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L.M Augustine week!!

A few weeks ago L.M emailed me asking if I would do a spotlight on Click To Subscribe for him, but why would I do one day when I could do a whole week about him and his awesome book along with a little giveaway.

So here we are…

L.M week will start on Tuesday with an interview with the awesome man himself and then lets just roll with the week shall we? πŸ˜‰

The Giveaway will also start on Tuesday too, and will consist of two ebooks of Click To Subscribe so I hope you see you all entering to win a copy because i really loved it! and you will get my review on Wednesday.

Dya what else I got for you? A character interview with West annnnnd a small teaser from his new book, Two Roads. That’s right, L.M was kind enough to let me have a teaser for you all. I absolutely cannot WAIT for this book to be out and I hope you all love this teaser as much as I do!!

Now, I hope you’re all looking forward to Tuesday as much as I am. It’s gonna be a gooooooood week πŸ˜€

Before i babble on even more, if you haven;t heard of Click to Subscribe (No idea why you wouldnt have) then go add it to your TBR list RIGHT NOW and come back and enter the giveaway.



And THEN go add Two Roads to that list too.



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