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The Art of Forgiving (#1.5) – Anna Bloom


Benjamin Chambers found the girl, won the girl, and then lost the girl all in two months. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t that girl. The one that had already got away once.

Left to his own devices, wallowing in self-pity, drinking whiskey and killing ballads on his guitar Ben is looking forward to the worst Christmas in history. That is until an unexpected offer of help arrives.

Given the best Christmas gift he could ever wish for, the chance to spend one more day with the girl that got away. Ben knows he just has one day to convince Lilah that they are meant to be together, before he has to make some big decisions about his own future. Just one day to set right the mistakes that he has made, but will it be enough?

Ben may end up finding out that The Art of Forgiving isn’t something you can teach, it is something that you have to earn.



My Review

So you should have all read The Art of Letting Go AND The Saving of Benjamin Chambers by now…yes? No? GET TO IT!
The Art of Forgiving is a scene from Christmas in The Art OF Letting Go, in Ben’s POV. (We ALL love Ben…so YAY more Ben’s POV)
If you have read TAoLG then you will know exactly what happens before, during and after the Christmas entry…all from Lilah’s POV of course. Lilah is attempting to cook Xmas dinner and we all know how much she cant cook! So it’s the gang to the rescue.

The Art of Forgiving sees Ben cooped up in his room back at his mothers and he’s depressed and moping about. He’s lost Lilah and he really needs and wants her back – god, he loves her for crying out loud! When Tristan the arse calls him up, he jumps at the chance to see and spend time with Lilah, even if she doesnt want him around. We see Ben wanting just one more day, one day to prove to Lilah that they are right together, that they should be together and are meant to be – and this is his only chance to make right.

Ben is still the sweet guy we all know and love – he’s determined to make Lilah see that he is the one for her, that they should be together but he had big decisions to make about his own future and the band. He gets to spend a night with Lilah, hopefully making her forgive him and come back to him….

Will she though? Well, those who have read TAOLG know the answer, but if you dont, go and grab all three books and devour them like i always do!

The Art of Letting Go (#1) Links

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The Saving of Benjamin Chambers (#0.5) Links

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The Art of Forgiving (#1.5) Links

Amazon UK || Amazon US


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