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Info on my blog

So last weekend my blog was a bit MIA, due to the fact i was at Reading Festival and only scheduled one post a day, plus i didnt have access to Twitter 24/7 – as I preferred to actually watch the bands i paid a hell of a lot of money to watch that weekend.

Now I’m back, my laptop has been declared dead. Although i have dropboxed all the things i actually needed from my dead laptop a few days before it died, the only internet access i have is the hour in work and to be honest, I’d rather spend that hour catching up on emails or sitting outside, people watching.

I should be getting a new laptop on the weekend, when i go back to my parents house for the weekend, so fingers crossed my blog should be up and running again by next week.

But thank you for being patient. This isnt how i wanted the past two months to be. Firstly with no internet connection in my flat until 2 weeks ago and now a dead laptop.

But when I am back, I’ll have a lot of reviews to post hahah. That is something i most definitely have been slacking with.


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