, with obstacles along the way, until they can finally sort through the crap and be together at the end.

Brent and Hayden are thrown together due to their respective best friends Daniel and Story (Officer Off Limits) being madly in love. Brent dislikes Hayden due to her ‘status’ of being a rich bitch who goes to exclusive parties and Hayden dislikes Brent due to his cocky and asshole ways. They don’t get on at all and the only thing they agree on is how sickening Daniel and Story are.

But one night at the pub, Hayden decides to shut Brent up and begins a game with him – a game that changes everything between them. A game which includes secret sex sessions, getting to know each other on a personal level and delving into each others worlds. What can go right…or wrong?

We met Hayden in Officer Off Limits – we knew her as Story’s best friend and someone who comes from wealth. We knew she was funny and sarcastic and totally someone who loves Story to death. We find out soooo much more about her in Asking For Trouble – a whole lot more. She’s feisty, sarcastic, she gives as good as she gets off Brent and all they seem to do it argue and fight. But when Hayden decides to play with Brent, we see her flirty side come out, her sexy side and most definitely her dominant and controlling side in the bedroom. It was refreshing to see a woman take control in the bedroom.

We also see a caring and vulnerable side to Hayden. She loves what she does, running charities for children and she loves her ‘father’ so when he runs into trouble, she has a big decision to think about despite hating the guy who mother wants to her marry to save the company. You really do see many sides to Hayden, but more importantly, you see her fall in love with someone she would have NEVER put herself with. But her and Brent just go together like Peanut butter and Jelly (Cant say I’ve ever had this, but it seems to be the saying LOL).

UHHH Brent. Can I just have a minute to swoon the hell out over my new boyfriend?! I don’t even know where to start because I feel like I’m cheating on Daniel with Brent…it’s okay to have them both though isn’t it? Brent, as I’ve mentioned, is a cocky asshole. He says what he wants, he doesn’t really give a shit either because, well, he’s the shit and he has the dirtiest mouth ever! Oh the things that come out of that mouth….. He submits to Hayden’s demands for control and to be fair, he was bloody turned on by this little minx and this game they were ultimately playing at first. You see Brent shine through, you see how much his family mean to him, how much he supports them, so much so, he’s a blooming gorgeous grease monkey too!

You start to see a different side to Brent too. One that Hayden doesn’t want to see as she just wants to see Brent for what she’s used to, but little by little, both walls are falling and they both begin to feel more than hate for each other the more they get to know one another. But with Brent and Hayden, they don’t tell each other their feelings and just fight and argue all the time, despite secret intense feelings for one another. I have to say the ending! OH my heart stopped for a while over what was happening, but THANK THE LORD it ended that way. Oh, I was so scared!!

I loved the flirtiness between them, the banter was hilarious and then there were the scenes which tugged at my heartstrings, both good and bad, and I just wanted both of them to declare their feelings for each other instead of pussy-footing around it and just admit that they are perfect for each other. They balance each other out, they bring out another side to each other – a side that stays hidden. It was so lush to see Hayden and Brent fall for each other.

I cant not mention the sex. Come on, you should all know me by now. Tessa is the queen of the sex scenes. Queen of submitting you into a quivering mess over her amazing alpha males and their dominance and sexiness not just throughout the sex scenes, but throughout the whole process, from start to finish. Maaaan, Brent can most definitely take me in for a service or handcuff me or do anything he really wants to me because he is one sexy and hot motherfucker. I loved that he also submitted and played along with Hayden too – her fierce and dominate side coming out to play too. These two are just a perfect match in and out of the bedroom.

If you have yet to have the UTMOST pleasure (;) in more ways than one) of reading Tessa’s Line Of Duty series then really, you are missing out big time. We all love a sexy alpha male with a sweet side, we love a great heroine who can stand up to said alpha. We love a great storyline with drama added in and mix in panty-dropping sex scenes, you will find your new favourite series!

Give Tessa a go, you will not be disappointed and will become her biggest fan / stalker, just like me 😉


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Want a chance to win an autographed copy of Tessa’s first two books Protecting What’s His & Officer Off Limits? It’s the first time they’ve ever been in print!

She’ll be giving away 3 sets. All you have to do is leave a comment below to enter. Giveaway ends 12/1. Limited to US residents only.

