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MANCANDY MONDAY! The place where all the hot guys go.


Every Monday, Blame It On The Book Lovers will be discussing their favourite book boyfriend of that week in a new meme called MANCANDY MONDAY!

We all love book boyfriends, so Man Candy Monday is all about sharing the love…and the hot guys around by letting everyone know the book boyfriend you have been swooning over this last week, and why!

Once you’ve posted your mancandy on your own blog, come back and post the link. We all want to know WHO your mancandy is this week and swoon right along with you.

This week The Book Lovers is featuring Kellan Kyle from The Thoughtless Series by S.C Stephens.

Kallen-KyleMy Kellan is Devin Pasiley

When i was searching for the perfect Kellan, this guy popped up. Seriously? SUPER HOT. And then the more i searched, the more it seemed that he IS everyone’s Kellan *sad face* but WHO CARES RIGHT? That only means that I have good taste for the amazing Kellan Kyle 😉

I’d like to thank my twinnie Karli and my friend Kerry for practically forcing me to read this series. After Kellan won the tournament I KNEW I had to find out about him and I’m so glad that I now know exactly why he won. Why he deserved to win.

I don’t even know where to begin. There is so much that I want to swoon about that whatever I say won’t be enough to express just how amazing and extraordinary this character is. I do know why he is the top boyfriend for so many people out there and he really has jumped my list to sit in the top 5. Okay…he;s not number 1 but don’t tell Isaac, Holder or Andrew 😉

Kellan oozes sex. He’s got that sexy smirk down to a T, the shaggy sex hair down to a T, the rock god down to a T but underneath all that confidence is a guy who really has no self-belief in himself due to his childhood. He feels that he isn’t good enough to be loved and that in itself is heartbreaking. Its why he whores around so he can feel something.

But along comes Kiera and turns his world upside down. She sees him. The real him and not the stage persona of him. Despite the ups and downs throughout the first book, Thoughtless, it does get better during the next two books.

Kellan is such a passionate guy. He loves music, he lives for music and its the only thing he can put his all into (apart from the women 😉 ) but he falls so deeply in love with Kiera he will do anything to be with her. The things he would say, i just cant even. He is so sweet and loyal and amazing and can someone please make him real so i can have him? I need a guy like Kellan in my life. He is just everything a guy should be and i dont even have enough words to explain just how super fucking amazing and awesome and sexy this guy is. He grows up a lot, goes through a lot and always comes out the other side. You see him understand that he is loved, that everyone around him loves him and in time he accept that fact.

It was kind of refreshing to see a guy so confident on stage seem so broken. It really makes a change and i think that is another reason why i fell hard for Mr Kyle.

For those of you who still havent read the Thoughtless series (I hadnt until a few days ago – i read them so fast!) then you really need to. Yes, Thoughtless will piss you off but you have to power through and get to Effortless and Reckless because the ending of their story is one of the best ever!!



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