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Wish List – Sylvia Day


When Nicolas James draws Stephanie Martin’s name in their law firm’s Secret Santa exchange he knows he’s in for a merry Christmas-if he can figure out what to give the woman he’s wanted for months. When he works late and finds a crumpled piece of paper listing Steph’s personal wish list, he knows he’s in luck. Because all Steph wants for Christmas is him, in a number of naughty ways.

And not-so saintly Nick is going to make every one of her carnal wishes come true.


My Review

This review is going to be a lot shorter than my usual, as this book was a very quick read.

Nicholas James is the ‘fittie’ in the office, with girls swooning after him and because of this, it’s landed him the reputation of being a ladies man – but he’s far from that. He’s had his eye on his colleague Steph Martin for months and when he draws her name in the Law firms Secret Santa he is over the moon – yet he needs to think of something great to show her he isn’t a player and truly wants to be with her.

One night while thinking about Steph’s present, he finds a crumpled-up note on the floor and instantly knows its Steph’s. Reading it, he finds out exactly what she thinks about him and then he gets an idea.

It’s time for him to make every single wish on that list a reality.

Wish List is a quick (40 pages) erotic, short holiday novella. During the short amount of pages, Sylvia Day has focused heavily on the characterization of both Nicholas and Steph as well as a great plot entwined into the book, where you feel you know both the characters and quickly become attached to them in the short amount of time you are reading this book. You find out about their life  in the book too, which adds to the plot, and it was actually a great book where you instantly felt the connection between both Nicholas and Steph and you rooted for them to be together at the end.

It was a really nice holiday book with a touch of romance and for anyone who is just wanting a quick sexy book to read that will take around an hour, then Wish List is the one for you.


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