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His Risk To Take – Tessa Bailey


The greater the risk, the hotter the reward…

Homicide cop Troy Bennett had a reputation on the Chicago PD for being fearless and in control—until the night his daredevil partner is killed during a raid. From that moment on, he swears he’ll never again be responsible for the loss of a loved one. To escape his demons, Troy transfers to the NYPD, bringing him up close and personal with Ruby Elliott, a beautiful, street-savvy pool hustler.

Reckless and stubbornly independent, Ruby embodies everything Troy’s avoiding, but when she walks into O’Hanlon’s Pub and blows his carefully laid plans to hell, Troy knows he has to have her—risks be damned. But there’s a connection between Ruby’s shadowed past and a case Troy’s working involving a notorious Brooklyn felon, throwing her safety into jeopardy. Confronted with his biggest fear, will Troy push Ruby away to keep her safe or fight to keep her in his arms where she belongs?

4.5 / 5 stars




My Review

So now you’ve read my reviews of Protecting What’s His and Officer Off Limits, it was definitely time to read His Risk To Take (I went a little backwards as this is the second book and OOL is the third, but psssssh, if you give me sexy police officers and hot sex, I will read whatever book I get my hands on first).

I’m just gonna reiterate what I’ve said in the past two reviews. Tessa is awesome. She really draws you in, makes you care for every character (apart from the baddies, whom you just want to pummel with a pole – but then that’s making you care about whats happening so..). You laugh, cry, get all hot and bothered and root for the main characters to be together, you jouney together and alone.

Much like Protecting What’s His and Officer Off Limits, I couldn’t put the book down. Sex scenes on public transport, being all hot and bothered in work, wanting to jump the next guy I saw. I was also crazy public transport woman, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This series is a brilliant read and all the things I’ve felt along the way just add to the amazingness of them.

Let’s start with Officer Troy….uh I just quiver thinking about what you can do with that pool stick hahah. But he is one sexy officer! Hes protective and possessive and such an alpha male but he also had a vulnerable side. A side that although he kind of hides, it’s there. There from his past that’s why he transferred to New York.

He was adventurous but when a fatal accident happens to him which makes him fear now, fear that he too will lose someone again if he gets close to them. He feels guilty for something that wasn’t his fault and he can’t let it go. Once so free, hes now reserved, playing by the books and not taking risks. That is until Ruby walks into his life.

Ruby. Seriously, she is awesome! She’s a BAMF and a pool hustler. She really knows how to hustle but she only does it to survive. To pay her rent and bills and she’s trying to turn her life around, open her own business after college and leave her past behind her. Leave what she knows behind her and start afresh. After all, it was her father and his ‘best friend’ who got her into hustling and now she does it alone, hoping to god she doesn’t get beaten up by the men she hustles. But if she did, shes strong enough to know how to beat the crap into them.

She’s independent, strong willed, spunky, sarcastic and has a smart mouth that gets her into trouble a lot with Troy…which leads to hot sex. Yes, I would run my mouth too for the things that man can do. But she’s also pretty vulnerable at times, and you see her caring side for her best friend near the end and here about her cleaning him up throughout their lives too. Despite her strength, shes still a young woman who wants to feel loved and wanted and there are times when her barrier wavers a bit especially when her relationship hits a blip and also when shes in danger. Against everything, it was nice to see her walls cave in and learn to trust, as she doesn’t trust easily at all.

I think she is my favourite heroine out of the three books. She is just pure awesomesauce. She can hold her own and as I’ve mentioned before, all of the heroines are strong females and it just makes me so happy that they are needy or pathetic and can definitely bite back!

Ruby turns Troy’s life upside down. He’s fallen pretty fast and after finding out about her history and how shes linked to the investigation he’s on, hes shit scared that hes going to lose her too. He can’t have that guilt on his head again, having one persons death on his conscious, even if it wasn’t his fault, is enough for him to follow and feel for himself. If he lost Ruby, he would have no clue what he would do. Thank god Ruby is a strong female who can look after herself, its what shes been doing all her life.

Although all three books follow the same kind of plot, with the action being towards the end, His Risk To Take is such a different book. The heroine is more spunky, the hero more vulnerable and perhaps more afraid, it was a turn of events and it made me love this book so much. I love the hustler and the cop being together. It’s fun and you would never see that happening, but it works. It works because you see another side to them both, a side that they want to show to each other, a side that they want to change for the better. Ruby wants to change her life, open her own business and Troy wants to not feel guilty anymore. They both help each other out.

