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BOOK TOUR: April Fools (#2) – Karli Perrin

AF Blog Tour banner2Today is The Book Lovers stop on the April Fools tour and I will be giving my 5 STAR review


April Fools Cover Image-02 (1)Synopsis

Love. Hate. Fear. Fate.
All four letter words.
All consuming.
Naked to the eye, they have the power to control the heart and destroy the soul.
April Adams is about to experience them like never before.
When everything in April’s life goes up in smoke, she is faced with some life changing decisions.
Join April as she continues her journey of love and loss.

5 out of 5 stars!!

My review of April Showers



My Review

GOD! THIS IS A BLOODY AWESOME SEQUEL! I get my Isaac back and HELLO HOTTIE BRODY! Yes, i have another guy to swoon and obsess over now….Jesus. An Isaac and Brody sandwich wouldn’t go amiss 😉 But anyway, before i go on a rambling tangent, i need to tell you how much i loved April Fools. You know my love for April Showers so when April Fools landed in my inbox, sod the others books (sorry) but I devoured the hell out of AF and it took like just over 2 hours, if that to finish it and swoon the hell out of this book. The sarcasm, the sexual innuendos, the tears, laughter and drama were all a part of April Fools – well we all know what went down in April Showers and no way was Karli going to bypass that shitstorm!!

We find out straight away about Lukas ‘condition…did he live or survive? It’s all there on the first page just for you to know. April is still in shock over the events that followed her house being set alight and her friend running into the building to find her. She’s really had a rough few days and Isaac has been with her every step of the way, making sure she is okay and helping her through it all. My boy really is a sweetheart! But when Isaac gets a call off his mother about Abbie being in trouble, Isaac is drawn into that drama and doesn’t tell April what is going on…not wanting her involved. This starts the trails and tribulations that follow their relationship to the very end.

April has been through a lot in the two books – from finding Isaac, finding out who he was, loving Isaac from afar but getting with Lukas to finding out Lukas’ secret, getting with Isaac, having her house set alight and now Isaac is keeping secrets from her, meeting up with Abbie, not answering her texts, being a little weird with her. Yes, that is enough to make anyone’s head turn a 360 and make you question everything. Thank god she had Lucy around and what makes everything better is that her brother, the delicious tattooed, motorbiking, cocky and flirty, Brody came to visit her for a while. OH HELL TO THE YES! We watch April grow up a lot in this book; she still has conflicting feelings about what Isaac is doing, about her brother and his weird relationship with Lucy, about Lukas and her hatred for Abbie. But she gets through it with everyone around her and I loved seeing her at the end – knowing she had gotten through it all and her love stayed strong for Isaac.

Oh Isaac, my beautiful Isaac. You have turned up your sexiness a hell of a lot! You cheeky, flirty, sexy, playful guy. I love him so much but when he was off sorting out Abbie and sneaking around and being blunt I was sat here like “Isaac, what are you doing? Please don’t be cheating on my girl.” I felt so bad thinking this about Isaac because his heart is filled to the brim with love for April, but you do feel that he is off doing something really bad. But when you find out exactly what Isaac has been doing and you just want to hug the shit out of him for dealing with Abbie’s bloody bitchy shit and what he does to help April through everything, dear god I need him in my life. Also, I loved how he would share a bit of himself to April, in the form of diary entries that he writes. They are the damn sweetest entries ever, they show how much he liked her from the start, to the very end of the book where I cried at the last one he wrote to April. That sealed the deal for both of them that a love like this is forever! They can survive anything thrown their way and they really have.

Be prepared to be jealous, but that chocolate scene? Yes, I read it before the book was out and also knew who Brody was too. That is the best part of being a twinnie with Karli ;).

I loved Lucy and Brody together….I say together, its more like they really didn’t get on and they bantered and fought a lot during the book but you can see the spark between them, how they begin to actually like each other little by little. Although they kind of hid it away, I would love to see a book between them, because they have so much to share from behind the scenes especially a certain thing I picked up about Lucy near the end of the book. I’d like to see why she has it and what happened. PLEASE KARLI!

I also loved how Karli mentioned some pretty hot book boyfriends from other books – I gleamed at this part and I loved how excited she got over them…cant spoil it for you, but I loved how Karli though to include the best BBF’s eveeeeeeeer.

If you have yet to read April Showers and April Fools, get them in your life now! Get Isaac and Lukas and Brody into your life. Read the drama that follows April, read how shitting amazing her BFF Katie is. I love this series and I love Karli and I think you all should too! Find you new book boyfriend in this series 🙂


photo (5)About Karli

Karli Perrin is a 25 year old English Language & Linguistics graduate from Manchester, England. She has always been a big lover of books and was inspired to write her own – April Showers.
She is a big believer of fate and is a sucker for a happy ending. She truly believes that there is a reason why you are reading this right now (apart from the fact that you are awesome!)
Her ultimate goal in life is to live in a house made entirely out of books with her best friend, who also happens to be her fiancé.

…Hogwarts is plan B.


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