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Those pesky English sayings in The Deal


As a welsh girl and someone who lives in the UK, The Deal is ultimately going to have some sayings that some of you won’t understand. It’s been brought to my attention that perhaps I should be nice enough to write a list of the sayings in my book before you get your pretty little heads in a tizzy over just what the hell they mean.

I’ve gone through The Deal, and really, there aren’t that many welsh words (There is one – my favourite!) or English sayings that haven’t been mentioned in thousands of books before…but just to ease my and your worries, here are the ones that I think may confuse many a reader.

College to you Americans.

It’s the welsh word for ‘Cuddle’. It’s so much bloody better than the word ‘cuddle’. It’s cuter and a word I use all the time. You pronounce it as ‘Cutch’.

My beta highlighted this saying (she’s American). It basically means ‘Let’s all go out and get drunk’ in this sense anyway.

Pissed off:

Note: We use Pissed, as you can see, in two separate ways.

You probably all know this one, but just in case, it means ‘sex’

‘Panties’ to all you Americans.

Roast dinner:
I had to google if you did this, and it seems you do, but not as often as us UK’ers. Basically a meal with meat, veg, gravy and cannot forget, Yorkshire puddings!

Soccer to all of you.

I did google ‘Do Americans use ‘clubbing’. It didn’t give me anything. Anyway, clubbing is when you go to a nightclub.

Bunk- off:
Basically means ‘skip/skive’ a certain activity. eg. Let’s bunk off school today and go shopping.

Can be used as someone who ‘jacks off’ haha, but in this case, I used it as someone who is an idiot/dickhead.

A term of endearment, bit like ‘babe’

Bugger off:
‘piss off’

Getting told off


Knickers and bra.

It’s a fashionably cheap shop we call Primark. We try to make it sound cooler than it is by calling it Primarni.

Cool your tits:
Calm down.

Advent Calender:
A Christmas calender with numbers windows counting down the days until Christmas Day. Chocolate are behind them.

Pig out:
Eat everything in sight.

Another word for drunk.

All good

My word for ‘boyfriend’

A British boyband, whom are no longer together.

A derogatory word – kind of like ‘slut’

Off your face
Another saying for ‘drunk’

*cough* Dad I’d like to fuck

Curvy grip
Hair clip

I’m pretty sure this is everything ‘English’ you may or may not know. I probably missed some so if you have no idea what the word means when you read The Deal, throw me over a tweet and I’ll straighten out the meaning…or go on Urban Dictionary 😉 That website has some unbelievably funny examples of the words.


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