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Miss stresshead is taking a break.

Hey guys!

I seem to be writing these more frequently recently, but this time i am going to stick by this.

2014 so far has been awesome. My NY resolution is “Put myself out there more” and “Make more of an effort” and for both, I have stuck my ground and done this – in many different ways. I’ve been ‘promoted’ in work too and that is one of the reasons, okay, THE reason I am writing this.

I feel like i actually have three full-time jobs – the upkeeping of The Book Lovers, being a publicist to Emma (which i love) and my actual full-time job. Now with my promotion, i am going to be taking on so much more work than i have been and my stress levels are flying through the roof so far. So much so, i dont want to go online when i get home from work, i dont want to read and all i want to do is sleep and drink wine and i need to focus on me and get myself out of this slump i am in. It’s happen before and i can most definitely get out of it sooner or later.

So i am going to take a few weeks off to just concentrate on my job. The work i am going to be doing is new to me and if i dont fully concentrate on it then the mistakes i make for clients is entirely down to me. Of course, i have two tours coming up, so i will have reviews for them, i have things for Emma Hart, Laura Beege and Anna Bloom planned so i will stick to them but other than that, i am taking time from blogging and probably wont be online as much as I’d like either – as you can already tell.

I’ll still be around if you want to tweet or facebook or even email me but i wont be on it 24/7 like i used to be.


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