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EReader Vs. Paperback.

I pose this question, EReader or Paperback?

I know its a simple question but I’m intrigued as to how many people prefer their EReader, or how many people still enjoy their paperbacks?

I used to spend so much money on Paperbacks. All my money went on them and when I used to go to supermarkets and see ‘3 books for £7’ and other book offers, well, i would spend at least half an hour going through every book and reading the synopsis until i picked the right three and even then the following week i would pick up the next three that i didn’t buy the week before.

But then when I received a Kindle for Christmas a few years ago, it was like the most amazing present ever. I could now download books at the click of a button, have them all in one place, spend less on them as Ebooks are considerably cheaper which in turn meant i could buy more and of course, meant i could buy so many at one time and buy at least like 20 ebooks for £10 instead of 3 paperbacks.

My kindle is my baby. I don’t go anywhere without it, and if i have to leave it behind, I have the Kindle App on my phone.

I hardly ever buy paperback books anymore. The only reason I do is if I fell completely and hopelessly in love with the Ebook so much so that i need it in paperback form.

The last paperback I bought was Walking Disaster – Jamie McGuire so it was with its companion Beautiful Disaster. The next paperback books I hope to buy are Hopeless – Colleen Hoover and The Edge Of Never – J.A Redmerski when they come out in the UK.

I also have On Dublin Street and Down London Road – Samantha Young and Down To You and Up To Me – M. Leighton.

I ADORE these books and so i had to have them in paperback form, but that’s it.

My nan also buys me books for Christmas and that’s the only other time i receive paperbacks.

My Kindle is a godsend. It’s given me new authors and books to love and new friends because of these authors. Indie authors dominate the kindle world and i am so freaking glad because they are the best. Hands down the best.

So now i pose the questions again – Ebooks or Paperback?


Smutty author

15 thoughts on “EReader Vs. Paperback.

  1. My kindle revolutionised my reading… But it also made me a bit compulsive, reading till the wee hours every night!
    I also have a very bad habit which is if I truly love a book then I have to have it on my bookshelf to look at as well, especially if it has a pretty cover. So I have lots of books duplicated… More then I should probably own up too! Most extravagant being Discovery of Witches which cost me 8 quid on my kindle and then I bought the hardback for about the same… Then because I loved it so much I bought it for my mum on her kindle.
    Oops a daisy!


    1. Same here! I loved reading but when i got my kindle it flew off the scales!
      Hahah you are totally like me, favorite books HAVE to be bought to look pretty on the shelves. The M.Leighton books have half naked men on them..that is great viewing 😉 Even my mum likes the covers LOL.
      Aww see, i dont mind paying that if it’s a book that i know i will re-read a hell of a lot of times and has stolen my heart, it’s always nice to have it in PB/HB then as well as Ebook form 😀


      1. I tried to do that with the twilight books when I went through that phase. I got them paperback first then when I went on holiday I panicked at the thought of not having them for a month so I got them on my kindle! All of them! What a geek.
        Hubby finally put his foot down when I announced I wanted them in the white covers as well, I think the choice was white covers or divorce. Obviously it was a tough one to call!


      2. Hahaha Oh god, did you read them in that month too?
        Oh no wayyyy!! They do white covers too? I’m not a huge Twilight fan anymore, but those covers sounds so cool! And you made the right choice 😛 Stick with the hubby lol


      3. I may have done… Major book crush! I am not into it anymore either I did not even bother watching the last film but I am glad I have my well worn copies to pass onto Lana in a few years! That’s one conversation I look forward to having … “So lana you just read this book because there is this really hot guy called Edward Cullen! Don’t you ever be like Bella though she is not a good role model and instead a dithering mare!”


  2. I love real books but like you after winning a kindle on a raffle I now only buy books if iv fallen head over heels for the book. I love how easy it is to just click n read. The only thing that annoys me about ebooks is that I can’t refer to the blurb on a whim which I like to do with a real book, especially if iv has the book a while before reding it and forgotten the theme of it. Maybe I’m not using my kindle right?! My hubby is also a hard core reader (How Hot) but he’s yet to be converted to ebooks however he has been asking about mine a lot of late. A birthday treat for him maybe? I too also have the kindle app on my phone! I definitely get through a lot more books now than ever before, Altho admittedly I only started reading due to jumping on the fifty band wagon!! My kindle is allowing me to catch up what iv been missing all this time x


    1. Yeaaah, that annoys me too, but thats why i have the GoodReads app as well, so if i’ve forgotten what the books about, i just open the GR app and re-read the blurb 🙂 It’s so handy!
      Ohhh you got a winner there! I NEED to find a guy who reads too, majorly hot 🙂 but hmmm maybe he is getting interested in ebooks, a Kindle as bday pressie is probably what he is hinting at lol.
      I dont think i could ever go back to PB, my kindle is my baby haha.


  3. I used to love paperbacks and still do to a degree, but it’s hard to beat my Kindle. The fact that you can have several books, 40 in my case, waiting for you to read and it’s not cluttering up space in your home and it’s a great way to discover the work of a lot of terrific indie authors too. Like yourself if I really love a book I will go out and buy the paperback. I’m a huge fan of The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day and I’ve bought the ebooks as well as the paperbacks.


    1. I so agree. It’s so much cheaper as well. You can 1click 10 books like like £5 whereas you could get one PB for that much. And yes, its a great way to discover new authors too! I’m thankful for that. Ohh i love the Crossfire series! I have yet to buy it on PB.


  4. I love my tablet but I still find paperbacks more readable – not sure why. I am an ebook hoarder now though that is something I can much more afford to be with a tablet : )


  5. E-book probably though if I love a book I’ll also buy a paperback. I read a lot more different genres now with my Kindle just because it’s so easy to download samples. But one-click ordering is so dangerous, I spend so much without even thinking. I also get Kindle Rage if a book I want isn’t available as an e-book!


    1. Me too, i’ll spend hours 1-clicking then get an email telling me how much i’ve spent. I need to go to 1-Click Anonymous or something. I 1-click when i have no money too, money that should be used for trains….

      Hahah i’ve done that too! Or rage when i want the ebook and its like £6/7….im not paying that. May as well buy the book.


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