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Just some info on what’s happening.

Hey guys!

So I just wanted to write this to let you know what is happening.

I am moving today (this is scheduled and I’ll probably already be moving my things when they posts) and I won’t have internet connection for a while. At least I don’t think i will for a while. Although I’ll have access on my lunch breaks at work, my blog wont exactly be overrun with content until i get the internet back.

I’ve scheduled some posts for the next two weeks (I’m hoping to have internet then) but I’d be grateful for some help. Maybe some guest posts or reviews or anything to help a gal out!

I can then upload it in work, much like I will be doing with my reviews, but as i have yet to write any reviews (I’ve been busy packing and becoming slightly obsessed with Kellan Kyle) I would LOVE to feature anyone who would like to write a book review or a short story or write about their book 🙂

If anyone is interested, give me a bell at

I can still access my emails on my phone.


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