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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Looking for a co-blogger.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you will see that on Friday I got a new job. A new full time job.

Since I started this blog back in October last year, it’s only been me running this blog. But that was because I had the time to read a book nearly every day, write reviews, interact with people on here and on Twitter etc due to only working two days a week.

But in two weeks I will be starting my new job. I will be out of my house at 7am and won’t be back until around 6pm. That’s a long ass day, which includes traveling to my work which will be 40 mins there and back. So really, I will have to schedule posts every weekend, make sure there is something for every day because that will really be the only time I will get.

This blog is like my baby.
I have nourished it, its grown over the months and I do have some awesome avid followers which i absolutely love you all for!
Never once did i think my blog would amount to anything – the truth now – because there are so many amazing book blogs out there, but I’m so happy that you all subscribe/follow me and my posts, it makes me super happy.

This post so far is like I’m leaving this blog, but thank god you can see the title haha, because no way in hell am i leaving this blog. As I’ve said its my baby and because of it I’ve met some awesome people who I can call my friends!

No, what I want to do is search for a CO-BLOGGER. Someone to help me out during the week and maybe someone who can perhaps tweet during the day (I’m not sure whether i can yet..but the company seem pretty relaxed so I’ll have to see) /add content on here, build it up even more than I have.

The Book Lovers is my brand. It;s what I’m known for online and in real life – yes, by my friends. My old lecturer always told us to make a brand, and this is mine. I WANT to be known as The Book Lovers. I want my name out there and i WANT someone who is passionate enough to join my brand and help me along with it.

I don’t want just anyone. I don’t want anyone who will ruin what i have spent months building up (sorry). I don’t want anyone who will give half a rats ass on this blog and forget about it after a matter of weeks so i’m back to square one.

What I do want is someone who knows how to manage a WordPress blog. I do want someone who loves books. I do want someone who can write reviews and has posted some somewhere.

(If you don’t write reviews and they haven’t been posted on a site then please don’t get in contact.)

I NEED a co-blogger who has experience.

If you’re interested, please send me an email at with samples of your reviews, why you would like to be a co-blogger of The Book Lovers and links to your site/a site where your reviews have been posted.

I know this may seem a bit obsessive but this blog really is everything. It’s been like a full time job and i don’t want it run to the ground after all the hard work i have put in. If you want this blog to be your baby too, then please contact me.


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