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Guest Post from Super Awesome Zoe Pope


Hi everyone *Waves*

So Anna asked me to write a guest post for her bloggy blog blog because you know we are like BFFs right? Oh sorry, I’m Zoe, you can find me over at – yes I am The Book Lovers, the one who is completely obsessed with Anna here (and she is a stalker of mine – she will opening admit to it, just ask her).

Anyway she asked me to guest post and of course I told her I would, so now you are stuck with my ramblings for a while at least. Good luck with that because this girl can ramble on and on and on….

I’m just kidding and I will totally get on with what I am going to spew crap about for you 😉

So as you can tell from my blog, I am a book blogger. A HUGE book lover –…

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