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MADversary – Jade C. Jamison


They make sweet music together, but can it last?

Megan Walker doesn’t plan to attend her high school reunion, but her best friend Lisa begs her to come along. Megan doesn’t want to risk running into her old boyfriend Tyler Green, a man who has since become rich and famous as the frontman of a heavy metal band called Madversary. Lisa convinces her that Tyler would never show up for something like a reunion, so Megan gives in, only to regret it. Because when Tyler does show up, the spark reignites, and she doesn’t know that she can bear letting him go again.


My Review

This is the first book I have read by Jade Jamison and oh wow, I think I will definitely be downloading more books of hers because I could not put this book down. It was my Lazy Sunday book and I enjoyed every page of it.

It’s been ten years since high school ended and ten years since Megan Walker has seen her old high school boyfriend Tyler Green – now famous rockstar and adored by millions of girls and she’d like to say she hasn’t thought about him, but that’s not true as she had kept up with his career, no matter how much it hurts.

When her best friend Lisa begs her to go to their High School reunion, Megan doesn’t want to go in risk of running into the boy who stole her heart for those short months they were together but in the end tells Lisa she’ll go, but if she sees Tyler, its game over, she’s going home. Lisa has convinced her that in no way would Tyler want to come to the reunion.

Problem is, Tyler does turn up and he heads straight for Megan, looking as gorgeous as he was ten years ago, just more muscular and manly. The more alcohol Megan consumes, the more she feels relaxed in her and Tyler’s little bubble in the corner of the room. But it’s a bad thing, because the more they talk, the more all her old feelings are re-servicing and she decides she’s never really gotten over him, no matter how short their relationship was.

As it’s only a weekend thing, Megan can’t help knowing that this is only for a few days and after that Tyler will go back to the rock and roll lifestyle and she will be left heartbroken again. It takes every bit of energy to return the next two days. And even then, Tyler can’t stay away from her.

Megan was a great read. I felt her hesitation about going to the reunion. In my opinion, Tyler was the one who got away and seeing him would bring everything back up. She was really strong to go to the reunion, even though she was pretty much left along for most of it, due to Lisa wandering off, which I actually thought was highly unfair seeing as Lisa was the one who begged Megan to go and didn’t want to go on her own – whereas Megan didn’t even want to go, and she was stranded.

I fell in love with Tyler. He wasn’t your typical rockstar. Yes he’d had his fair share of groupies, but when he was first introduced, he was so happy to see Megan and really wanted to reconnect with her. You could see that he could have only really been there for Megan and it got me thinking about if he had called to see If Megan was going, just so he could go and see her. As many of you know, from reading my other reviews, Tyler has tattoos and piercings, which is a massive thumbs up from me. It was great to see another side to the famous people I read about. Tyler was sweet and considerate, highly good at sex (woah) and of course, still harboured feelings for Megan.

There is a big bust up near the end, concerning a psycho ex who begins to spout lies about Tyler to Megan to keep them from each other, but in the end, love concurs all and I thought the ending was particularly sweet with what Tyler does and how two high school lovers, who just needed time apart to get their lives sorted, came back together after still feeling the same way about each other that they had done ten years ago.

It’s a short read, but one where I couldn’t put it down. I’m going to finish this review with some appropriate songs that played during some of the scenes. I’m not lying when I say they actually came on my IPod during these scenes without my shuffling them to fit the mood.

First one: The first time they have sex – John Mayer – Your Body Is A Wonderland. Tots approps as Megan kept going on about Tyler’s physique and how muscular it now is.

Second: Blue – If You Come Back (Youtube if you don’t know the song). When Megan leaves after having sex the first time and misses the second morning get-together and Tyler asks Lisa if he’s done anything wrong to Megan

And lastly: Robert Miles – Children: The time they have sex in the locker room. This song plus that scene was pretty intense to me.

Listening to music whilst reading this book really did intensify the book and the words I was reading especially when songs that are apt to the scenes come on and make you feel so much more about that scene or character. All in all, I highly recommend this book and I shall definitely be downloading more Jade Jamison books.


Smutty author

5 thoughts on “MADversary – Jade C. Jamison

  1. Wow! Thank you for such a super-nice review! I appreciate it. I’d be happy to share copies of my other books with you (but I’m sure you already have quite a large TBR list). Anyway, if you wouldn’t mind, I would love to quote part of your review in a future edition of MADversary! — Jade C. Jamison


    1. Oh gosh, thank you so much for liking it, it has made my morning!
      I would love to read your other books, although I do have a long TBR list, I normally just pick at random which book to read next so I would definitely put your books at the top of the list haha :).
      Yes, please go ahead, you can quote part of this review if you want, that would be amazing for me, so I don’t mind if you do that at all! Thank you so much for liking my review – I absolutely loved the book!


      1. I think you made my morning more! 🙂 I “saw” you on Facebook–if it’s possible, please message me your email address and I’d be happy to send you a few copies! Kindle, right? And thanks again!!!

        P.S. Sorry if it posted this reply twice. I’m having issues that I unfortunately can’t blame on my computer!


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