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Five Exotic Fantasies – Serenity Woods


“Her head reminds her he’s not for keeps. Her heart isn’t listening. ”

“Love in Reverse, Book 3”

Between caring for her disabled mother and taking over as McAllister Dell law firm’s office manager, Coco Stark has zero room for one more thing on her precariously balanced plate.

Enter “one more thing,” a hotshot lawyer who’s defending one of the partners in a sexual harassment case. Coco has her own reasons to hope the partner is found guilty-reasons she doesn’t want Mr. Hotshot Fancy Pants to find out.

The moment Felix Wilkinson sets foot in his client’s office, the 1950s vibe grates on his idealistic, modern sensibilities. Only the strict, sexy Miss Stark captures his attention, and he’s determined to free the wild woman trapped inside her buttoned-down persona.

In spite of herself, Coco is captivated by Felix’s killer combination of sensual and smart, finally free to explore the exotic fantasies that freaked out her ex. But when Felix inevitably discovers the truth, she has trouble reminding herself that he was never for keeps. And Felix must choose to follow his head, or listen to his heart.

Warning: Contains wandering hands, mind-blowing kisses, a bit of bondage, and sexual fantasies that run the gamut from Hawaiian beach to Siberian igloo.

5 out of 5 stars!!



My review

I am besotted with The Love in Reverse series. Like so much! The first book I ever read and continue to re-read is Seven Sexy Sins. Then came along Toby in Six Naughty Nights and NOW, oh sweet baby Jesus is Felix in Five Exotic Fantasies. If you follow me on twitter, you will see just how much I LOVED Felix…yes I tweeted about him a lot throughout reading Five Exotic Fantasies but how the hell could I not? Seriously, you will fall head over heels with him.

I’m a huge fan of Serenity Woods and this series and the thing I love most about Serenity is that her books shine. Despite having truly amazing and hot as fuck sex scenes, the characters have their own personality, their own voice, but most importantly their own story to share. They have insecurities and struggles and they journey right till the very end….even then they still have things to sort out but I love that. I love knowing how much they have blossomed throughout the books and opened themselves up. It makes the books that much more real.

Five Exotic Fantasies is about Coco and Felix. In Wellington to investigate an alleged sexual assault claim in the Wellington law firm, Felix and Coco go out one night after a brief coffee shop encounter and then another at the law firm and Coco divulges all her fantasies to Felix. In turn, Felix offers to show her what she’s been missing for one night only and Coco agrees.

What starts as one night, equates to more…Felix shows Coco what she is missing, but most of all, his heart is healing and both of them are starting to fall for each other, despite knowing one another a few days. What do Felix and Coco do? Ignore everything and put it down to a great few days together or find a way to be together?

Veronica and Coco are the same people. Veronica or The Dragon as she is called in work is one strict and straight-laced woman. She takes no shit, she will tell you off if you get things wrong, she will bust your ass and you know not to get on the wrong side of her. She has a different persona in work, which involves hair scrapped back into a bun, a skirt just a little above the knees and a blouse buttoned up. She puts glasses on to make her more ‘sophisticated’ but the one thing that sounds out is the red lipstick – as when Felix sees her, he says the lipstick is her way of ‘begging to be kissed.’

Work and social Veronica/Coco are completely different people. They are polar opposites and the other end of the spectrum. She is feared in work.

But outside, Coco’s life couldn’t be more different. She looks after her wheel-chair bound mother, working her ass off to support both of them, to put food on the table and Coco doesn’t have a social life or really have any friends apart from Amy, who works in the HR Department. She spends all her time looking after her mum and feels absolutely guilty if she leaves her alone. Felix can see straight through her and despite only being in Wellington for a couple of days to investigate the sexual assault allegations, he makes her see and feel more during those few days than she ever has.

As I’ve mentioned, Veronica or Miss Stark is straight-laced. She goes by her job, getting it done, making sure there are no mistakes and people respect her enough to stay on her good side. By in the ‘real world’ she is a normal girl, who wears flouncy dresses, wears her hair down, and acts girly, but she also has a secret life from the office. No one knows anything about her at work and she wants it to stay that way. She loves her mother to death, would do anything for her and she knows that a family of her own wont happen because her mother needs her. She’s spunky yet she definitely has a vulnerable and shy side, but with Felix’ help, he brings her out of her shell and it was lush to watch her grow into this confident and sexy woman, who began to think about her future and what was going to happen, something she had always kept hidden away from her mind.

