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BOOK TOUR: The Long Game – J.L. Fynn



Smooth talking. Ambitious. Loyal. Twenty-year-old Shay Reilly has proven himself to his Irish-American Gypsy clan on small-scale cons, but now the clan leader has a bigger mission for him: playing the long game.

To rake in the big score he’s after, he needs to con co-ed Spencer into falling in love with him. He knows he should see Spencer as a mere means to an end, but that’s easier said than done when there’s a witty, attractive girl in your arms.

Now the only thing that can keep them apart is the thing that brought them together: Shay’s plans of revenge against someone who wronged his clan and family years before—Spencer’s father.



Except from The Long Game

Spencer’s face was still upturned, and her skin glowed a pale silver in the moonlight as she smiled. Without giving any thought to how she would react or whether it would set back any progress I’d made so far, I kissed her.

Spencer’s response wasn’t immediate, but after a moment, she kissed me back, pressing her hands into my chest. I laid one hand against the side of her neck and tangled the fingers of my other through the silky hair at the back of her head. Her mouth was hot on mine, and she tasted sweet as our tongues met.

Long before I was ready for it to end, she broke off the kiss. She looked up at me breathlessly, her lips parted. Our faces were so close I could feel her warm breath against my cheek.

“I guess your prediction wasn’t so far off after all,” she said with a playful grin.

I smiled and pulled her back to me for another kiss.


Author photoJ.L. Fynn is the public face of the writing collaboration between Katherine Ernst and Chelle Bruhn. Katherine and Chelle have been writing together since they were 14-years-old and are happy to be able to team up professionally after all these years. They both live outside of Philadelphia, PA and look forward to years of fruitful work together.

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