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Music that reminds me of books.

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Jessie J – Domino
When I read The Hunger Game’s Trilogy, this song seemed to always be playing on the radio. Then i would listen to it constantly on my Ipod and it would also always place in work when i was on my break and reading the books. The lyrics kind of ‘suit the books too. For example “Take me down like I’m a Domino.” Yeaah, that kind of reminds me of the arena and the tributes being killed and going down ‘like dominoes’. Oh gosh, I’m so morbid with this song. BUT i know it has NOTHING to do with what happens in THG, but it’s due to the fact it was always playing when i was reading them.

MADversary – Jade C. Jamison

So there are three songs that remind me of MADVersary.
1)The first time they have sex – John Mayer – Your Body Is A Wonderland.
Tots approps as Megan kept going on about Tyler’s physique and how muscular it now is.

2)Blue – If You Come Back 
When Megan leaves after having sex the first time and misses the second morning get-together and Tyler asks Lisa if he’s done anything wrong to Megan.

3)Robert Miles – Children:
The time they have sex in the locker room. This song plus that scene was pretty intense to me.

Deeper We Fall – Chelsea M. Cameron

Leona Lewis – I Got You

“For better, for worst, I’ve got you”


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