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My top 13 Books of 2013

women-bookslllI hope you have all enjoyed everyone’s Top 13 books of 2013. It’s the last day now before we are in 2014, and it’s my turn to let you know which books were my favourite this year!


So this was really hard…I had read so amazing books this year and to narrow them down to just 13….it was hard! And although i have picked these 13, there are waaay more other books that i wanted on the list, but these were the ones that touched me when i read them.

They are in no order either as i went backwards on my GR list hahah :-

13038680     1. Poughkeepsie – Debra Anatasia

I cant tell you how much i loved this book. I could not put it down. It’s about Blake – a homeless man and Olivia – the girl who smiles every morning at Blake. We also meet Blake’s brothers and Oliva’s sister and their stories entwine within Blake and Olivia’s. This book has a little bit of everything wrapped into it. It has romance, banter, murders, kidnapping, jealousy, revenge, love, steamy moments, friendship, bonds, midnight mass but most of it, it’s about finding love and protecting those you love. It truly is a beautiful book to read and you would be mad not to give it a read.

    2. Losing Hope – Colleen Hoover17340050

As much as I LOVED Hopeless (and it was going to be on this list) I had to pick Losing Hope instead. Holder just stole my heart even more in this book. We find out his back story, his pain from losing Hope and Les. It’s his story on how he learned to love, how he learned to breath again and live, with the help of Sky and the help of his sister Les. We find out so much that it’s a punch in the stomach. It is an emotional read, but we see Holder forgive himself and know that now he has Sky, he is never going to let her go.

17700010  3.  Falling into Us – Jasinda Wilder

I loved Falling into You, but Falling into Us stole my heart so much more. It;s the story of Nell’s BFF Becca and Jason – the guy who liked Nell. I love reading about high school sweethearts and my god, Becca and Jason go through so much in this book. You watch Becca and Jason grow from insecure teenagers to confident adults, who know exactly what to do, what to say, how to love and how to help each other. You watch them talk things through, complement one another and talk about their future, always including the other. Their relationship and their bond is so strong, nothing can part them. Both go through painful scenarios that will have you sobbing, but the end, god the ending is perfect and despite all the tribulations, you can see just how strong their love is for one another.

17617277 4.  Real – Katy Evans

I loveeee Real so hard. God, Remy….he stole my heart. He is such a Alpha male yet hes got a soft centre. He is a quiet guy, speaking his feelings through song lyrics to Brooke and each song is important to him…it speaks what he cant say. Never knowing love, he is falling for Brooke, but he wants to know she can handle him, handle him when he goes black. He knows he cant let her go and it will kill him if she walks away. We see him protect Brooke, be attentive to her but most of all he is REAL. He wants Brooke to see the real him, not Riptide, but Remy. Remy has found the one he wants forever and you can truly see just how much he loves Brooke.

Attractive young woman   5. Bitter Angel – Megan Hand

This book isnt one that i would normally read, its so different from the NA ones i read. It made me sick to my stomach, made me shake, cry, pulled at my heartstrings but by god, i loved it so much. Lila has two separate dreams, both seem as real as real life and it scares the crap out of her. But she knows it’s got to be real, at least one of them. We see her delve to discover the shocking reality of something so sick that actually happens in today’s society. We see her try to save other people from going through what she went through in her ‘dream’ and you are on tenterhooks throughout the whole book, wondering what is going to happen and what the hell Lila is doing to do. It was out of my comfort zone, but i was so glad i read it!

16140408  6. Down London Road – Samantha Young

I absolutely loved Jo and Cam. They don’t start off on the best of feet but we watch them grow as friends, as lovers and we see Cam find out about Jo’s family situation, how much he wants to help out, how much he loves Jo and her brother Cole and we see him be there for her throughout her struggles. Although there are misunderstanding, we see Cam peel away Jo insecurities, her fears and he understands why she doesn’t want any help, how strong she is for dealing with the crap thrown at her and it makes him love and protect her even more. We watch Jo grow from this woman who doesnt want help, who doesnt open up to a woman who blossoms, who finds love, who has this person to lean on when times get tough and it was beautiful to watch her grow, and it grafts her into the person we love in Down London Road.

17333880  7. Twisted Perfection – Abbi Glines

I love Woods….plain and simple. Twisted Perfection really is different from the Too Far series. It delves deeper into emotional and mental issues, darker pasts and fears. You watch two people who are seemingly lost, find one another, help one another and find love together. They find their purpose in their life. It doesnt hurt that Woods has a dirty mouth and knows exactly what to do with his words 😉


172285198. Everything for Us – M. Leighton

I love this series but there was just something about Everything for Us that stole my heart.I fell for Nash hard in this book. He is a strong character, having to grow up pretty damn fast. He’s seen and done things he’s had no choice in and that has made him rid of any emotional attachments to anyone or anything. He’s numb and all he feels is anger. Anger for the people who killed his mother and fucked up his life. He wants revenge. But enter Marrissa and although he starts as sex, Nash is slowly dropping his armour, we see him falter, see him begin to care. I loved watching them both fall for each other, despite neither telling the other until it was too late. They both pushed each other; Nash made Marrissa stronger and Marrissa showed Nash, really, how to care, how to love and how to live again. Nash and Marrissa are amazing.

