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BOOK TOUR: Interview with ISAAC (April Showers)

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And for the third and final post of the tour.

You will get to see how me and Karli think of Isaac when you reach the end of my interview with him. He is YUMMY! Seriously yummy.

Before we get to the interview, here are the links for April Showers:

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Looking at my watch, I realize I am 5 minutes late for my meeting with Isaac. Cursing myself out loud, I grab my bag, race through my front door, slamming it behind me and begin to sprint down the road, towards the park.

Racing through the gates, I check my watch one more time before hitting into something hard and tumbling onto the floor, the sky now being all I can see.

What the….I say out loud before hearing a chuckle from above me. Groaning as I sit up, I look up into piercing blue eyes. Yes, I have done exactly what April did. I ran straight into Isaac Sharpe and fell flat on my ass. Just brilliant. No wonder hes chucking at that. I bet he loves the girls on their backs.

Holding his hands out, I grab them and he pulls me up. Wiping away the dirt from my trousers, I give him an embarrassed smile, trying to avoid his smirk.

Clearing my throat, I hold out my hand to shake his.

Hi Isaac, I’m Zoe. The one who arranged the interview.

*grinning whilst looking down at his watch* Nice of you to finally join me.

Looking around, I wonder where this tree is we’re going to.
So where is this special tree so we can get started?

Follow me.

Following him towards the tree, I let my eyes drift down to his ass. Dear god, you would just want to dig you nails into it or bite it or something. Focus Zoe, stop thinking of all the ways you would have fun with him. He’s Aprils.

Stopping in front of the infamous tree, the lanterns are hanging and the candles, albeit unlit are spread around. Smiling at Isaac, who is looking to me to see my reaction to his nest, I sit down under the tree and wait for Isaac to sit opposite me while I take out my note pad.

Do you spend a lot of time at this tree?

Yes, I come here to write. It’s quiet and peaceful.

You told April; when you took her to this very spot, that you write and had a lot of inspiration that night, did you ever write about it? And what was it?

Yes, I actually wrote a song about meeting her. Those first few weeks were tough and writing definitely helped me deal with my emotions.

When you first saw April, what were your thoughts?

I thought that she was the most beautiful girl on earth…even if she was rolling around in mud. I knew that there was something different about her.

When you saw April again at the fresher’s party, what were you thinking? Fate or…?

I was thinking that my night had just got a million times better.

You banter a lot with April, is it just that easy going with her to be yourself?

Yes. Her sense of humour is one of my favourite things about her. She is so fun and easy to be around.

After April asked you to give her space and stormed out of the office, what did you do?

I kept fighting for her…for us. I will never stop fighting.

Did you stalk April from afar? We all know about the CCTV…

*laughs* Even though we joke about it, I am not a stalker. Although if I was, I would definitely choose to stalk April.

When you sang at the charity event, was it for April?

Yes. 100%. I meant every word.

Did you have much contact with Holly? She seemed to know quite a lot about your feelings for April. Maybe you weren’t so secretive about them…

No, I only saw her twice and one of those times she was with April. I simply asked how April was doing but looking back, I shouldn’t have asked her anything.

How did you find out about Lukas and April?

I could tell that Lukas was interested in April at the mixer but it wasn’t until I saw them in the seminar together that I thought it could actually be serious.

What did you think of Lukas after your conversation with him?

I always knew that he wasn’t right for April, he can’t handle someone like her.

What are you going to do about Abbie? She is one major bitch.

I don’t want to talk about her.

You shared your past with April, how painful was it to relive that story?

Extremely painful but I wanted to share my past with her and I’m glad that I did.

Now, that stockroom scene *fans self* want to take me there and relive it?

*laughs* Sorry but it’s reserved for me and April.

Has April ever told you what Katie used to say to her regarding you? Especially when she saw you in the flesh when she visited?

No and I haven’t asked. I’ve heard all about Katie though so I can only image the kind of things that she was saying…

What is the current situation with Lukas?

*looks at the floor* I’d rather not talk about Lukas.

Did your boss ever tell you that I have dibs on you?

Yes, she told me. I’ve asked her to send you a Team Isaac t-shirt. You can wear it in bed. *winks*

I grin up at Isaac, wink and thank him for the interview. The gentleman that he is, he helps me up off the floor again and gives me a quick hug. OHMYGOD, I can feel his hard muscles through his shirt. Remember to breathe Zoe. BREATHE!!! Oh but he smells so good.  Maybe if I just….

Pulling away before I jump him, I step back, not wanting him to know how affected I am.

Thanks so much again for the interview Isaac, and just remember that if things don’t work out for you, I’ll be here, waiting for you…..

I hand over my card, with my number on and with that, I giggle, throw my bag over my shoulder and walk in the opposite direction not waiting for his response.

ANNNND NOW for the grand unveil of what my boyfriend looks like……



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