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Introducing the best friends from The Deal

The Deal No 10 KopieYou’ve been introduced to Nic and Craig and now it’s time to meet the friends.

So I’ve gone a little overboard with the friends in The Deal. In their group there is eleven of them. Yupp, you did read that right, there is eleven people and I love them all.

Well, Why not?

It’s been mentioned that having too many people in your book can make you lose focus, can make it hard to distinguish between every character you mention, but I can’t take them out. Each one is special one way or another to Nic and Craig and hopefully, the ones who don’t play such a great deal in The Deal, will in book two. Actually, I’m sure they will have bigger cameos in book two.

So let’s break them down.

School friends:
Craig – Rob, Matt, Danny & Tom
Nicole – Kelsie

Nic – Tammy, Sophie and Joe

Nic – Jamie

Yupp, eleven friends.

The main BFF’s to Nic and Craig are called Kelsie and Rob – they, too, are a couple, and really, a reason why Craig and Nic got to spend so much time together – I say that loosely – in their young-ish years before they got together for the deal.

Kelsie and Nic have been BFF’s since they were in nappies, and have grown up together, even going to the same university before moving back to Swansea. Nic lives five minutes down the road from Kelsie. It’s always great to have your BFF close and you will see that Nic runs to Kelsie more often than not.

Kelsie’s personality is a mix of my own BFF’s. She’s feisty and protective and honest and says things she really shouldn’t share (okay, this one was me). She tells Nic how it is and won’t take any shit off her. But then she’s quirky, and funny and offers great advice, in her own special way. I know every girl needs a best friend like this, and thank God, in real life, I have a bff like Kelsie…or maybe I am Kelsie to my bff.

She was a hoot to write and everything that came out of her mouth had me laughing or agreeing with her. She just goes with the flow. I love her banter with everyone too, she knows how to hold her own around the guys and that is something that I wanted from a BFF, especially as they are surrounded by seven guys, with only four girls…

Let’s introduce the other two girls:

Tammy is a university friend and, can I say, a former slut. She has a very out-going personality and objectifies men. She goes out to pull and if the night isn’t a success it’s classed as a fail. But we see her calm down a lot, we see her transform from slut to someone who becomes a one-men woman.

Then there is Sophie. She’s been classed the same as Tammy. She goes out to pull and becomes disheartened if she doesn’t. She loves guys and I think deep down, she likes Tom but doesn’t feel worthy of him. We’ll have to see what happens with these two as Tom is smitten with her. Both her and Tammy have realised how important friendship is and you do see them calm down their antics a lot!

Now the guys!

With Rob, he and Craig have been best friends since school along with the other three guys. Rob is a hard one to analyse, mainly because he’s not in The Deal as much as Kelsie is. I feel bad about this but Matt pushed his way in and the more I wrote him, the more I needed his story written so book two is dedicated to Matt. And I’ve gone slightly off target here. Right, Rob. He keeps Kelsie balanced. As a nutcase, he is her calm. He keeps her crazy arse in line. He’s sweet and loveable and head over heels in love with Kelsie.

He’s a joker, too and keeps Craig in check during some scenes where Craig’s jealousy gets a bit too much. He can be crude and is a great friend to Craig and Nic. There is one part that makes me chuckle with Nic and Rob – it’s like a move they do together and it’s based on something I used to do when I was younger – I did steal it from a movie though, so I can’t take credit.

Other than that, Rob is a part of the glue of the group, too and I can’t wait to write more of him in book two. There is a big moment in book one with Kelsie and Rob so I want to progress their relationship as well as Nic and Craig’s and of course, my Matty boy who book two is focused on.

Tom and Danny are my ginger twins. They could not be any different. Danny is confident in himself, in his ability to bag any girl he wants whereas Tom, although confident, exhumes this timidness. He likes Sophie, the girl’s university friend and although she doesn’t know, he doesnt give up hope to be with her.

We then have Jamie. He is a work colleague of Nic’s and has only really known her for a few months. He moved from Devon to Swansea for the job. I like Jamie because he is a joker, and he looks after Nic. He fits in great with the guys too, despite a rocky start with Craig but he has his eye on someone else in the group. He’s confident and a little cocky too, but he’s loveable and friendly.

The last guy we have is Joe. He went to university with the girls and is their gay friend. He is the epitomise of alpha male and you wouldn’t know he was gay unless he told you. Girls flock to him despite him not being interested. He loves the gym, he’s confident and he is so open about his sexuality and what he does in the bedroom, as you will see from one scene I wrote about him.

Now that I’ve spilt the beans on who book two is about, Matt is someone who I just fell in love with when writing The Deal. He’s special to me and I hope you all love him. I know my Beta, Mallory, does and so does Anna Bloom. I was only going to write The Deal but Matt wanted his story told. He wanted to find love like Nic and Craig even if he didn’t know it. So I granted him his wish.

I’ve got a rough outline of what his story is going to entail but as I did with The Deal, I didn’t plan it. It all came to me in snippets and I have notes and notes of little scenes to expand on. Matt doesn’t believe in love and he uses sexual innuendos and comments when he is uncomfortable. You will most definitely see this throughout The Deal, but there is hope for him, I will make sure of it. He will change his perspective of love by the time I am through with him 😉

So there we have it. The friends of The Deal.


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