The sex scenes…well. As always, Tessa makes me shitting hot as! You will be quacking haha. Just read the pool table scene…..FOOKING HELL. Troy….what a man, what a man. A man we all want in our beds…along with Daniel and Derek… the same bed. WOOOOW, what a combo that would be…and such a goddamn good motherfucking time.  You wouldn’t be walking for a while haha, anyway on a tangent here, the sex is just wow, and it proves how strong their connection is, even after a few days. I really believe things like this happen, and thank god Tessa has written books where you fall after a few days, because it really can happen…in my eyes anyway.

How many times can I commend Tessa Bailey for these books? Well, a lot!! Strong female characters, dominating alpha males with potty mouths with an awesome storyline and copious amounts of hot sex. What is there not to love?

So now I have reviewed all three books, seriously what in the world are you waiting for? I’ve given you  sexy quotes, told you all about the amazing couples and a brief outline of the story, so go to Amazon, click those 1-click buttons and enjoy these books like I definitely did 😉

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Teaser Tuesday: His Risk To Take – Tessa Bailey

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
• BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
• Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers.

My Teaser

“I like it. Having your marks on me.”
His cock swelled against the front of his pants, begging for the stroke of her hand.

52%, Loc 1085, His Risk To Take – Tessa Bailey

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Officer Off Limits – Tessa Bailey


His need to possess her is non-negotiable.

Story Brooks’ fiancé just called off their wedding two weeks before the happy day. As if that isn’t bad enough, her semi-estranged father, an infamous NYPD hostage negotiator, has suffered a heart attack. Not wanting to examine her lack of emotion over the broken engagement, she hops on a plane to reconnect with her father before it’s too late.

Playboy hostage negotiator Daniel Chase has never, not once, been refused by a woman, so when a debate over hospital snack foods with a delectable kindergarten teacher ends in flat-out rejection, he makes it his mission to seduce her. His only obstacle? She’s the daughter of his mentor who implicitly forbade Daniel from pursuing her.

Despite her father’s warnings and Daniel’s troubled past, Daniel and Story can’t resist their intense attraction to one another. But when the reason for her fiancé’s abrupt wedding cancellation comes to light, can Story and Daniel’s already forbidden relationship survive?

5 / 5 stars




My Review

Since reading Protecting What’s His, I have been grabbing my sides (and clenching my legs ;)) to read the next two books from Tessa Bailey. I couldn’t resist anymore and I couldn’t stop thinking about them so Officer Off Limits was the next book I literally devoured.

As I mentioned in my review for Protecting what’s His, I couldn’t put it down. Ms. Bailey engrosses you within the story, rooting for both hero and heroine, making you fall in love with them and mentally telling them what to do, as well as picturing yourself having sex with the hero….yes, we all do it, don’t be shy now.

I read the majority of books on the bus and trains to and from work, so I have so many different facial expresses but when sex scenes appear, they get me highly strung…seriously people, don’t read sexy books in public places, you will want to jump the next boy/girl who sits beside you. Don’t worry that didn’t happen but the book will be on your mind all day until you can get your hands back on your kindle to finish it. THAT is the type of book I love, the one where the story plays all day in your mind and you just need to know the ending. It surely didn’t take me long to read 😉

After her fiancé called off their wedding just weeks before the big day and her dad, whom she hasn’t seen in years decidedly has a heart-attack, Story Brooks decides to visit her dad in New York while examining why she isn’t broken up about her engagement.

While she’s there, she meets her father’s partner, Daniel Chase. Playboy Daniel was recruited by Story’s dad when he was younger and her dad has been his mentor throughout the years. Never thinking himself good enough for love, he jumps from bed to bed never staying long enough for anything serious, until he spots Story. Her blasé attitude only makes him want her even more but when he finds out she’s his mentors daughter, he’s forbidden from pursuing her.

But the chemistry between Daniel and Story is just too strong and despite the warning, they cant stay away from each other. Story learns about Daniels troubled past and helps him learn to love, whereas Story wants a rebound yet does she really? When everyone finds out the real reason for the cancellation of the wedding, can Story and Daniel’s relationship survive?

I’m going to start with Daniel. HAHA but of course, who wouldn’t. You all know me by now, such a book boyfriend whore so I HAVE to start with the guys first 😉 But yes, DANIEL CHASE! I pretty much love him (as I do with other BBF I’ve written about). He is primal and possessive and raw but he doesn’t think highly of himself. He doesn’t think hes worthy of love because of his past and being thrown around the system and that one event that changed him and shaped him into what is now his career. Because of this self-doubt, he whores himself around because he thinks hes not worthy of being loved, or even loving. Oh baby, you are sorely mistaken about that.

