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Day 8: Most Overrated book.

Now I liked this book as much as the next person but it’s frigging everywhere now and yes, it totally is overrated. I’m sure you can guess without me telling you, but if you can’t its 50 Shades of Grey.

10818853I’ve read these books, got given these books as a present and I reallllly liked them despite them being stemmed from the Twilight books. But are they really that great? I used to think so, but since reading other books from this genre, I’m thinking not so much anymore.

I’m not exactly dissing these books because I really did used to love 50 Shades. But it just seems to be EVERYWHERE now and it seems that all Twillight Fanfiction are now being made into books.

It’s overrated, its everywhere and I just don’t think I’d ever read it again. The books are all on my bookshelf, never to be touched again.



Smutty author

8 thoughts on “Day 8: Most Overrated book.

      1. I’m far more severe on the book than you; however, because of your honesty about 50, I’m curious about the books you do recommend. It’s not the genre that irked me with 50; it was the blandness of the characters and writing.


      2. yeah, I agree with the writing. It’s horrific. I think at the start it didn’t really faze me as much but after…it’s so bad and annoying. Especially the whole ‘inner goddess’ thing being mentioned every sentence by Ana. To be honest with you, FSoG put me off reading BDSM. If its in a book i’m reading, it makes me feel sick, so really, on this blog, I don’t recommend / read the whole BDSM, but I do read erotica, just I make sure nothing extreme is in it first.


      3. HA, I just realised I sound hypercritical because I said I don’t read BDSM but in that post I wrote I read books from this genre. Really the only book similar to this that I’ve read is the two books, so far, in the Bared to You trilogy and they really aren’t BDSM but I kind of put them in the same category as 50Shades because they really are so similar in ways.


      4. I don’t know if you’ve read my blog post about 50, yet, but I saw a few documentaries that bordered on BDSM and frankly, they made me angry. Not at anything or anyone in particular but my reaction to that style of expression indicates I am not hospitable! Sexy, erotic writing is fine but I completely understand what you’re saying. If it makes you feel sick, no thank you. So are the two books in the Bared to You trilogy similar to FSoG because of 2 dimensional, stereotypical characters?


  1. I did! and I salute you for watching the documentaries. I dont think i could attempt to watch them, because, as you said, they would make me so angry over how the women are treated, if the pain and act went too far for what they were expecting.
    No, not because of the characters, more in terms of the storyline, especially in the first book. Gideon, much like Christian, is CEO of a massive company, he owns nightclubs and gyms and apartment buildings and has a lot of power. But Eva is SO much better than Ana in every way. Shes feisty and isn’t a little lapdog like Ana. And of course, she isn’t a naive virgin. So its quite similar to 50 Shades, there isn’t any bdsm – not any that i can remember anyway – and the characters are so much more developed. Perhaps maybe a little stereotypical in terms of a powerful, dominating male, but i much prefer these books to 50, simply because the heroine isn’t some woman who cant stand up for herself around the hero.


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