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Lawful Escort – Tina Folsom


A take on a Pretty Woman romance.

Daniel works too hard and rarely plays. But when he has to travel to San Francisco and needs an escort for a social event, the beautiful Sabrina shows up on his doorstep. Suddenly work is forgotten.

Little does he know that Sabrina isn’t an escort, but is substituting for her roommate.

Their encounter quickly turns steamy until lies threaten to destroy their passionate affair.


My Review

Daniel has just broken up with his cheating girlfriend and sacked his attorney just before he was due to fly out to San Francisco to buy out a company in one of the biggest deals of his company. He has to attend a dinner and he knows that without Audrey – the cheating ex, he will be hounded by gold-diggers, so in turn, he makes his friend Tim hire an escort for the evening to ward off all the unwelcome women. But when faced with Sabrina, the ‘escort’ his mesmerized by her and all his plans change throughout the night.

Holly is an escort, and as she’s on the verge of being sacked, it’s unfortunate for her to fall sick at a time where she’s needed for a job. She talks her best friend and roommate Sabrina into pretending to be her for the night. Sabrina reluctantly agrees to play ‘Holly’ for the night, as she will never see the guy again anyway and she hasn’t been on a date or had sex for 3 years, after an embarrassing stint with a guy and Youtube.

Daniel was a strong character. He wasn’t even that fazed when he caught his girlfriend cheating as he is a total workaholic, having not taken even a day off for years. He chose work over sex every time and knew Audrey wasn’t the right girl for him; she just wanted to hang off his arm and be in the papers.  In the book he said ‘maybe the right girl just isn’t born yet?” or maybe he just hadn’t found the right one yet?

Sabrina is a successful attorney and is being harassed by her boss. As much as she wants to report him, she knows it will end up with her being sacked and not him, so she keeps her mouth shut, even though it’s getting worse. As someone who is afraid to get close and trust a man, it took a lot of convincing for her to pretend to be Holly for the night, but by god, she decided right.

Just the meeting you know that they had the chemistry and even though Daniel thought she was an escort, he wanted her regardless and would do anything to keep her. The affair turns into love in about two days, but it was totally believable because they were so in sync and attracted to each other, every little touch sparked fire inside them and you knew they were made for each other.

But as books go and the characters fall for each other, things go wrong and it’s up to Daniel to try and make things better. The things he did were so sweet and that massage, seriously? He can give me one anytime because that was sexual tension on a biiiiig plate!

The big surprise between Tim and Holly had me gasping because I was not expecting that at all. And although they tried to do well, I could see why Sabina was extremely upset with Holly by it. But all good that ends well. Was a nice, little, sexed-filled and story-filled book.



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