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The Saving of Benjamin Chambers – Anna Bloom

ben_cover_no_spine - The Saving of Benj,im ChabersSynopsis

Benjamin Chambers needs saving, he just does not know it yet. Bored of his life of repetitive gigs with a band going nowhere fast and one night stands with girls who are only interested in his role as a lead singer, something has got to change. It’s just what do you do when the only life you know involves messing around with guitars and attempting to run away from any female attention that comes your way.

Ben has a New Year’s resolution and one that he is determined to keep, quit the band and get a life of his own. Little does Ben realise that on his last night with his band Sound Box he is going to meet a girl who will turn everything he knows upside down.
As Ben sets himself the challenge to find ‘The Girl’ again, he may be about to learn that in an effort to rescue her, he himself will be the one to be saved.

5 out of 5 stars!!!

My review of The Art Of Letting Go



My review

“She can thank me tomorrow or the day after that, or even the day after that because one thing is for sure, I am never letting that girl escape again.”

You should all know by now how much I love my bestie Anna, and how much i am infatuated with Mr Benjamin Chambers. Like it’s obsessive and damn right scary…if he was real, I’d be stalking his ass and telling him he should be mine and not Lilah’s. But damn, we cant download fictional characters no matter how hard we want to, and that is something i will have to live with!

But yes, The Saving of Benjamin Chambers is just that. Ben is bored with his life. He’s bored of not going anywhere, he doesnt want to be in the band anymore, he’s awkward around girls, hence never having a girlfriend and when he does sleep with them, the morning after he wants out asap! Yupp, that is our beautiful Benjamin, he hates attention. The Saving of Benjamin Chambers comes before The Art of Letting Go. We get a glimpse into Ben’s life before meeting Lilah and of course, the 9 months of searching for her after that brief meeting at her work’s Christmas do.

We know that Ben met Lilah at her Christmas do, but we dont know the specifics of how it happened, but let’s say he was infatuated from the beginning, knowing that he needed to save her from something, as well as being saved himself – despite not knowing it. When he plays at her Do, he cant stop watching her and then he loses her at the end of the night. Although he was going to quit the band before the gig, he decides to spend the next year looking for her and one night, one freshers balls fate seems to step in and he sees her. HE ACTUALLY FOUND HER! and by god, he is not going to let her go now, nope, he is going to make her his, so he can save her and she can save him. Thank god for being roommates and of course, on the same course 😉 So much time to spend together!

If you have yet to read The Art of Letting Go and have the utmost pleasure of falling in love with my sexy and cute guitar player, then get your butt to amazon, download it, read it then read The Saving of Benjamin Chambers. Anna has a unique style of writing, she combines sarcasm, humor and britishness all into one, along with laugh out loud moments, tender moments, crying moments and everything in between!

READ IT please 🙂


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