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Beautiful Blogger Award

Hi everyone 😀


I’d like to thank Romance Addiction for the nomination for the Beautiful Blogger Awards. Thank you so much. I’m loving these awards, they are so great to get to know the blogger in question, so in return, here are 7 things about me, that you wouldn’t know and the 7 nominations that I put forward for this award.

  1. I’m a 22 year old graduate journalist
  2. I can’t drive. All my friends do though, so it’s always nice to use them to pick me up 😉
  3. I HATE hate hate people touching my neck. It makes me feel physically sick. (Even though I have a tattoo on my neck…)
  4. I want to travel the world.
  5. My favourite colour is green. Anything that is green will have my seal of approval.
  6. I love Costa hot chocolate.
  7. My kindle is my baby. And the Kindle app on my Iphone is a godsend when I go out too.

So that’s me. I could go on but I’d rather not bore you.

Now the 7 blogs I nominate are:


Smutty author

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