He is great at his job, been with plenty of women so he pretty much knows the way around a woman’s body but when he spots Story, hes taken aback. She is something different altogether and it’s a damn shame she is off limits, but does that stop him? Fuck no. He wants her, want to get to know her and he knows there is something between them, something more than a quick fuck. He’s hooked from the get go and now it’s time to prove that this is more than a rebound, that it’s something real.

I loved Story. She is a kindergarten teacher and when her fiancé breaks off their engagement she just has this blasé attitude towards it.  Like she didn’t give a shit that they were no more, she just ordered cake and champagne to go. THAT made me laugh so much. She’s strong willed and feisty and spunky and she can give amazing banter back but shes caring and sweet and wants to see the best in people. I suppose that is from being a teacher. You can see that she does take after her dad though; you will see why when you read it.

Tessa surely makes her heroines strong and feisty and I love her for it! Her characters aren’t pathetic, they have pasts but they power through them, coming out in love and happy in the end. They can give as good as the hero’s can and can make their own decisions upon what he right and wrong. You watch Story and Daniel fall in love over the few weeks they spend together, and you can see that they really do deserve one another.  This was no rebound, this was their forever.

I’ve mentioned this in Protecting What’s His review but TESSA, where the hell do you have the ideas for these sex scenes? Jesus woman, you are killing me every single time. I need a Daniel to recreate them. Tessa has me squirming and I need to jump someone. The sex is just raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw and throw me against a wall and take me sex and the things that man can do in 60 seconds? WAAAH I want. The sexual chemistry and all the sex really intensified their connection and brought out another side to Story, which I loved as it brought her sexy shell out.

You totally wouldn’t mind Daniel in your bed; seriously, you will be fanning yourself and this one scene? Oh Oh Ohhhhhhhhh yes please. 😉

Tessa Bailey has really done it again. She brings feisty, caring heroines, possessive and dirty mouthed alpha males, humour, sarcasm, hot sex scenes and a great plot within this book which I can tell you is hard to not read once you’ve read one book by her.

If this review doesn’t get your butt over to Amazon and pressing the 1-click button, I’ll leave you with these two quotes…..

“Do you feel that gorgeous? I keep my cock hot and hard for you. Only you. Any time you want it, you just crawl right onto my lap and take what you need.”


“Fuck yeah. Bite me gorgeous. Mark up my whole body. I want everyone to know who I belong to. Who I get hard for. Just you, Story. Just you.”


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Protecting What’s His (#1) – Tessa Bailey


She’s running from the law, and the law wants her bad.

The opportunity was just too damn delicious for Ginger Peet to pass up. The purse full of money she finds—$50,000 to be exact—could give her and her teen sister the new start they need. So she grabs the cash, her gothy sibling, and their life-sized statue of Dolly Parton, and blows outta Nashville in a cloud of dust. Chicago, here we come…

Turns out, Chicago has some pretty hot cops. Hot, intense, naughty-lookin’ cops like Derek Tyler, who looks like he could eat a girl up and leave her begging for more. And more. Tempting as he is, getting involved with the sexy homicide lieutenant next door poses a teensy problem for a gal who’s on the lam. But one thing is certain—Derek’s onto her, and he wants more than just a taste.

And as far as he’s concerned, possession is nine-tenths of the law.

4 /5 stars



My Reviews

Ginger Peet needs to get her and her 17 year old sister Willia away from their druggy mother. Well, you could say mother but they hardly see her. She has never cared enough for them and also brought men and drugs back whenever she bothered to return. Ginger has practically raised Willa and done everything she could for them to survive.

Spotting her chance to get away from this hell hole, she spots a purse next to her mother full of money. Money that could give her and her sister a second chance and a new life. Deciding to take the money, she and her sister fly out of Nashville and head towards Chicago.

What she doesn’t expect when she gets there is a pretty hot cop. A hot cop who is her neighbour and wants her. Although their first meeting doesn’t go as planned, they both want each other but what happens when he find out about Ginger and her past?

One thing you could say about hot cop Derek is that he doesn’t take no for an answer.

Protecting What’s His is the first book I had read by Tessa Bailey but it certainly won’t be the last as I will HAVE to read her other two books asap!! I had seen someone reading this on Twitter and I was intrigued (They were tweeting dirty talk). So searching it on Goodreads, and reading some of the reviews, it was an instant 1-Click. An alpha male with an extremely dirty mouth? Oh hell yes, I am so reading that! Love me some dirty.

