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Heeey guys.

As you can see, I’ve not really posted this week.

That is because I’ve burnt out and needed some time off constantly updating this blog.

I’ll be back to it Sunday with The Rocker That Loves Me tour with a review. (Seriously i LOVE this series)

ANNND at the end of this month is my ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY! So watch out in the following 2 weeks for a list of the awesome authors whom are taking part in my GIVEAWAY. There are some right goodies being given away 😉

I wont be updating all the time in the forth coming months either, simply because work is full-on, we are hiring newbies which means i will be helping them out, we are moving offices and i have a social life too. Obviously I will still be here, reviewing, doing cover reveals, tours….just not as much as i have been (Which hasnt been much since i moved out of my parents house.)
But Mancandy Monday and This Week’s Splurges will be sticking, regardless of if they are the only two days i post.

So, see you all Sunday!


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