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Ten reasons to LOVE ‘The Art Of Letting Go’ – Anna Bloom (+ Excerpt)


Ten reasons to love The Art Of Letting Go

Anna Bloom’s debut novel – The Art Of Letting Go (the Uni Files, Year One) is released TODAY! YAAAY! I had the pleasure of reading this awesome book a few weeks ago…and it’s definitely 5 STAR material.

So I have put together ten reasons why you should buy The Art of Letting Go and why you should love it.

1) Ben Chambers. No further comment, jut Ben *sigh*

2) Lilah – Although you will want to kill her at times, she’s pretty damn cool!

3) Lilah and her drinking- you WILL buy wine in the bucket loads.

4) Ben’s cuteness – You will most definitely find that out!!

5) Tristan the arse – hes an arse but a nice arse 😉

6) How Lilah lives by Taylor Swift songs

7) Ben singing a Taylor Swift song.

8) Ben and Lilah together


10) Ben singing this…..

And now here is the excerpt from Ben and Lilah’s first date: there may be a song involved….

6th October

12.45 a.m.

I have just managed to say a chaste goodbye to Ben at my door. By chaste I mean there was definitely kissing and fumbling but clothes remained intact and fastened. That’s chaste, right?

What a date!

Seriously, if that was a first date, then what would a second date be like, or a third? Or, I don’t know, what would forever be like, if I got to wake up with him every day?

I can’t think now. Need to sleep. Sleep good. Think tomorrow.

The Date

A date done Ben-style is unlike any I have ever known. It blows any other first date completely out of the water.

It’s a good thing I said yes. He made it sound spontaneous, but I think he must have gone to a lot of effort. Well, a lot of organising effort.

Ben navigates us through the public transport system, the whole time not telling me where we are going. We end up outside a pub that looks a little on the dodgy side, right in the heart of Borough Market. He walks calmly up to the door and pushes through, exuding an air of confidence that I could only ever dream of, while pulling me through the door after him, holding me close to his side.

The first thing I am surprised by is the sight of Meredith and Tristan, more so by Tristan, but it seems these two are a double act these days, so I choose to ignore it.

The second thing I am surprised by is the sight of the rest of his band mates all standing over in the corner with their instruments behind them. I have seen them in passing at Fez Club, but we never talk. I swing back around to Ben and find him watching me closely, gauging my reaction.


“I told you, I am going to make you mine. Figure I can help you make up your mind,” he explains.

He is grinning like a Cheshire Cat, completely in his element and looking so incredibly hot it is taking every ounce of willpower not to jump him right now.

This is amazingly perfect. I love live music and now the sexy boy from next door is going to sing live—to me! It does not get any better than that. All thoughts of John, and where I should be, completely run from my mind. They do not just run, they leg it on a 100-meter sprint.

I jump up and plant my lips on his. He smiles and kisses me back. My hands are in his hair and I can feel my body start to melt inch by inch towards him when there is a sarcastic cough behind us. Tristan.


Ben makes a show of dragging over a stool into the centre of the room and placing me on it before walking over to the rest of the band who all greet him with bro-hugs, you know the kind that proclaim, “Yeah, we are guys, but we hug. So what?”

Ben slides out of his jacket and heads towards the microphone. My knees are practically jack-hammering up and down with anticipation as I stare at him. His blue check shirt is catching against the lights, and his hair is almost jet black in contrast.

“So anyway, this is a date of sorts,” he speaks into the microphone.

His voice sounds so outrageously sexy that it’s a sheer miracle my knickers don’t just explode right there and then.


He gives me a nod, which I return, beaming like a bloody idiot.

“This is for Delilah,” he announces and laughs into the microphone as he starts to pick out the notes to “Hey There, Delilah.”

No, he really is going to play it. Funny-funny!

I can feel Meredith and Tristan pull up chairs alongside me but I don’t take my eyes off Ben as the band start to play.

Forty-five minutes later, after playing a completely off-the-cuff acoustic set, Ben tells the bemused crowd at the pub that he needs to have a break to snog the sexy brunette sitting in the middle. I duck my head down to avoid the stares as the whole place breaks out into cheers and clapping. He strides towards me and I jump out of my seat like a thirteen-year-old at her first concert. I wrap my arms around his neck and place my lips against his. He is hot and sweaty, but if anything, that makes him even sexier.

Damn that man!

The rest of the pub all start to cheer or maybe jeer, but I just keep my eyes closed and ignore the jibes and calls.

This may possibly be the single best date ever.

Taylor is singing “Fearless” in my head. I am feeling pretty fearless.

Nothing can ruin this. Well, nothing apart from a girl dressed only in a scarf.

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