 Tucker_One Tiny Lie cover 9. One Tiny Lie – K. A Tucker

One Tiny Lie is about breathing again, freedom, finding who you truly are and being okay with that, with the changes in your life and falling in love and being loved back. Livie and Ashton complete each other. They show each other how to love and how to live and how to free themselves from everything holding them back. They both stole a piece of my heart and although it took a while for them both to truly be together, they both pushed, both had to figure out their own lives before they could really be together and that;s okay. That is what made them them. It hurt, there were tears from me, my heart ached for them both but in the end, the end is what saw them be real and open up and Livie and Ashton were truly meant to be.

18332469  10. The Time Until – Casey Ford

I had the pleasure of Beta reading this book and can i say, SHIT i cried my bloody eyes out throughout the whole book. Then when i re-read and Beta’ed it a second time, the tears were still there. As a debut, it has such an emotional impact on me that it was all i could think about for days after. It’s a beautiful book about childhood friend, love, the journey both Sam and Alan have made from their 5 year old selfs to now, at 20 years old….but its also a goddamn emotional book, from Alan praying to the gods that he wont lose Sam and he revisits the first time they met, to now, to the present, to the accident and how in gods name he will live if he loses Sam. You will need so many tissues to get through this book, but it is so worth every tear you shed.

18593366   11. Asking For Trouble – Tessa Bailey

I LOVE TESSA! Just putting that out there. Her Line of Duty series is one of my favourites and Asking For Trouble is book 4. I’m so sorry Daniel, but Brent just pipped you at the post for this spot.  Asking For Trouble is about Brent, Daniels best mate and Hayden, Story’s BFF (Daniel and Story are in Officer Off Limits). They both dislike each other but one game leads to everything changing between them. Both have led different lives but together, they seem to bring out the best in one another and the hate is starting to blur into love but with a secret Hayden is habouring, will Brent stop her making the biggest mistake of her life? Asking For Trouble is about journey for both characters, from hating each other to wanting each other to falling in love, with obstacles along the way, until they can finally sort through the crap and be together at the end. It also helps that THE SEX IS FREAKING HOT!!!

   12. April Showers – Karli Perrin???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I can’t have a list without my twinnie’s book (Buy April Fools too!)! I absolutely love this series but as someone who got inside things into this book (no, she didnt tell me about you-know-what) but i did get Isaac before everyone and a bit of Lukas too, which is why i hold this book close to my heart too, because Karli is the first author to actually send me teasers to her book. April Showers is focused around uni and boys and awesome friends and banter and sarcasm and heartache and i think we can all associate with that. You become invested in April, Isaac and Lukas’ lives and want to see who April is going to pick!! ISAAC IS MY BOYFRIEND! so everyone needs to back off.

18271314   13.  The Art of Letting Go – Anna Bloom

Scrap the fact i know Anna, The Art of Letting Go is a book that deserves a place on your kindle. Lilah is 25 and unhappy. So much so she quits her job and signs up to uni. There is meets a gorgeous guy name Ben who has been looking for her for 9 months after a brief encounter. She cant remember him but this starts the beginning of everything. Set in diary entries, we delve into the life of Lilah and her friends. It’s a great British debut (There are 2 novellas out and another 2 years of the series left); it has sarcasm, British humour, you will cry, laugh, get annoyed but most of all, this book is realistic and you will not want to put it down once you start. Also Ben ❤ DEAR GOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

IM SORRY BUT I CANT JUST HAVE 13…i know, i know, i made you all pick 13, but i cant leave this book out at all! PFFT i’m allowed to add in an extra! 😉 It was my rules hahaha.

14. Five Exotic Fantasies – Serenity Woods18356975

Along with Tessa, you should know how much I love Serenity Woods and her Love in Reverse series. When i read the third book in the series – Five Exotic Fantasies, i was hooked. Both Coco and Felix took my heart, especially Felix. He is the epitome of sexy and suave rolled into one, but also he is a sweetheart, he is cute and caring and does whatever he can to make Coco smile, to see her happy, and make her own her body, make her see that her fantasies arent weird, they are normal. Everything he does with the fantasies, he thinks hard about how to make a lasting impression of them. He is a alpha yet hes not. He has the dirty words, knows what to do with them, yet he is sensual, he likes the cuddles and hand holding and he stole my heart.


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