I started it late-ish the other night, went to bed and then it was finished by the time I got home from work. I blitzed through it because I didn’t and couldn’t put it down. I read it on the way to work (sex scenes included and I was then highly strung), on my lunch break and back home again. I couldn’t concentrate for wanting to finish Derek and Ginger’s story. I was obsessed.

Ms. Bailey dragged me into the story. Her writing captivated me. I was laughing, swooning, fanning myself, rooting for everyone, panicking, loving the connection between Ginger and Derek, loving the banter between Ginger and Willa, and also on edge during the last part of the book. I was gasping and hoping that everything would be okay, eagerly wanting to know I was turning the pages at lightning speed. Tears did spring to my eyes more than once.

It’s more than just a sexy book, it had everything in it for you to enjoy!

Ginger is a brilliant character. She’s strong and comes across as confident and comfortable in her sexuality, but deep down she is scared. Scared that she will turn out to be just like her mother and she’s completely vulnerable. All her life she has had to savage to keep her and Willa alive and fed. She’s done everything to survive and this is her chance to start over and start again away from the town that was dragging her down.

She has a guard up which makes her feisty and she doesn’t like to let anyone in in fear of being let down or left behind. The only person that matters is Willa. Being with Derek though, its petrifying to her and she doesn’t want a relationship, she wants it physical but over the course of the book, you see Ginger transform. Albeit it took a while for her barriers to fall but she gets there in the end, and it was lush seeing her happy and carefree. You see her fall in love, deal with pain and heartbreak, be jealous, have amazing sex and end up in a dangerous situation. She’s a strong girl who will give as good as she gets and I just loved her.

Derek! Oh Derek is one sexy, dominating, protective and possessive alpha cop. Uh he made my insides all gooey. I couldn’t get enough of him. He is a bit douchebaggy in the beginning but you can kind of see why that is and Ginger didn’t help but then he pushed her buttons too. Over the course of the book, you see Derek doesn’t like anyone, especially Ginger saying no. He has a verrrry dirty potty mouth that you can’t help but get sucked into and want him to say everything to you. He likes to be in control and you can certainly tell. But then you see his caring side too, his loving side appear.

He can’t get enough of Ginger, needing and wanting her to be his everything. You see different sides to Derek; possessiveness, dominant, caring, loving and scared. You see him there for Ginger, wanting to protect her from her pain and her past. He saves her from a dangerous situation and its touching that he loves her so much. He also has insecurities much like Ginger, but they both know what to do to make them go away and prove just how much they love each other when the other doubts themselves

I loved Willa, the secondary character and Gingers sister. My Jesus, the comments she comes out with could give me a run for my money but you see her grow up and blossom. At first we meet her she is this grungy teenager but over the course of the book, she comes out of her shell – she still has the comments, don’t worry – and we see her fall in love and have a boyfriend in the form of Evan. We don’t see much of him, but what we do, he is pretty awesome and someone who can see straight through Willa. It was great to see Willa happy and with someone who truly loved her.

NOW onto the sex scenes and dirty talk. The things that man says had me quaking, dear god. His mouth is dirty and I loved it! I love it when a man tells you exactly what hes going to do and what he wants. All men should do this, instant turn on! Haha. Derek and Ginger had passion and their connection was pure. It was steamy and hot and raw and it was everything you want from sex, especially with an alpha male like Derek.

I enjoyed the alternative POV’s. Love it when an author does this. You can easily distinguish Ginger and Derek’s voices which is great. I loved knowing reading about their feelings for each other and their personal lives and their insecurities and how much they both wanted one another. Getting inside their heads was the best and the alternating views were perfect.

I can’t tell you what my favourite scene because it’s near the end, but it’s in the motel room, in the shower.  So I’m just going to give you some of my favourite quotes to tide you over before you read it 😉

“There’s nothing in you past that could keep me away from you.”
“Tighten those pretty thighs around my waist. I’m going to give it to you rough.”
“Wake up you little cock tease”
“Look at me. You own me. I’m owned.”
“The longer it takes me to get between your thighs, the rougher I’m going to be when I finally get there. Understand?”
“Do you feel that, baby? That’s your man moving inside you.”

So there you have it. You all must take a chance on Protecting What’s His because it will turn you into a gooey mess inside and you will also love the story too! I’m going to be reading Officer Off Limits and His Risk To Take by Tessa Bailey soon and I’m pretty sure I will be a mess once again when I read more dominant alpha males ;).