Enter Felix. She briefly meets him in a coffee shop where she is ‘Coco.’ But what surprises her is when he walks into her office at work where she is Miss Stark and it startles both of them, least of all Coco. And this is where it all begins.

Felix is hired by the co-owner of the Wellington Law branch to investigate a sexual assault allegation made by one of the secretaries about the other co-owner. As someone who has never met either, Felix is the perfect choice to be neutral. If you have read Six Naughty Nights, you will know that Felix is Toby’s older brother and is single and just a bit cheeky and flirty.

But behind this exterior, is someone who has loved and lost and many years later is still hurting from it. He has gone through plenty of girls, never staying with them any longer than a couple of months due to feeling guilty about moving on. When he meets the two different sides of Coco, he is instantly drawn to her and definitely wants to know more about her. When he does, he proposes a night of passion to let her see what she was missing but one night isnt enough and so begins the five nights of fulfilling Coco’s erotic fantasies. What could go wrong? Oh you will find out.

Felix is definitely a guy who girls flock to but there is something more to him. He knows the pain of losing someone he loved, he still hurts. But spending time with Coco, discovering and getting to know her, the pain is slowly fading and although he will always love her, his heart is healing, and he is falling for Coco…hard! Felix is sweet and caring, he’s smart and always goes that one step further to make sure everything he does – with the fantasies – will make a resounding lasting memory for Coco. He makes her see how normal her fantasies are, how much he wants to make her dreams come true and to see her smile and laugh and happy because of him, because of what he did for her.

I definitely fell that bit in love with Felix. From thinking outside the box with the fantasies, thinking of ways to make her confident about them, about having sex and owning her sexuality with him. He really knows his way around Coco’s body too, makes sure she feels intense pleasure, something she didn’t do with her ex, and gets her to open to to him, something which she never really does either.

For someone who you think will be a bad boy at first impressions, he really is a sensual guy, who likes to hold hands and cuddles but also owns your body in the bedroom. I also loved delving into his head too, knowing his thoughts and feelings towards Coco and how he was stuck about what to do, much like Coco was. He only had a few days yet he was in love with Coco. Coco loved him too, never feeling love for anyone, not even her ex and she was stuck too, wanting Felix but she couldn’t leave her mother alone.

So what happens? What do they do? Well, you will have to read and find out yourself but I was tweeting a lot about wanting Felix to stay but I suppose you’ll have to see what happens.

Serenity’s sex scenes are ones that I LOVE TO READ. She spices them up, mixes them up and throughout the series no sex scene are ever the same. They are completely different and frigging hot as hell, steamy as hell and get me a fan right now. She really makes me wish I had a boyfriend so I can rein-act these scenes because if I can get hot reading them, damn I want to try them. Coco and Felix’ scenes had me in tenterhooks….I was all hot and bothered and that one scene outside and the one where she was blindfolded! FUCK ME FELIX. OH god, I read these two on the bus to work and yeah, that wasn’t a great idea….but more than the sex, you can see just how hot the chemistry and attraction between the both of them is and truly, I love this couple to death. They both brought out foreign feelings that were hidden away and their journey, alone and together makes them so special to one another.

As someone who took a law module for three years in university, I loved reading about the case, about the findings and everything Felix had to do. I was really interesting and it was a great mix into the story, especially as Coco is some way involved in what was going on. I cannot love this book anymore than I do! I REALLY need to get this series in paperback badly!

If you have yet to experience the delights and wonders of Serenity’s work and especially this series then really, go and get the books and love all the characters like I do. Rusty, Toby and Felix are sexy and amazing guys who you will instantly fall in love with and its so hard to pick a favourite that I could want a sandwich with all of them please. These books are much more than sex. It journeys both characters to learn how to love, how to accept themselves and be selfish once in a while, but it also shows that when you find ‘the one’ you will do whatever to make sure you have them for ever.


Five Exotic Fantasies purchase links:

Amazon UK: £3.89
Amazon US: $6.37


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