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Turn It Up – Inez Kelley


Dr. Bastian Talbot and self-proclaimed sex goddess Charlie Pierce heat up the air waves with their flirty banter as radio hosts Dr. Hot and the Honeypot. Off the air, they’re best friends…but Bastian wants to be so much more. He wants Charlie–in bed, and forever.

Problem is, Charlie doesn’t do commitment. Sure, she’s had X-rated fantasies of Bastian, but he was always just a friend–until he impulsively proposes and unleashes the lust they’ve been denying for years. Charlie’s willing to explore where their wild chemistry leads, but she won’t marry him. And he won’t have sex with her until she accepts his proposal, despite her seductive schemes.

What are Dr. Hot and the Honeypot to do? Ask their listeners for advice on how to tame a sex kitten and turn a perfect gentleman into a shameless lover. The Race to Wed or Bed is on…who will turn up on top?


My Review

Dr Bastian Talbot has been in love with his best friend Charlie Pierce for the past year. Heating up the airwaves together with their flirty yet sexual banter as Dr. Hot and the Honeypot they have as much chemistry off air as they do on air but now Bastian wants more. He wants Charlie not just in his bed, but forever.

Divorcee Bastian became friends with Charlie when he was married. She’s been with him through his divorce and his medical revelation but a year ago his feelings changed for Charlie. They have always been open and honest with one another, and now Charlie has pressured him into spilling this secret, he has Charlie shocked to the core.

Charlie doesn’t do commitments. It’s down to how many times she had moved when she was a child and so she doesn’t believe in forevers. Sure she’s had x-rated dreams about Bastian, but he was only just a friend. Now he’s admitted his love for her and he’s impulsively proposed, she’s willing to have sex with him but no way is she going to marry him.

Problem is…he won’t have sex with her until she accepts his proposal. So what are they to do? Well they both ask their listeners for their advice on how they can try and get the other to give in. So will it be Wed or Bed? The race is well and truly on…

I loved both Bastian and Charlie. They have been best friends for so many years and there of course, is this undenying chemistry between them but to take it further? It’s a no go as they both wouldn’t want to spoil what they have together. Being Bastian’s best friend seems to be the only commitment that Charlie can perpetrate to seeing as it’s not something she does well and now that Bastian has admitted him feelings…Its turned her all upside down.

Bastian had gone through a divorce a few years ago due to his wife wanting children and him not being able to. It caused a rift between them and Charlie was the one to be there every step of the way. As a reader, you really want to see how much friends are there for one another through hardships, and this one friendship was great to be able to read about. The banter, both on air and off air had me blushing and laughing. There is so much sexual chemistry between them that it floods the pages whenever they are together. Now that Bastian has proposed and told Charlie is true feelings, everything seems to heat up 100% more and they both try to outdo each other with the sexual innuendos to see who gives in first.

Charlie wants to believe in a forever, but it just isn’t something she can. Moving around a lot, she just wanted a mail box in the garden, wanted to know her neighbours and the name of the mailman. When the last house they moved into became her home, she just didn’t believe it was forever and moved out when she was 16 years old, perhaps to create her own forever? You can see she is in love with Bastian but doesn’t want to admit it – hence being afraid he would leave her after a few years and that forever really wouldn’t exist. As much as she is a cocky and extravert character, she’s still a woman who is afraid of showing her feelings at the end of the day, until Bastian shows her everything she missed growing up, showing her is truly loves her and wants her forever. Bit by bit he seems to be breaking her down.

Although they do go through some challenges to get to their happy ever after, this had to happen before they were fully ready to commit to one another. It was a story about changes of feelings, best friends becoming lovers, breaking down emotional barriers and showing one another that forever truly can be real, when you find the right person to spend forever with.

I really loved reading this book. It was more than just sex; there was an in-depth storyline above that with both characters and supporting characters going through their own problems, before coming out at the other side. I would definitely recommend this book and of course, the banter is priceless!


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