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No Place to Hide (Nicki Sosebee #3) – Jade C. Jamison


The hottest Nicki book yet!

The Winchester Tribune publishes an article warning the women of Winchester that there is a sexual predator on the loose in the streets of the town they once thought was safe. Danger doesn’t stop Nicki, though, and it’s not till it’s too late that she discovers the criminal in the place she least suspects. And there’s no one who can save her this time. Meanwhile, she decides that her new love interest Jesse might be worth more of her time…but he’s not making it easy.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart! This book contains explicit sex and naughty language. Proceed with caution…if you dare.


My Review

Oh my god! I have to start by saying this book was turned up a notch…it was heated, steamy and too addictive to stop reading!

In ‘No place To Hide’ the females of Winchester are being targeted by a sexual predator, and Nicki is the one who is following the story for The Winchester Tribune newspaper. Happy that she has been given a bigger piece, meaning she is slowly going up the ranks, where the predator seems to be attacking girls is around where she works. Although she doesn’t have to walk far from work to her car and she doesn’t get involved in truly delving too far into the story as she doesn’t want to be another victim, luck just doesn’t seem to be on her side, and it’s not until it’s too late that she discovers that the criminal is closer than she expects.

Nicki’s character definitely matures in this book. Instead of one-night stands with randomers, she is now dating Jesse – as you kind of see developing in ‘Dead’. It was great that she starts to feel something strong for Jesse and sees him in a new light than she used to. It shows that she is growing up – as she’s nearly thirty – and that she’s found someone who she feels she can probably fall in love with and also Jesse makes her forget about Sean and makes her keep all her focus on him.

The scenes where they just talk were really nice. It was great to see character development of Jesse too – as he’s sweet and worries about Nicki working downtown when the criminal is roaming the streets. He just wants to make sure she is safe. He’s not your stereotypical tattooed and pierced guy, he’s caring and is finally glad to have Nicki as his girlfriend as he’s been pining for her since High School. I really loved all the scenes with Jesse in as you got to know him more and see his character shine through.

Sean is back in this book, albeit, not a lot, but the scene in the garage between him and Nicki was particularly tense and I KNEW from reading ‘Got The Life’ that he must have some sort of feelings for Nicki. Although he doesn’t say it as such, you can certainly feel the chemistry sizzling between them and coming through the book. It definitely IS a triangle now and I cannot wait to see what happens!

As I started this review, this book is definitely the hottest book so far. Sex, Sex, Sex for Nicki and Jesse! Wowza. Jesse seemed to know his way around Nicki’s body and knew what she liked which made it so much more exciting to read. The sex scenes were really intense, especially as it makes Nicki think over her feelings for Jesse and how she said it was the best sex she’d ever had.

With the rapist, you don’t find out who it is, although Nicki suspects who it may be, which I actually thought it was him when she was speaking to him. I’m quite good at guessing when I watch programmes like Lie To Me and The Mentalist, so I’m hoping Nicki and myself are right and that maybe, in Right Now, Jade tells us who the criminal was.

I definitely recommend the Nicki Sosebee books, but you NEED to read this one. Sex is piping hot and Jesse is delicious you just want to eat him all up.


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