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MANCANDY MONDAY!! It’s a Just Breathe kinda day.


Every Monday, Blame It On The Book Lovers will be discussing their favourite book boyfriend of that week in a new meme called MANCANDY MONDAY!

We all love book boyfriends, so Man Candy Monday is all about sharing the love…and the hot guys around by letting everyone know the book boyfriend you have been swooning over this last week, and why!

Once you’ve posted your mancandy on your own blog, come back and post the link. We all want to know WHO your mancandy is this week and swoon right along with you.

This week The Book Lovers is featuring the man I LOVE SO MUCH, Mr Simon Davenport from Just Breathe – Rachel Brookes.

simon_baker_22_wenn2880530The beautiful man that is Simon Baker is MY Mr. Davenport.

Simon, or Mr. Davonport as Sav likes to call him, is my Mancandy Monday this week.

When writing Just Breathe, Rachel used to tease me with little teasers and when I read the first and second chapter she secretly sent me, there was just something about Mr. Davenport that i instantly liked. He’s the older man crush that you have (And i really do on Simon Baker….seriously, just look at him!), he’s there for Sav, gave her a job, took her away from everything to start a new life and she’s like a daughter to him.

Hes confident, cocky, suave, sexy. He’s protective and hes pushy but he does it for his love of Sav. He wants her to forget everything about her past life, her drinking and wild ways and one-night stands, and wants her to be a new her, someone who can be proud of herself because he is proud of her.

He comes out with brilliant lines such as: “For the last fucking time, please call me Simon. You make me sound like some kind of pimp when you call me Mr. Davenport”

and the sex appeal just oozes off him. He’s damn right swoon-worthy and that email that went around about him? I would have totally been the one to start it 😉

He takes everything with a pinch of salt…apart from when Sav is trying his patience, but you can see that she does it to wind him up and he just cant stay mad at her for too long.

He really is the one boss that you would love to have in your bed.

So this week, Simon Baker AKA Mr Davenport is MY mancandy monday.


NOW go over to my Co-Blogger Laura’s blog and check out who she has picked to represent Tate Connors as her MANCANDY MONDAY ;)


Join in with us and post your own mancandy monday then come back and share the link below 🙂


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